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Although, if the reason is about money, location, work schedule, benefits, and other factors not tied to actual role, you may want to think a little more about your answer. None of those reasons are important to the hiring manager. Be prepared to answer that with your rationale for how this job meets your professional needs and how you can contribute at your highest potential while in this role.

People want to feel like their work means something. There is nothing wrong with sharing that feeling in a thoughtful way. Obviously, if you say you hate your current boss or company, the interviewer will naturally believe you will hate them eventually. And, if you say, your current compensation or role is below your standards, they will again assume the worst. Although these may be legitimate reasons to leave a job, there must be other reasons, too.

Do you see a pattern here? Highlight a reason that the hiring manager cannot be concerned about. Of course, if you have an issue that is very important to you that could be a deal-breaker like company culture , you can mention it. Just be prepared for them to take one extreme or the other. For example, maybe you only want to work for companies that buy from vendors in your home country. The hiring manager will let you know if their company does this.

The key to answering this question is to keep it short. This is another danger zone. This is not the time for defending yourself with a long story about you being the victim. An argument with a boss could be described as a difference in opinion. Just be careful not to cast blame on others. Laid off is not fired: If you were part of a layoff, this is different from being fired. It was likely a financial decision by management, and you were part of a group that was targeted as part of budget cuts. Layoffs are typically not personal -- they are just business. Hiring managers know this and likely have been involved in one at some point in their careers.

The bottom line is you should make sure to paint a picture that you were productive, improving yourself, helping family, or something constructive. Candidates who are genuinely interested in the opportunity, ask these types of questions.

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When given the floor to ask questions, you should realize the interview is not over yet. Good candidates know this is another time to shine. You may not get a chance to address shortcomings in a follow-up interview -- it is imperative to understand what was missing from the discussion while still in the interview. After you have had a chance to ask your questions, you will want to validate that you are an ideal candidate for the job. To do this, you should probe into the minds of the interviewers and see if there are any concerns they have about you. The answer you get to this question may open the door to mentioning something you did not get to talk about during the interview or clarify any potential misconception over something that was covered.

You should think hard about how you can differentiate yourself from others -- every step of the way during the interview.

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Be memorable in a positive way even when answering these "boring questions. As some of you know from reading my free Job-Hunt interviewing guide -- Successful Job Interviewing: What Job Candidates Need to Know -- I recommend building a checklist of key experiences and attributes you want to cover and find opportunities to present them during the interview.

Thanks for letting us know about your situation. The short answer is that this was a complex feature to maintain.

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Instead of over-apologizing for the removal, focus on what benefits that removal allows for all customers. Customer service teams are increasingly the target of social engineering attacks. Being secure while also providing service is a tricky line to walk. I understand you just want to get into your account and back to work, and I am here to help you. Align yourself and your customer against outside people who might try to access their data. Mentioning legal constraints if any can be helpful and most people will more easily accept that reason.

Make the process as smooth as possible for them, even if you have to send them elsewhere. If their team needs any further information from our side, just let us know and we can pass that on. Improve their chances of success by helping them write a clear support question to the third-party team. From your side, everything is working exactly as it should, yet the customer is still upset. Try to reframe it in your head as a customer who is so keen for your product that the wait is upsetting them, instead of a customer who is unreasonably angry about reality!

I can totally appreciate how frustrating it is to be waiting for your delivery , I wish there were a way for us to get it to you sooner when will those Star Trek transports be invented! It might help to start with some background on what happens on our end once you place an order:.

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When you ordered, the shipping process started on that same day automatically. To help you know what to expect, during the ordering process we show an estimated delivery date, perhaps that wasn't visible enough for you? Once your parcel arrives, if there are any issues at all please hit reply and we can get right back to you. Just naming this will help them feel acknowledged - the customer wants the goods, you want them to have the goods.

Offering them some more detail into what happens can help them understand the time taken, and build their confidence that this is all normal. Consider including a screenshotfor clarity. Your customer has a tricky problem, but they refuse to provide you with the troubleshooting information you need to help them. A customer who is not experienced in technical troubleshooting may not have an understanding of the iterative, trial and error approach that can sometimes be required.

I can understand that it is frustrating to contact us about a problem and have me ask you to do some work! My next step will be to replicate that same setup on our side. I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for your help. Reiterate in detail what you need your customer to provide you with, and link them to resources for how to get it if necessary. Adapt this section for the specific situation—technical troubleshooting, identifying their account, whatever applies. Flip their concern to show how you are valuing their time by reducing wasted effort and gently remind them that the ball is in their court.

When a customer does not want to pay the stated price. While your price may be non-negotiable, you can still demonstrate value and help your customers get more for their money. We really appreciate your business with us! While we don't offer discounts, I do want to make sure you're getting the most you can for your money. You mentioned that XYZ Widget is cheaper, but there are a couple of key differences you might not know about.

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Learn about Engagement Insights. Find out more about tags. Download a professional ready-to-print PDF report of your session or the Excel spreadsheet that lets you easily sort, filter and analyse the data.

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