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International geological Congress; abstracts, London, , vol. Sayre, A. Southwestern States and territory of Hawaii. Geological survey. Shepard, E. The tsumani tidal wave of April 1, Sherman, G. Smith, T. Water supply in the agricultural areas of Western Australia. Australian Geographer, Sydney, vol. Solot, S. Possibility of long range precipitation forecasting for the Hawaiian Islands. Weather Bureau, , 52 p. Relationships between large-scale athmospheric flow patterns and Hawaiian precipitation.

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Bulletin of the American associa'. Australian searches for oil at home and in Papua. Petroleum engineer, Los Angeles, vol. Avias, J. Baragwanath, W. Diamonds in Victoria. Mining and geological journal, Melbourne, vol. Bartrum, J. Two undetermined New Zealand tertiary fossils. Journal of paleontology, Urbana, vol. Report on rocks collected by Mr. Buddie from islands of the Three Rings group. Records of the Auckland institute and museum, Auckland, N.

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    Le Déchronologue

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    Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger

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