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Despite the numerous weaknesses it's still a very enjoyable book with an interesting plot. Dead or alive A year before the story proper begins, Jan May is waiting for his girlfriend Leonie to arrive for dinner. He has decided this will be the evening he will propose and is confident of her answer.

But his plans are destroyed when she phones him to say they will not be able to see each other again for an indefinite period, perhaps forever. Despite all his protests, Jan has never seen or heard from Leonie since and is unable to convince anyone that she's alive. Criminal psychologist and police negotiator Ira Samin has never forgiven herself for failing to prevent her daughter Sarah's suicide, and now Ira is planning to end her own life.

But she has to put it on hold when her old police colleague and ex-lover Gertz persuades her to attend a developing situation at the local radio station. Jan May has taken several people hostage and is threatening to kill them unless Leonie is found. He's on-air and has told the audience that he will phone a member of the public at random each hour — if they answer with the correct slogan, a hostage will be released, but if they don't, then one will be killed.

Ira will have to negotiate with him on-air and he's only prepared to talk to her if she's willing to tell him about her daughter's death I loved the half-narrated, half-dramatised format of Fitzek's previous audiobook, The Child, though I was less enamoured with the actual story, so I was keen to listen to this one. And my reaction is pretty similar. The idea, of having a cast of top actors to perform the dialogue while still retaining the unabridged nature of the book by having a narrator for the in-between bits, is great — a real advance in thriller-type audiobooks, I think.

As in the last one, Robert Glenister is the narrator and he does an excellent job. Jan May is played by the wonderful Adrian Lester, possibly best known for his role in Hustle, but a very fine stage actor too, and he gives a good performance here. The use of sound effects during the dramatised parts and the snips of weirdly discordant music to divide the chapters add a lot to the overall effect, making it feel more like a drama serial than a novel. But — you knew there was a but coming, didn't you? I found it impossible after a while to keep my incredulity in check. I wondered if, in this particular case, the audio format maybe didn't work as well as reading would have — I felt it might have been a fast-paced page-turner on paper, possibly leaving the reader no time to think about the unlikeliness of some of the events or to work out the various twists.

But I'm a very slow listener to audiobooks, sometimes as little as fifteen minutes at a time, and I found that stopped me from getting swept up in the action, and also allowed me to work out the big twist at about halfway through the book, removing a lot of the tension from the second half. While The Child grabbed me and made me listen for longer chunks, doing that 'just one more chapter' thing, this one didn't have the same effect. However, much of that is a subjective criticism — someone who normally listens in longer blocks might well find the action carries them along.

So overall, loved the format, enjoyed most of the performances, and really hope that Audible do more books in this way in the future. But in the end the story is the most important thing, and unfortunately it didn't grab me quite as much as I'd hoped. I was poking around on audible and saw that they did radio drama presentations. These have a full cast and there are sound effects in the audiobook. Amok by Sebastian Fitzek was the book that jumped out at me as having great reviews and a synopsis that sounded interesting. A man decides to take people at a radio station hostage because he believes his fiance is still alive even though the police has told him she is dead.

Now he is trying to get answers, by taking hostage people at this radio station, and playing a deadly game live on the air. Ira Samin woke up this morning with no intention of being alive by the end of the day but then she gets called into work to negotiate this hostage situation. This is a mystery thriller with many moments of great reveals and a presentation that creates nail-biting tension. I really liked this a lot. I was really close to giving this a 5 rating because I enjoyed it so much.

I decided to only give it a 4 for now and maybe revisit the idea of upgrading it in the future. I did this because I am not sure if the actual book is worthy of a 5 or if the presentation really added that much. I just loved the presentation of this book. All of the vocal actors were so good and the sounds were mixed so well. Never was the background noise more powerful than the narrator. The small pauses during tense scenes, more than likely at chapter breaks, was used so great. The music added during these scenes added so much to the atmosphere.

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One thing to note is that I had to listen to this on 1x because the experience was much better than way. So if you are an audiobook listener that listens to audiobooks fast, you might have to slow down for this one, and that could annoy you. Fitzek does a great job of delivering answers in a slow and methodical way.

I find that the best thrillers have the best pacing and this one was paced tremendously. I really felt like I was just listening to a movie being played on my television. I thought this was the perfect book to do an audio presentation of because of the radio element in the storyline. I really want to try more Fitzek books and see if this is just a one-off. If he delivers in other books, this German author might be my new favorite thriller writer.

Looking forward to giving him another try. If you want to try something a little different in presentation, check out this drama presentation of Amok.

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I think this is the type of thing that can really work for some readers but not so much for others. I do think it is worth checking out the free sample and maybe even spending a random audible credit on. I am so happy I gave this one a try as it is one of my favorite listens of the year so far. Mmk, truth: this book is insanely melodramatic and sensationalist, and there were too many deus ex machina moments to make this a super successful narrative, but I've got to admit that I was hooked -- like in the guilty pleasure, trash-magazine reading while eating chocolate kind of way.

Listening to the recording of this novel made my commute to work much more enjoyable for a week or so. I think that my interest was, in large part, due to the fact that the audio recording to which I listened wa Mmk, truth: this book is insanely melodramatic and sensationalist, and there were too many deus ex machina moments to make this a super successful narrative, but I've got to admit that I was hooked -- like in the guilty pleasure, trash-magazine reading while eating chocolate kind of way. I think that my interest was, in large part, due to the fact that the audio recording to which I listened was comprised of a whole cast, so it's not like there's only person reading all of the different voices.

Cast recordings are the greatest thing ever. So, not only was I NOT listening to a man with a naturally low voice do that weird, airy breathing when he speaks like a woman, but the cast members were all actually very talented and their portrayals can you call them that when you're really only hearing them? So, no, this isn't the greatest novel in the world, but yes, it was entertaining. Just a little heads-up, though: there's a ton of language and quite a bit of sexual content.

Surprisingly, this was rather good; the author is deservedly translated into English unlike most European author. Interesting, gripping, well-paced, with plots and herrings not as obvious as most thrillers, so that the reader can doubt their own doubts as layers keep revealing. Having the obligatory broken hero be a suicidal female criminal psychologist only adds positives to the mix, including a dramatic ending that amused me personally as well as gratified, simply because one came to care Surprisingly, this was rather good; the author is deservedly translated into English unlike most European author.

Though there's bloodshed, it's nowhere near as awful than what has become usual these days; "psychothriller" here does refer to the psychological detecting rather than psychos. Superficially the book might sound like Cornwell's Scarpetta, whom I can't bear, so for now I'll give the author the rare praise of comparing if not characters or depth then at least plotting and intent to someone like Walters. File under: "coke light lemon" I seem to be caught in a spiral of reading crime books with ridiculous plots.

This one's aim seems to be to appeal to adolescent boys in that it combines shockingly innovative tortures, wild sexual histories with crazily stupid twists. The writing is acceptable but far from inspired. Characters for such an unbelievable story are flat and sometimes annoying.

Amok He Was A Quiet Man German 2007

I also "read" what a hoped was an audio book that turned out to be a "audio play. But even without the lousy production effects, it's not a good book. Loved this easy to listen to audio drama. A great story with some twists and turns that kept you listening over long periods. The only complaint I have is that every loose end seemed to be tied up and in some cases a little too much coincidence for me. I listened to the drama in 3 days so clearly I was hooked. The narration was very good along with the rest of the actors and actresses. The Audible audio dramas are a nice changeup from regular books.

I have listened to the Child as well and loved Loved this easy to listen to audio drama. I have listened to the Child as well and loved it. I would say I liked Amok more than the Child. Aug 08, Jana Heinzelmann rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , crime. Once again, another brilliant and compelling story by Sebastian Fitzek. Till the very end, you cannot see the truth coming.

I listened to the audiobook and was so into listening that I completely forgot the world around me! Now starting with the third Fitzek book and I am very sure that it is going to be as great as the first two! It is amazing with what sort of stories, Fitzek comes up with - some of the best crime stories, I've ever read! Started out good, I enjoyed the first half.

After that the story went all over the place, and the whole thing tied up a little too nicely in the end in my opinion. Wonderful audio production though - excellent narration.

[Stability of the "amok runner syndrome"].

Interesting audio in that it was a dramatic production instead of just a book read by a narrator. The story was somewhat convoluted, however, and had to be made clear in several points by the narrator's interjections - never a good way to manage a complex story. An enjoyable audio drama with talented voice actors bringing life to the script. As this available in English and has been translated in other languages, review both in English and German. The book is a little over the top, and no real detective-who-did-it-mystery, but rather a few well integrated infodumps on the reader, where key persons tell their part of the story.

Also, while I guessed some of the twists, there where enough I did not guess which made this fast-page-turner interesting. Also, as a German, I can relate to some of the things told and how they happened, spot-on! Recommended fast read, a little torture, sex mostly talked about happening of-page , little romance, not too bloody. Half the time you will keep guessing what really happened and wether the victims are dead or not. Nov im deutschen TV gezeigt wird obwohl Sat. Ausserdem, obwohl ich einige Wendungen erraten habe, blieben genug, die ich nicht erraten habe, dies diesen schnellen Thriller interessant machten.

Die halbe Zeit ist offen, was wirklich passiert ist und ob die Opfer tot sind oder nicht. View 1 comment. Listened to in audio format.

Also Brendan Coyle from Downton Abbey. The plotline of Amok was interesting. One evening acclaimed psychiatrist Dr Jan May, received a call from his girlfriend Leonie explaining she had to go away. Leonie explained he would be notified she was dead but she was all right. Minutes later he was told by the police she had died in a car accident. Heartbroken, Jan tried to find out w Listened to in audio format. Heartbroken, Jan tried to find out what really happened to Leonie.

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However the authorities engineered a false accusation of assault against Jan and he lost his licence to practice. With nothing to lose Jan decided to hold a radio station hostage until he found out the truth about Leonie. During the seize Jan said he would only speak to hoostage negotiator Dr Ira Samin on air. Jan told her he would kill a hostage every hour in a bizarre radio competition until Leonie was brought to him. However Ira was unwell battling alcoholism after the suicide of her elder daughter. Can she find out what to Leonie before any hostages are killed?

Although Amok was originally written in German it translated well to English. I found the plot a little complicated to follow but that may have been because I was not listening to a conventional audio book. I also did not understand the actions of Iras younger daughter after the suicide of her sister. All in all Sebastian Fitzek is a brilliant story teller who writes tackles some pretty dark themes in his books. The overall plot was fast paced, with twists and turns a plenty. View 2 comments. This was my second book by this German author; I listened to this one on audible as well, and it was a very good dramatization.

So good, in fact, that when I was walking my dog in the dark one morning, I actually got chills and looked around during a scary part of this book! The opening scene in the book pulls you in, and fairly early on you understand the relevance of this scene to the story. This book's main setting is at a radio station, where someone stages an elaborate plot and takes hostage This was my second book by this German author; I listened to this one on audible as well, and it was a very good dramatization. Seller Inventory MG. Book Description Heyne. Condition: Good.

Spine bumped and rubbed. Binding solid, pages crisp and clean. Some light scuffs and dents. Corners bumped with small creases. Seller Inventory SKU Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

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