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The Very First Step To Take To Change Your Unhappy Career

The median number of years that workers had been with their current employer was 4. For many, changing jobs means switching their career path, according to a recent national survey by University of Phoenix School of Business. Reasons include getting a raise , following their passion, or simply looking for a different experience. Using data from BLS, Monster rounded up some top quick-change career options. They may also assist dentists with procedures and do administrative work such as maintaining dentistry supplies and medical records.

What you need: Dental assistants work with their hands, so dexterity and diligence! Some states require dental assistant candidates to get a license while others do not.

Want a new job in the new year? Ask the experts – live chat

Check out a sample resume for a dental assistant. Find dental assistant jobs on Monster.

Emergency managers do just that: develop and coordinate response recovery programs in conjunction with federal, state and local governments, as well as hospitals, universities, and businesses. Emergency managers work closely with governments, pulling together key stakeholders in meetings to make sure everyone is aware of mitigation plans and assembling all regulatory and compliance documents that are required by law.

Find emergency manager jobs on Monster.

10 Best Jobs for a Midlife Career Change - Vista College

The job may also involve resolving tax issues for clients, researching new, potential investment streams, and some administrative tasks. Find financial planner jobs on Monster. But it can be fun, especially if you love being in the kitchen. Line cooks prepare ingredients and cook a variety of dishes, from appetizers to desserts. What you need: No formal education is required to become a line cook; plenty of people get on-the-job training, though some have completed culinary school.

View a sample resume for a line cook. Find line cook jobs on Monster. Usually the job involves selling health care plans to new and existing patients of physicians, updating the doctors on progress, as well as answering any questions the patients may have. As a liaison between patient and health care system, and sometimes insurers, understanding and communicating the goals of each party is key. Step : Talk to your boss about the fact that this is not sustainable for you, and that things have to change. And have a feasible plan for what that change can look like.

Step: Before your leap, identify one project, one cause, one direction that you could take on in your current work that will be thrilling for you, and do it. Step: Starting today, s ign up for three conferences, events or workshops given by people doing what you dream of. Begin associating more with, and learning from, those people who are at a higher level of impact, and learn the lessons they can teach you.

Get in the same room with people who can inspire and expand you.

How To Change Career When You Have No Idea What You're Doing

Ask about their trajectories, their passions, their skills, how they made this career work. Discover what they believe is essential to the success in that line of work. Then decide if you want to pursue it more. These micro steps are doable and within your reach, and will open many doors of opportunity and new hope for you.

Virtual assistant

Should I leave this employer, or chuck my whole career, or make a pivot? Be accountable and take action to generate change. For others, their communication style hurts them , and pushes away any kind of positive support or help.

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Try on the professional identity of this new direction before you leap. She works with groups and individuals who want to live a fulfilling professional life. Are you an employer? Check out our Talent Solutions Blog. We're always looking for experts, executives and trends to feature on the Glassdoor blog.

Contact us. Get Started. Figuring out what you want to do can take longer than doing it If you have had a couple of jobs or a business and have done relatively well at them, you most likely already know how to get what you want.

Am I Too Old To Change Careers, Career Change at 30, Career Change At 40

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