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More filters. Sort order. Apr 27, Jason Lang rated it really liked it. Shirlee Sargent is an out of work actress, purse addict, deeply in debt, with her best years starting to slip behind her. She lives day-to-day getting by with the promise of a big part or series or gig right around the corner… Then one day, she gets a knock on the door. His son became quite wealthy, then died himself, leaving a will with a stipulation — The money should be split evenly among all Shirlee Sargent is an out of work actress, purse addict, deeply in debt, with her best years starting to slip behind her.

His son became quite wealthy, then died himself, leaving a will with a stipulation — The money should be split evenly among all of Danny O'Day's children. As the nearest descendant to the law offices, Shirlee is sent out to find as many of the offspring of O'Day as possible in just one year. The problem is that Danny was quite a… prolific figure… and as a wrestler, he traveled the country quite often, leaving liaisons and one-night stands all across the country. What follows is a fun romp full of memorable characters. Shirlee is a whirlwind of optimism, with a friendly style that draws other characters to her side.

In the same way that a child might try a difficult task and somehow make it work, so does Shirlee, as she chats with store owners and snowplow drivers and somehow manages to hunt down the family she never had before. The characters are what make this book shine. They resemble the late-night television of their father's wrestling. Z-list actors, strippers, psychics, detectives, used car dealers… and while the characters might seem low-rent, they are treated with a level of dignity.

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It was born last January. Excited by the challenge of the assignment, Mr. This is precisely what can happen. Sherwood, were carefully Thomas Winchell checked with Hanson W. Long an active Communist in Europe, Mr. From Mr. We were in World War II together. I was a District Engineer in Military Intelligence and had a 7-state area to cover. No matter how rough the weather, it never let me down. But whenever I stepped on the button, it always started instantly— even after old UA had long outlived the term of its Warranty. M other and twins d oin g nicely, too. Quite a responsibility, though, Doc.

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Avoiding completely population centers, West concentrates on legitimate military targets only. Communists throughout West begin sabotage campaign. Trained saboteurs open attacks in U. UN troops, fighting for time, retreat on all fronts, suffering heavy losses. Reds A-bomb London and UN bases overseas. Civil defense proves inadequate. The tem perature goes up as w ell as down during W inter! But even the freakiest warm spell can't boil off your U.

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Play It safe with U. Made and guaranteed by U. Industrial Chemicals Co. A -bom bed for second time. Casualties greatly lessened by improved civil defense procedures. UN air forces finally achieve air superiority over battle fronts. Planes flying from U. Area of damage: 20 square miles. Suicide task fo rce lands behind U. Of 10, paratroopers and airborne units, 10 per cent survive.

Severest rationing since beginning of war introduced in U. Yugoslav guerrilla fighters begin to tie down large numbers of Red troops. Uprisings take place in U. UN offensive begins on all fronts as West at last gains initiative. R ed Arm y gradually retreats, then disintegrates under onslaught of UN air and ground forces. Three Red generals desert to UN forces. Another armored column crosses U.

UN forces clear Asiatic Turkey and cross border into Crimea. Marines, in combined air-sea operation, capture and occupy Vladivostok. UN forces begin occupation duties in satellite nations and Ukraine. Dusting 'em O ff — In the past few years, chemists have developed powerful, new insecticides for crop-dusting and industrial uses.

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We do not think that war is inevitable. We believe that each day of peace and preparation makes the free nations stronger and lessens the chance of world conflict. Yet, such a conflict could start tomorrow, through design or miscalculation or desperation. We have no illusions about the fearful cost of victory. For the Soviet dictatorship does not have the physical or moral strength to survive a fight for its existence. Its greatest weakness is the inherent weakness of all tyrannies, which Allan Nevins wrote of in the previous issue of this magazine.

Tyranny is built on a foundation of hatred, fear and intimidation, of unrest and potential revolt. The tyrant creates a juggernaut. And when the burden of oppression becomes too great, the juggernaut goes out of control and crushes him. The destruction of tyranny leaves a vacuum which it is the task of the liberated and their liberators to fill.

These writers have consulted eminent authorities on military and economic matters, besides drawing on their own broad knowledge of their particular fields. They have proceeded from the factual basis of the world situation today to a logical analysis of what may come. The war that they describe is a hypothetical war, to be sure. But their description contains no careless fantasy or easy invention. They were not assigned to perform a journalistic stunt.

Our intention is to look squarely at a future which may contain the most terrible calamity that has ever befallen the human race. If war does come, we believe that it must be fought as a war of liberation. Those masters would probably attack the civilians of this and other free countries in a campaign of atomic extermination. But we hope and trust that the.

The Russian people should be permitted to deal with their surviving oppressors as they see fit. We should not expect from Russia a carbon copy of American democracy or American economy. We should not force either upon her. Self-rule and private enterprise would probably evolve in a form that would be modified by background, environment and the character of the people themselves. The victors, through help and guidance, should first make sure that a dictatorship would not rise from the ruins of war.

The liberated people could be left to choose the political forms of freedom which would flourish best in Russian soil. Implicit in all that you will read in the pages that follow is the means by which the catastrophe of another war can be avoided. That means rests with the Soviet government. They can roll up the Iron Curtain. Or they can start a war and have it shot down. They can believe the truth— that the West has no aggressive intentions and is willing to live at peace with Russia.

Or they can continue to delude their people and themselves with their own propaganda, start a war, and see enlightenment brought to their people by armed might. The Soviet government must change its outlook and its policies. If it does not, the day will surely come when that government will disappear from the face of the earth. The Kremlin must decide. And if the Soviet rulers refuse to change, then they must realize that the free world will fight if necessary. It will fight and win. For the course of history cannot be diverted; tyranny is still doomed by its very nature to destruction.

We believe that it is the most important single issue that any magazine has ever published. Robert E. And we earnestly pray that its effect will be to help establish and maintain an enduring peace. But the outcome was inevitable: a smashing victory for the West, and the promise of a better era. The completion o f this massive work is many years distant, but Collier's at this time has asked Robert E. Sherwood, one o f the American delegates, to write a broad outline o f the findings to date. HE most unnecessary, most senseless and deadliest war in history— the third World War— reached the shooting stage at exactly p.

Tito had been coming ever closer physically to the people. In recent public appearances he had often been engulfed by crowds of admirers— once at the opening of an art exhibit and again at the.

Rassler’s Dozen: The Year of Wrangling Sibs

They were Dushan Petrovic and Luka Borlic, Moscow-trained fanatics who knew only one god, and that one god was Stalin. In the past four years they had been extremely clever in giving the Yugoslav secret police no cause whatsoever to suspect them. Their mission in life was the assassination of Tito. They were careful never to depart from the peasant routine. Then they made contact with their M VD liaison in Topcider, the park to which the people of Belgrade flock when the weather is good.

The Bavaniste delegation arrived in Belgrade on the evening of May 9th and were installed in the. This was his 36th combat mission; he participated in the others as a war correspondent during World War II and in Korea. Here is an extract o f the memorable broadcast he made on his return from the mission over the Soviet capital. N o one looked at the map.

The word was already around. At long last we were ready to retaliate for Washington, Detroit, New York, London— all those places which had been indiscriminately A-bombed by the Reds. This was to be a little less than 10, miles round trip. The briefing officer droned on. Eighteen Bs— nine from Limestone, Maine, and nine from Alaska. Navy jets, AJ-ls coming in off carriers to hit Murmansk and Leningrad about the time we crossed the coast.

B aerial tankers to meet us about 1, miles out. When we took off, it was hot. I was thinking: This is the first mission I ever flew in a bomber without having seen what we are carrying. The tankers met us on schedule. There were black clouds with fire in them off to the north. The fueling lines were cast off. The whole crew relaxed. The dull glow o f the sun pursued us. There was nothing to do. The whole crew tensed. Then the guns were tested. We were alone and looking for those Navy fighters.

The sun was deserting us. And then the flak—blue and green, not red as it used to be at night over Berlin. We saw red tracers lancing the dull sky. Something started to burn and slide toward the ground. It was so slow and obscenely graceful. A blue-green searchlight grazed our side and then caught and held a Navy Banshee fighter.

He put his nose down and there was red fire flowing from his guns. I kept wondering what that thing we were carrying really looked like. We were at 35,, flying level and straight. A burst o f flak under our right wing hardly shook the huge B The engineer quickly made a damage check. Our guns roared and waved for 15 seconds, as though a great riveting machine had been let loose inside the plane. Must have been a night fighter astern. I missed him. Our ship carried the spare to be dropped only if. Balkan Hotel in the center of the city.

They were welcomed by Ministry of Agriculture officials and told to enjoy themselves in their week-end visit to the capital, the high point of which would, of course, be their reception by Marshal Tito himself. As the s ivovitz flowed freely, Petrovic and Borlic left the table for the washroom, where they were hailed by a friend who greeted them warmly and gave them a handful of cigars, a rare luxury in Yugoslavia at that time.

When the assassins returned to their table, they did not share the cigars with their comrades. There was nothing unusual about this. Ours, or theirs, no one knew. N o one said anything. Jock looked at his watch, then down at the dirty gray clouds below. And then the words slammed into his ears. The first he had heard since crossing the enemy coast. That meant the first plane. The first bomb had been shot down or the plane had aborted.

It should have bombed two minutes ahead o f us. The bombardier was looking down through the clouds. It was a radar job and very impersonal. Now it was quiet. N o fighters. N o flak. We were alone with only the steady voices o f the engines and the not quite intelligible voice o f the bombardier. We felt nothing.

It was the most professional, nerveless military operation I have ever seen. Jock asked for a new course from his navigator. Then he checked his man crew, told them to keep alert until we crossed the enemy coast. We were heading home. I sat beside him part o f the way back. At times he took over from the automatic pilot. My wife and two children lived in Detroit.

He seemed very tired and old— anything but exultant. B om b struck near left center o f picture, battering down bridges, snapping off top o f Washingtc. When they were approximately 20 feet from Tito, first Petrovic, then Borlic tossed the cigars at the marshal and, as they did so, flung themselves to the ground. They were armed. One of them advanced to the microphone.

The others took up strategic positions around the studio. At that same instant an armed man appeared in the engineering control room. Tito is dead! The Yugoslav people have arisen and. Note to editors: Following is the first eyewitness account o f the A-bornbing o f Washington, D. Associated Press columnist Hal Boyle sent his story out in a helicopter which evacuated congressmen from the stricken capital. May 10, The Am erican capital is missing in action. A single enem y atom b om b has destroyed the heart o f the city. The rest is rapidly becom ing a fire-washed m em ory.

See a Problem?

The flames are raging over 18 square miles. Washington is burning to death. Com m unications are tem porarily disrupted. Uncounted thousands are dead. M ore thousands o f injured lie, spread in untended rows, on hospital lawns and parks, or walk unheeded until they fall. Civil defense has broken dow n. T roop s are m oving in to restore ord am ong m addened masses trying to flee the city. Fright crow ds the rubbled streets and wears tl blank face o f awe.

It cou ldn 't happen here yesterda It did happen here before dawn today. The bom b exploded in southwest W ashington, mi way between the C apitol building and the Jefferson M m orial.

Die Deutschen (The Germans) S01E08 'Robert Blum und die Revolution' Ger&Eng Subs

Blast and fire then reached out in widening wavi M ost o f the shrines that unite the A m erican peop are casualties. The Lin coln and Jefferson Memorii are in ruins. T he top o f the W ashington Monument sheared off, but the main part o f the shaft still stands. The W hite House is gutted. The President and h fam ily are safe. The Secret Service has escorted hi from the capital to a secret destination.

The dom e o f the Capitol itself is a great white shi tered teacup. The office building o f the H ouse o f Re resentatives is flaming. The Smithsonian Institution, I. Monument upper center , ripping Capitol lower center and other landmarks, and setting numerous fires. A prank of the bomb: windows melted in the Bureau of Engraving, but a few green leaves still cling to the trees in East Park. He too was back in the States from the European front for a special briefing. I found him dying. Loaded him on an ambulance truck. Took his cab. Most of the bridges are down.

Abandoned trolleys stood at halt like big dead beetles. Wreckage and bits of flesh littered the streets. We rode through a river of dazed refugees, burdened with any belongings they had been able to snatch up. Behind her trailed a little girl pushing a doll buggy. An old man, struggling to bear a crippled son in his tired arms, suddenly collapsed and went down.

A young woman, carrying her elderly mother on her back, crawled painfully on hands and knees. A man in charred rags screamed on the pavement. No one stopped. The heat seared. The entire business district raged in bonfire. It crackled like a million cattle stampeding in a field of potato chips. Shriveled corpses lay where they had fallen. They looked small and lonely. It was broken. The span had dropped into the Potomac. The entrance to the bridge was choked by thousands of refugees, held back by a police line.

They broke through us and rushed out on the bridge. My God! They were pushed. Hundreds of them! Helicopters were landing there and taking away surviving members of Congress to a new meeting place. Ten are known to be dead, at least 30 are missing. Whitehead has found a congressman who has agreed to fly the story out with him.

Whitehead then showed the congressman, who is a bachelor, the five frightened children in our cab. Start loading. His eyes streaming, he lifted both fists and shook them fiercely at the bright morning sky, palled by rolling smoke clouds.

Rassler’s Dozen: The Year of Wrangling Sibs | San Francisco Book Review

A young soldier has just climbed out on the lower roof of the Capitol and tied up an American flag. And now everybody is crying and cheering together. But to the north the flames are rising higher and spreading fast, as the enemy fire eats away the glory of this show window of America. In its ashes Washington cries to the nation for help. Among their scorched, shattered graveyards were the atomized ruins of Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, London and eventually Moscow. At p. The night before, in the House of Commons, he had listened to speeches by extreme left-wing Socialists demanding drastic reductions in rearmament expenditures.

In Moscow, at p. As for the promo thing, I think it should be noted that Kosta is all bluster. He talks a big game, but is a total chicken-shit heel at heart. Which isn't to say he can't get the job done when needed to; what makes fans hate him the most is that he has shown talent but will constantly take the easy way out, which upsets the fans and their belief in hard work. Tempting to get extra heat with the entire roster, but I also kinda wanna see what other stips we can throw onto this match to make it more ridiculous. Crippl3 oh no Registered User regular. Hey, I'm sorry, I meant to get to this but I ran out of time tonight.

I'll get to this in the afternoon when I can, sorry if I'm holding you guys up. Ken O Registered User regular. Promo incoming, but I wanted to add to the roster. Their clothing is a cross between local Ren Faire and Hot topic. Jack has brown hair and perpetual stubble. Warlock is a bald, black man and is slightly taller than Jack. Jack Sullivan and the Warlock both entered TCW at different times and never seemed to click with the audience.

Someone in the back decided to stick the Irishman Jack and the Britt Warlock together. This change rocketed them up to the midcard as Samhain. Jack didn't really have a persona before the partnership and Warlock was already doing the "dark mysterious" gimmick so the new tone wasn't much of a change. Black - Hardcore Look: Mr. Black has close trimmed black hair. He stands at 6'6" and has a muscular build.

He wrestles in a TCW referee shirt and pants. Jason Black worked for TCW for 6 months as a referee before jumping ranks to being a wrestler. The storyline worked out that he was a hot headed ref who resented being pushed around by the talent. During a particularly "dirty" fatal four-way Mr. Black had enough and lashed out at all four men. Behind the scenes Jason was in a contract with a smaller promotion that restricted him from wrestling in TCW for a few months, but this didn't stop him from appearing in TCW as staff.

The long setup and his large stature has made quite an impact. Ken O on March The camera shot opens on the interior of a Locos, a local Tex-Mex bar and restaurant. The air is far smokier than normally allowed, the background is filled with low conversations and music. El Corrido is leaning against the bar, talking to a group of women. He takes a shot and the crowd cheers. As he places the empty glass next to a dozen of others like it; the camera closes in on him.

You say, 'El Corrido, the men in this Wrangle are so large and ugly and you are so handsome. There are many large peoples in the Wrangle but they do not look like this," the point becomes a gesture to his face, "and they can not move like this. The camera closes in even closer on Corrido and one of the bar patrons.

He turns to look at her, "I will win this Wrangle, for you and all my fans. Because you deserve it. Non-player wrestlers don't need Gimmicks like Player Wrestlers do--though I realize I used the word "gimmick" which is very confusing. If Aztec Warfare is when they come in one at a time after 90 secs after the last guy, I think that would be interesting. The LCD projector in the School Gym warms up, casting a washed out image on the white painted cinder-block gym walls below the scoreboard.

A behind-the-scenes shot comes into view of Brian Eaglehart setting on the locker room bench wrapping his wrists. There is a slight rise in the volume of the crowd as the image comes into focus. Hanging from the wall prominently in the background is Brian's bomber jacket, the emblazoned eagle across the back, his chrome aviators setting beside him. He's been making some appearances on the circuit and even got his first tag-team win last week in an exhibition teamed up with Eaglehart against the established Tag-Team Brother Duo known as the Cromagnum Men playing on a Cave-Man gimmick.

It's been all but mandated for Brian to take Danny 'under his wing' as-it-were. But Brian doesn't mind -- he see's a lot of himself in the kid, and hopes to steer him away from some of the mistakes he made when he was still new Danny hops over the bench where Brian is setting, obviously full of excitement. Did you hear they are passing the title on tonight!? And listen up -- it's going to get rough out there, but don't be too worked up. Titles are nice You can't win em all, but if you give it your BEST than at least you know you didn't leave anything out there And if it comes down to you and me, I don't want you to hold back -- you give it your all.

Just like I will. Brian grabs his bomberjacket off the hook and with a spin and flourish slides it on and up his shoulders and places his aviators on with one smooth motion. He then looks right into the camera. The camera fades down to black. A good kid with a good heart, he may have the makings of a star -- but needs to pay his dues. He's been mostly jobbing since his debut, but scored his first main event win in a tag-team match with Eagleheart last week.

He aims to be a grappler, his moniker comes from his high school wrestling career where he had an uncanny ability to get out of some very tough pins. Out of that fallout, somehow The Cromagnum Men managed to survive by being pretty popular with the fans.

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They've held the tag-team belts on more than one occasion, but haven't had any notable pushes, or spotlights individually. Last Week on TCW - The episode featured a sub-plot of The Cromagnum Men causing some ruckus and problems with the people back stage and even some antics involving the principle of last week's hosting school much to the delight of the kids and students in attendance.

MagicPrime on March I'm gonna throw in a few, and then once Dyvim throws in a few names as well, we'll be well over what we need for a Wrangle. Outside the ring, he's a youth pastor that donated not an inconsiderable amount to TCW to get to spread an anti-tobacco message. Turns out he just never stopped being on the roster. Played by whomever is available.

Aztec Warfare is like a Rumble where they come out at set intervals. The difference is how people are eliminated: in a Rumble, you have to be thrown over the top rope, but in Aztec Warfare, you can only be eliminated via pinfall or submission. This means the fighting can go to the outside, and allows for spots like dives to the outside and more hardcore spots that normally wouldn't be in a standard rumble.

Nirya : Sounds like you're "adding a stipulation" to make the belt presentation ceremony a thing, correct? Matev : Feels like your promo is adding a weapon stipulation or at least an emphasis on weapons , do you want to make that canon? Ken O and MagicPrime : Do you want to add a stip, gain 1 momentum, or gain 1 Heat with a wrestler of your choice? I love seeing a few more the PACW characters showing up!

We could take a few more of the PACW characters and drag them over to fill in more rolls. That's a good list of wrestlers to have on the backburner--I don't want to add too many up front, but in case characters get phased out, a reserve is always good. Skull is no stranger to bringing operating instruments to the ring. I'll take the momentum. Also I forgot last week's episode He happily explained he was only there because "this match is so very boring.