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While Dean is initially skeptical and assumes Adam is a supernatural creature, he and Sam come to believe that Adam is human and their brother.

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Dean is envious of the time John spent with Adam, but when he recognizes that John tried to shield Adam from hunting, he clashes with Sam who is keen to train Adam as a hunter. Dean finds the bodies of Adam and his mother in a crypt, and after killing the ghouls, insists that he is given a hunter's send off in the form of a funeral pyre similar to that given to John by his sons. Whilst enjoying eternity in his own private Heaven making out on his Prom night Adam is approached by angels who offer him the opportunity to help the archangel Michael defeat Lucifer by becoming Michael's vessel.

Adam accepts and is resurrected under Zachariah 's supervision.

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He awakes beneath the ground where his funeral pyre was held and crawls to the surface to find Castiel waiting for him, the angels originally meant to greet him lying dead nearby. When he regains consciousness, Adam informs the Winchesters of his deal with the angels and his intention to say "yes" to Michael.

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However, Castiel engraves Enochian runes on his ribs to keep the angels from locating him. Though they are confused as to how Adam can qualify as a vessel for Michael, Castiel deduces that because Adam is of the Winchester bloodline he is eligible to contain Michael's essence, despite the prophecy that foretells Dean as the true candidate. However, Dean doesn't want him to share that fate and slips away.

Sam leaves Adam in Bobby's care while he searches for Dean. When they talk, Adam reveals to Sam that he remembers when he was eaten alive by the ghouls that killed him and his mom. Meanwhile, Adam dreams of the park his mother used to take him to when he was little and is greeted by Zachariah , who convinces Adam that the Winchesters are not to be trusted and that if he cooperates with the angels he will get to see his mother again.

At least two Remington shotguns fitted with pistol grips, extended magazine tubes and Surefire fore-end lights can be seen in the trunk of the Impala.

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Remington s with wood furniture appear in several episodes. During "It's a Terrible Life" S04E17 the Winchester brothers watch an instructional video on how to subdue ghosts produced by the Ghostfacers. During the video Harry Spangler Travis Wester can be seen with an airsoft replica of a Mossberg , identified by its shorter barrel with orange tip. It is portrayed as a real weapon but it is not clear whether is standing in for a real weapon, or whether the Ghostfacers are simply pretending that it is real.

Jake Abel – Tripping Through Gateways

The scene is very dark and the rifle is only briefly seen so this ID is not certain, however the round A2 handguards are visible. A magically animated giant teddy bear in "Wishful Thinking" S04E08 uses a lever action rifle to attempt suicide. Although the rifle is never clearly seen, it appears to be the same Winchester Model which has been used in Season 2.

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A Winchester Model with an octagonal barrel can be seen in the weapons compartment in the trunk of the Impala in "Jump the Shark" S04E A DefTech 37mm launcher is seen in the trunk of the Impala, but is never used. Jump to: navigation , search.

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