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This is reflected in his text as the whole of it is based in a profound and systematic reading of the Holy Scriptures. For this reason, the translators had to overcome some difficulties since Castellio used different versions of the Bible and in many occasions he trusts his memory when he copies Biblical quotations throughout the test. To introduce the second part of his lecture, i. It is better to keep all the bad men until the judgment than to have one single good man killed with those bad men who deserve death.

Castellio's core argument is based on a terminological distinction. Calvin, 35 impious. But, as it was, in another time, such an injustice squeezed out the Saint Prophets of God and the Apostles, they did not deny that it were unfair to defend with legitimate power the worship of God and its heavenly doctrine, so that the penalty imposed by divine will would be exerted over the impious that promoted its destruction.

Certainly, as we will see later, God had established a severe judgment against those who had tried that the people separated from the true religion. And we do not deny it. But there is controversy on who are those destructive impious. By no means those who dissent from Calvin must be held impious and promoters of the destruction of the celestial doctrine. I will put an example which shall cast light on this. If any of them had tried to deny the Law or to subvert it impiously as well as to induce their members to worship to Jupiter or to another God, it would have been rightly punished.

And rightly and deservedly they punished the Macabees who had introduced Greek rites in the Jewish schools. But no law ordered to punish with the sword those sects that did not corrupt the Law impiously and artificially, but were just mistaken in its interpretation. Thus, today there are many Christian sects that accept the Gospel piously and religiously, but which dissent from each other in its interpretation. If anyone fully denied the Gospel that it had previously endorsed, and damned Christ or God, and blasphemed openly, I would not say anything in his favor.

Impiety is one thing and error is something else. If Calvin had been a Pharisee, he would have killed all the Scribes, Sadducees and Essenes and he would have not allowed them to be indoctrinated by Christ. I am of the opinion that, before Christ arrival, they could not be called heretics, but, after his arrival, those who did not obey him, despite being requested to do so by him, were heretics. Thus, I do not think that many sects of nowadays could be considered as heretics. But when the word and wisdom to which nobody will resist comes, if someone does not follow it, I will take him as a heretic.

However, he has not been endowed with such wisdom. Haeresis graecum vocabulum est, quod sectam, sive opinionem declarat. Socrates: Yes, Calicles, [it is fine to me that a man finds himself in such a situation in his city and that he may not be able to defend himself], provided that he had that only defense means that you have acknowledged several times, i. We have agreed on several occasions that this line of defense is the most effective.

If someone showed that I am unable to avail myself of this type of protection and of providing it to other person, I would feel ashamed to see that my error has been proved, either in the presence of few or many people, or before the only person that disagrees with me, and if, due to such incapability, I would be condemned to death, I would get angry; but if I lost life due to my lack of praising rhetoric, I am certain that you would see me to accept death with serenity.

Because nobody is afraid of death as such, except he who is totally irrational and a coward; what it is really feared is to commit an act of injustice. Indeed, the most serious harm is having the soul going to Hell loaded with numerous offences. As a conclusio n, our lecturer insisted upon the fact that Castellio was a pioneer in the defense of religious tolerance, even at the risk of his own life. He created the concept of freedom of conscience and tolerance before Locke, Hume and Voltaire.

He was one of the first, if not the first, to develop and stand by such concept. This is the reason why Castellio, although forgotten and not enough vindicated, stands out in the history of Western thought. In the 16th century, not even Protestant religious leaders raised their voices against the punishment of heretics.

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Fire offering. The book was presented by Mr. The Director of the Michael Servetus Institute congratulated the teachers and students the congratulation of the Institute on these new book and pointed out that it represents a new step forward to spread Servetus' legacy among those readers who are not specialized in the life and works of the Aragonese humanist.

I , Sergio Baches Vol. The full text of the books published by the Michael Servetus High School can be downloaded from this link:. Presentation of the book: Contra el libelo de Calvino first Spanish translation. This translation has been coordinated and sponsored by the Michael Servetus Institute. Notes on the methodology". These lectures are validated by the University of Zaragoza as two free-choice credits. On Sunday, 19 April, , the Michael Servetus Institute held its first academic event of the year in the birth house of the Spanish humanist.

The Institute also held its first Annual General Assembly in which it was agreed to set up a working group to prepare the events and activities to commemorate the V centenary of the birth of Servetus in The Director of the Institute, Mr. During the Assembly, Mr. After the General Assembly, Dr. In the afternoon, Dr. In his lecture, Dr. Roitman highlighted the importance of these texts, contained in approximately scrolls, to better comprehend the origins of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity itself, although he pointed out that none of the scrolls discovered so far mentions the name of Jesus.

The Director of the Institute stated that Dr. The Institute would like to take the chance in this summary to remind of the fact following in this regard to Prof. Therefore, with the Scrolls of Qumran, we have gained one thousand years in the knowledge of the Biblical text.

Qumran coincides in time with the birth of Christianity. However, since it was a group detached from any other form of Judaism, it is not strange that no explicit reference to Christians is made in the scrolls, as no reference is made either to a more important group at that time: the Fariseus.

However, what they tell us of the Jewish sect that drafted them and of the Jewish world of their time is essential to know how the Christian group arises in the Palestine of that time. In this regard, they help us understand how Christianity can develop some ideas, social structures, vocabulary, etc. Something similar can be said of the decision of the first Christians to live in community, when we did not know any precedent in the previous Jewish society of this type of community life FG. However, in the New Testament we inexplicably find the opposite.

In Qumran, we see that this idea had been very much developed. This explains why Christianity, although it acknowledges only one Messiah, uses different names to refer to him: Son of David, High Priest, Son of God. This academic event was closed with the traditional flower offering at the statue of Michael Servetus in Villanueva de Sigena. Academic Event h. Further information of Dr. Roitman can be found in the following link: www. Prior reservation required before the 28th October Tel. Juan Antonio Cremades. Prior to the lecture, a sculpture of the well-known Aragonian sculptor Mr.

Javier Sauras was inaugurated in the hall of the Michael Servetus House. Sauras for the sculpture and pointed out the importance that art has as a means to spread the Servetian legacy, the major of Villanueva de Sijena, Mr. Alfonso Salillas, inaugurated the sculpture and also warmly thanked Mr.

958 520 101

Sauras for his kind gesture. In his speech, Javier Sauras pointed out that with this sculpture he had tried to grasp the suffering of Michael Servetus during his burning at the stake in the hill of Champel, but also the clash between tolerance and bigotry as the two concepts that collided throughout Servetus' life, and which reached its zenith during his execution in Geneva. After the inauguration of the sculpture, Dr.

Cremades, who had been oficially appointed member of the Institute minutes before, gave a thorough and systematic lecture based on his last investigations regarding the alleged French nationalization of Michael Servetus while he lived in the French city of Vienne, close to Lyon. According to his analysis,Servetus never applied for the French nacionality.

The review of the documents referring to this Servetian episode and, in particular, of the Letter of King Henry II , dated October of , reveals that the only thing that Servetus requested from the French authorities was a waiver from the French laws applicable to foreigners that restricted their property rights in France. Due to this legislation, an allien was not entitled to sell his property or to make a will, which meant that, after a foreigner died, his state was automatically owned by the French State. Moreover, Dr. Cremades also set aside the reasons given by some Servetians to justify their assumption that Servetus had acquired the French nationality, such as, his fear to the Inquisition, the need to disguise his true identity or his willingness to be a French civil servant.

A book containing the lecture given by Dr. This book will also include the essay that Dr. Cremades has recently written regarding the trial of Servetus in Paris, and which was the base of his speech to become a member of the Aragonese Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation in Zaragoza on January 15, After the offering, the Secretary General of the Institute regretted the absence of "supralocal" institutional representatives, once again emphasizing that this situation reveals the necessity to promote greater sensitivity among political representatives on the importance of Servetus in the Spanish and European culture.

This past October 27, the Michael Servetus Institute hosted a seminar regarding the relationship between Islam and Christianity. The seminar was divided into three segments. One devoted to the historical influence of Muslim and Jewish intellectuals in the evolution of Western culture. Link: A common word. Alfonso Salillas. Following his warming speech, Mrs. According to Mrs. Roman, Greek, Phoenician legacies; the Christian and Jewish elements that were already present in the Iberian Peninsula, and the Islamic elements that entered into Spain in But all of them equally felt they belonged to Al-Andalus and they spoke Arabic on a regular basis and it also was the language of culture for Jewish and Muslims.

Hebrew was only used for religious services. Latin was also used for religious services and in the intellectual Christian circles. The knowledge of Al-Andalus, which included the most relevant work of Greek philosophers were transmitted to Europe through the Translation School of Toledo and some outstanding representatives of the Jewish culture living in the valley of the River Ebro, such as Abraham ibn Ezra and Pedro Alfonso, who travelled extensively through several European Countries.

After her lecture, Dr. Abdelmumin Haya thoroughly outlined the main differences between Islam and Christianity and pointed out those elements which currently tend to bring closer Islam and Christianity.

Capacitación en Cajas de Ahorro y Cajas y Bancos Comunales en Portoviejo

But first of all, he explained why Mohammad was always tolerant with Christians by analyzing his writings and legal commandments. Perhaps the most striking difference between Islam and Christianity relies on its different conception of the relationship between God and human beings. However, Muslims have a submissive relationship with God. The relationship of love and friendship that exists in the Christian mystic is an scandal for those Muslims who are not Sufis, i.

In that regard, no issues, such the discussion regarding the Trinity, have appeared in Islam. Haya argued that the existing difference between Islam and Christianity based on the rejection of one's own body, pleasure and sexuality the "valley of tears" has already been overcome, and this is an important step forward. In addition he also observed that, regrettably, Islam is suffering from a steady "eclesialization" i.

This, according to him, threatens crystallizing the Muslim faith. He finally concluded that there is nothing, from a religious point of view, preventing us from living together and understanding each other. The problem though, as he replied to a question made by someone from the audience, is mostly politics. Finally, Mr. Jaume de Marcos, explained the influence that Islam played in Servetus' writings. He analyzed the concrete references to the Koran and Islamic sources in his main work: The Restoration of Christianity, in order to defend his theories against the dogma of the Trinity, which was totally unnecessary for Muslims.

Beyond this specific analysis, the thrust of Servetus' references to the Islamic faith is that he tried to restore Christianity to its origins thinking he could make it more easily acceptable for Jews and Muslims. In this sense, one could argue that Servetus tried to build bridges between Muslims and Jews during a time in which the relationships between Muslims and Christian were deeply deteriorated.. The Seminar was closed with the traditional offering and reading of Servetus' Prayer before the statue that lies in front of the Church of Villanueva. Registration: Tel. The fee may be paid the same day of the event at the counter of the Michael Servetus Birthplace and Museum.

Free entrance for the members of the Institute. Presentation and objectives of the Seminar :. Due to family reasons, Dr. Lomba will not be able to attend the Seminar. Upon his recommendation, Mrs. She is currently teaching Arabic in the University of Zaragoza and she is an specialist in the Arab world. Abdelmumin Haya, Ph. Last May 20th, , the Michael Servetus Institute inaugurated its current academic year with a lecture by Mr.

The lecture was attended by many of our members as well as several US Unitarians, amongst we can highlight Rev. Jean-Claude Barbier. He has written several books and articles, and lectures on religious and historical topics related to Protestantism and Calvinism. In his lecture, Mr. A summary of his lecture can be found in the following link:.

The commemorative acts of the 30th Anniversary of the Institute gathered a significant number of members of the Institute as well as other researchers and commentators of the life and works of Michael Servetus. Many sympathizers also came to Villanueva de Sijena to accompany us in this special occasion. The events were presided by Mr. Both highlighted in two touching speeches the task performed by the founder of the Institute, Mr.

Julio Arribas Salaberri. During the session, the Institute also appointed eight new members. Fernando Solsona Motrel and Mr. After his appointment, Mr. Una libertad de pensamiento tan necesaria en la compleja y multicultural sociedad actual. Texto de Julio Salvador. Mario Javier Saban:. Coloquio y preguntas. La Iglesia a finales del siglo I. Clausura del seminario. Miembros del Instituto : Gratuito. La Christianismi Restitutio. Fernando Solsona, el Director del Instituto, D. Since a significant part of the group came from the U. The welcoming speech of the major of Villanueva de Sijena, Mr.

Alfonso Salillas was also very touching, when he pointed out that not even the founder of the Institute, the well-remembered Mr. The event ended with a procession from the house of Michael Servetus to the statue devoted to him that is located in the main square of Villanueva de Sijena. The Unitarian delegates laid candles and flowers as a sign of respect at the feet of the statue. The offering ended with the singing of a touching Unitarian religious chant. During the offering, our Unitarian friends were accompanied by several members of the Institute and numerous neighbours of Villanueva de Sijena.

The Michael Servetus Institute, fully aware of the importance that this visit represents for our Institution, will gratefully welcome the delegates in the Birth House and it will join them in the activities that have been scheduled for this day. From this forum, the Institute wishes to invite all its members and friends to join us during this day. The visit of the ICUU constitutes a unique occasion for pleople belonging to different creeds and religions to exchange experiences and impressions on different aspects related to Michael Servetus and his legacy, or on those aspects of the religious practice that give rise to debate between different communities or religious philosophies.

Michael Servetus is considered as the first martyr of Unitarism. It is not therefore strange to wtiness a blossoming of Servetian studies within this religious community, which, in light of the respect and admiration that has shown in Spain and abroad towards our great humanist, we feel proud to host in this special day. In this occasion, Prof. He has written eight books on Hebrew history and he is an specialist on the Jewish origins of Christendom.

You may obtain further information of Prof. Summary of the lecture. Nieto Amada started his lecture stating that he considers Servetus as a highly qualified humanist, an expatriated and persecuted traveler, an honest and persevering free thinker who put forward all his ideas, especially those related to the Holy Scriptures, until the last consequences. With regard to theology, it is well known that he discarded both the Aristotle and the Nicaean doctrines and relied just on the content of the Holy Scriptures. His medical background was less heterodox than his theological education. According to Galen, the structure of each organ of the body is related to the function that has been assigned to it by nature.

Servetus found that Galen was wrong and he described for the first time in Western Europe the pulmonary circulation i. Valdeavellano, Curso…, pp. Du Cange et al. Espasa- Calpe, Madrid, , II, p. DCVB, s. Verumptamen et uxorem et liberos ad eum redire permisit. Carta de arras del Cid y Jimena. Alfonso VI otorga la ingenuidad a las heredades del Cid en Vivar. Jimena y sus hermanos mantienen pleito con el obispo de Oviedo. El Cid dota a la catedral de Valencia. Jimena dota a la catedral de Valencia.

Montaner, Cantar de mio Cid, p. Dedit quoque prefate ecclesie duas citharas serico et auro textas pretiosissimas, quibus alias similes in Valentia numquam fuisse perhibebant. I por una mano del siglo XIV I, cap. Mateu, Glosario…, p. Mateu, Glosario, p. Esto revela que el doc. Para los valores de la onza, vid.

Mateu, Glosario, pp. En cambio, Mateu, Glosario, p. En cuanto a los varios aspectos alegados, se han de precisar varias cosas. Guichard, Les musulmans de Valence, I, pp. Duculot, Gembloux, , I, pp. El texto castellano indica claramente que la queja es por la cantidad de soldados que las ocupan, lo que de suyo no tiene mucho sentido. Pues si yo derecho fiziere en ella. Fletcher, El Cid, p. II, p. Para el documento, vid. Todo lo anterior lleva a plantearse la oriundez del scriptor Martinus. Panizo, Documentos del Cid, pp.

Panizo, Documentos del Cid, p. Para la labor de Ulibarri, vid. Santos A.

Cómics y vinilos

Barton, The aristocracy, p. Sobre la trayectoria previa de este personaje, vid. Sobre sus fuentes, vid. Martin, Les juges de Castille, pp. Los diplomas relativos a los condes Rodrigo y Elvira son los docs. Montaner y Escobar, Carmen Campidoctoris, pp.