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Creating an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, intuitive website is one of your biggest advantages as a business. At Brand Iron, we believe strategy is imperative to your success.

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Creating a marketing strategy and calendar is a great way to track measurable goals, which ultimately will get you to your bottom line. An important goal to set early on in the development stage is to research and calculate your ROI. Seventy-two percent of organizations that calculate their ROI during the development process report that their marketing strategy is effective.

Developing your strategy helps you identify your target market and audience and gives you the ability to find gaps in your marketing plan early on.

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Calendars, whether in a MAS or not, are a fundamental part of strategizing. Content marketing produces three times more leads than traditional paid search advertising. Your content makes a difference, you probably know that, but do you know how to optimize your content for results? Social media marketing is changing drastically and moving quickly towards heavy amounts of visual content. Forty-five percent of marketers are planning to add YouTube to their content marketing strategy this year, and 41 percent are planning to add Facebook video.

An overwhelming majority of people would watch a video over reading text, 80 percent to be exact.

You can check out our blog on marketing trends here to get some great tips on how to use trends to make your content more effectual. Organic SEO provides 5.

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Often, SEO and your website development go hand in hand. Optimizing your website or blog with SEO is a valuable asset that undeniably drives results. SEO is also a multi-purpose tool. You can increase your visibility, bringing more hits to your website, and this is also a great way to show your value to the user.

Users are becoming increasingly aware of promoted content and are seeking out organic results. Seventy to 80 percent of search engine users only pay attention to the organic results.

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You can give your old content a second life through SEO by including optimized content through blogs and posts. This makes it easier for users to find and engage with your old content that could be relevant to them. Reach your business goals with the correct tools! If you want to learn more about how these tools can elevate your business in , contact Brand Iron today. Some people put themselves in a leadership role and others are there by accident or even default.

It's unreasonable to expect that all leaders are naturally born. They need support and tools to be successful and bring others along.

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My Inc. Some leaders are are just getting by, but others are amazing. We have witnessed several common tools these amazing leaders use to get performance from their teams. Here are some we have seen that work consistently.

  • 1. Structured planning;
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The entrepreneurial community loves to extoll the rare leaders that are successful by accident. As one who observes patterns, I take heart from those who carefully plan the work and then work the plan. Variables and the unexpected are much easier to manage when the team is aligned and has a structure from which they can deviate as required. Save the haphazard approach for the stories.

Bank on the ones who put thought and consistency into their efforts.

‘Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ Program Gives Those With Criminal Records Tools To Succeed

I ask for help as often as I can. Don't be afraid to say, sincerely and humbly, "Can you help me? In the process you'll show vulnerability, respect, and a willingness to listen. Also, all qualities you want your employees to display, too. Clearly it's the ability to listen -- really listen -- to your people.

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Too many leaders are full of themselves and think they have all the solutions, then wonder why their people aren't engaged and don't perform up to expectations.