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Now he's working as a producer and his projects range from the TV show "Dinner for Five" to the. Ever wonder what happened to Ralphie Parker and all the other unforgettable characters who starred in "A Christmas Story? Take a look at the gallery above. Would you actually want to watch the movie a dozen times?

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Probably not. But keeping it on the TV might serve as a nice backdrop to your holiday festivities— and will certainly be more entertaining than cousin Eddie's stories. And for many families, sitting around the TV and watching this movie, based on writings by humorist Jean Shepherd, has become a tradition. People love the film because it gives a sense of realism to the holidays and celebrates the oddities of families and people. Ralphie Parker.

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Caption Close. Image 1 of We all caught up? Like Flick, his most prominent moment comes in the flagpole-licking scene, but he also gets some off-screen misery courtesy of his own mother after Ralphie claims he learned the f-word from him to his mother.

‘A Christmas Story’ House Exists for Movie Fans

Robb, who played Schwartz, has maintained a pretty modest presence in Hollywood since then, with guest spots on ER and Touched by an Angel , and a supporting role in Matilda. Nowadays, he lives in Atlanta and works as a personal trainer, at one point becoming the Director of the Personal Training Program at the Atlanta School of Massage. Exclusive Features. We shoot your eye out with facts on the fates of the Christmas classic's young stars by Clint Worthington.

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    Ian Petrella in A Christmas Story. Ian Petrella. Scott Schwartz in A Christmas Story.

    Even Ralphie from ‘A Christmas Story’ watches it during the holidays

    Scott Schwartz. Robb in A Christmas Story.

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