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Institute of Management Technology.

Kashmir - Arundhati Roy. Chatterji Seditious Nehru by Arundhati Roy. Chronology: — 15 August : British India is partitioned into the independent nation-states of India and Pakistan.


Kashmir: A Case of Freedom

The tribesmen go on the rampage, looting and raping locals. The accession is seen as. The fighting escalates into the first Indo-Pakistan war, with Pakistan disputing the accession and eventually sending in regular forces.

Article accords autonomous status. Share this link with a friend: Copied! Join the principal members of the creative team, including the Metropolitan Opera's Tian Hao Jiang, as they perform excerpts from and discuss a new opera by composer Tang Jianping.

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Ready for Take Off? James Crabtree and Ruth Kattumuri discuss the outcome and implications of the elections.

Anna Fifield and Daniel Russel discuss why Kim Jong Un has gone to such lengths to maintain his nuclear program in spite of international pressure to give it up. Understanding North Korea.

Kashmir The Case Of Freedom

Daniel Russel lays out a series of recommendations for how China's signature initiative can produce better outcomes for everyone. Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times discusses the role of human rights in contemporary China in the decades following the June 4, Tiananmen Square massacre. Democracy in Transition? The writer and journalist recounts the "sense of innocence and solidarity" she witnessed among bystanders, even as people were being shot in front of their eyes.

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