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A tragedy that took almost 2, lives. Kinmel Revisited is another of historical fiction woven once again around the fascinating story of the Kinmel Camp Riot in in North Wales.

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The Black and White House is a on the edge nail biting thriller that will leave readers maybe thirsting for more of the same as Joshua Jenks a poor coloured boy from Memphis goes on to defy the odds by becoming a Senator and this is where his troubles begin!. At this stage I would like to introduce adult readers to my series of adult fictional crime.

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I say adult simply because each book contains explicit material suitable for adults. I have four books in the series and the first is now on Smashwords entitled Hell Bent on Murder,followed by Hell Bent on Revenge and if this has wetted your appetite then to come shortly is Hell Bent on Corruption followed by Hell Bent on Blackmail, all featuring ex met cop turned private eye Jim Bent. It is my hope one day to continue with Hell Bent on Collaboration, but at this juncture please by all means read of Jim Bent and his adventures when he leaves the met after fifteen years and takes on the role of a private eye.

If you have enjoyed the first two in my series then Hell Bent on Corruption and Hell Bent on Blackmail will leave you thirsting for more of the same?. So why not indulge yourself and read all four books of racy adult fictional crime? Coming soon to add to your reader experience is my book of Irish Romantic Fiction entitled S.

This story is set at a time when Belfast, Margots home town was occupied by the British Army. The story is centred around Margot Giligan a young Irish Lass who is about to leave the confines of her local all girls Catholic school and venture out into the world of employment.

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This is a story of a romance that blossoms through all adversity. So look for it soon folks please.. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above.

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  4. Hell Bent on Revenge is infact number two in this nail biting four books series and this time its Revenge our trusty private eye Jim Bent comes across. Jims doubts about leaving his desk job in the met are soon forgotten as he finds more crime within London's underbelly and backstreets.

    Hell Bent on Murder 2 This is number two in a four books series. Throw in a highway haunted by cannibal ghosts that are still hungry, a town full of Zadkiel disciples, and a crooked deputy coming face to face with a live cannibal, and you have some sense of the road The Ghost Rider is traveling. This story does little to progress the overall arc, but is a fun bit about the Ghost Rider having to fight his way out of a prison, which includes quite literally a die hard disciple of Zadkiel and a whole lot of prisoners worthy of vengeance.

    The first story seemed overly full, too much going on, too many hints trying to be dropped. Overall average storytelling with up and down art. This is a solid three out of six bullets by my scale.

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    I found myself smirking at hints to Ghost Rider fans that were dropped only slightly more than I groaned at some of the poor art and sequential storytelling that plagued this book. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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