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This allowed for not only more players, but for a different class of music, intended for performance in a larger acoustical space. For a soprano voice of such size and power as we heard on Saturday, in songs of Turina, Granados and Ellington, also to possess such nimbleness and agility is a very rare phenomenon, indeed.

The ovation she received made plain that everyone felt fortunate to have witnessed it. Only one instrument was notably missing: the human voice.

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That gap was filled on Saturday night, as Barrister Winery was filled with song by soprano Danielle Talamantes, partnered by Ivana Cojbasic, pianist. Talamantes selected a program of art songs, i. She concluded the program with three songs by Duke Ellington, arranged in a manner to show how much they have in common with the art-song tradition.

Talamantes intended that the audience be given translations of all the songs on her program, but a glitch in transmission prevented that. Instead, she spoke with the audience, reading some translations in their entirety and summarizing others. By doing this, she immediately created a bond of intimacy that embraced everyone in the room, and that continued unbroken throughout the evening.

In chatting with us, she displayed other attributes that proved fundamental to her character as a musician: superbly clear and beautiful diction, an attractive, well-supported voice, extensive understanding of the background and meaning of the music, and, perhaps most important, an earnest desire to seize the deepest feelings of her audience, and never let them go. The voice was just as lovely, natural and relaxed, and the diction just as clear and pure, always an important quality, but especially in the performance of French song.

All of the composers on the program were pianists who contributed much excellent music to the repertoire, but none had so radical an impact on the history of writing for the piano as Debussy, who reinvented piano technique and re-imagined what could be accomplished on the instrument. On this occasion, the listeners were not merely interested, but spellbound.

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The ensuing works on the program allowed Talamantes much wider scope in which to deploy her considerable vocal resources than did the delicately tinted Debussy. Her soprano voice possesses considerable power throughout its wide range. It was thrilling to hear a voice of this range and caliber interpreting art-song, and, in truth, there was plenty of passion and suffering portrayed in the songs of Granados and Turina that justified an operatic scale of performance.

There were, however, a few points at which Talamantes unleashed the full force of her voice that pushed the envelope so far that it threatened to tear. It should be noted, however, that Ellington wrote the first two songs to be danced to, which would require a clear and regular beat. It is significant that Ellington's preferred description for his work was 'American music'. He not only wrote songs especially for classically trained singers like Kay Davis, a coloratura soprano, but also became renowned for his forays into the realm of spiritual music.

So, for instance, three live Sacred Concerts were performed between and , the second of which, in , featured three of the pieces to be found on this album, namely Meditation, Heaven and Almighty God Has Those Angels. Ellington believed that the voice could serve as an instrument so there are passages in a number of his compositions which were wordless. From time to time they surface on the disc under review here. A multitude of jazz musicians have recorded Ellington's music, apart from the definitive versions that his own orchestras produced over a number of decades.

Yet his songs continue also to be performed by artistes from the classical world. This recording brings together an international opera singer, in soprano Danielle Talamantes, and the classical pianist Henry Dehlinger. On other occasions, the ninth responsory of Matins for the Dead begins with Libera me, but continues with a different text Domine, de viis inferni, etc.

Look up libera in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Libera may refer to: Libera mythology , a Roman goddess of fertility Libera choir , a boy vocal group from London Libera film , a comedy film "Libera" song , a song by Italian artist Mia Martini Libera gastropod , a genus of gastropods in the family Endodontidae Adalberto Libera, an Italian architect Libera.

Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie, Italian association against mafias See also Libera me "Deliver me" , a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead. Plot Five months after his release from prison after serving a twelve-year sentence, arsonist Yeo Hee-soo terrorizes the city of Seoul with a series of deadly blazes. Yeo rigs each fire so that a second, far more lethal conflagration ignites shortly after the firefighters have arrived, causing further casualties.

He then turns his attention to those members of the department he feels are interfering with his "mission", which develops into a game of cat and mouse with veteran fireman Jo Sang-woo. Page from the manuscript of the Requiem: In paradisum, m. The choral-orchestral setting of the shortened Catholic Mass for the Dead in Latin is the best-known of his large works. Its focus is on eternal rest and consolation. He composed the work in the late s and revised it in the s, finishing it in In seven movements, the work is scored for soprano and baritone soloists, mixed choir, orchestra and organ. Different from typical Requiem settings, the full sequence Dies irae is omitted, replaced by its section Pie Jesu.

The final movement In Paradisum is based on a text that is not part of the liturgy of the funeral mass but of the burial. Libera is an all-boy English vocal group directed by Robert Prizeman.

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Many members also sing in the parish choir of St. Philip's, Norbury, in South London. History Bruckner composed the motet during his stay in Sankt Florian for the absoute of the funeral of prelate Michael Arneth. The original manuscript is lost, but several copies of it are found in the archive of the St. The motet was first published in an appendix of band of Musica divina, Vienna, Libera me is a French experimental film directed by Alain Cavalier. It was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. Retrieved 20 August External links Libera me on IMDb. History Bruckner composed the motet during his stay in Kronstorf.

The work was presumably performed at that time. The motet was first published in band I, pp. The Messa da Requiem is a musical setting of the Catholic funeral mass Requiem for four soloists, double choir and orchestra by Giuseppe Verdi. It was composed in memory of Alessandro Manzoni, an Italian poet and novelist whom Verdi admired. The first performance, at the San Marco church in Milan on 22 May , marked the first anniversary of Manzoni's death.

The work was at one time called the Manzoni Requiem.

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Musicologist David Rosen calls it 'probably the most frequently performed major choral work composed since the compilation of Mozart's Requiem'. He began the effort by submitting the concluding movement, the Libera me. During the next year a Messa per Rossini was compiled by Verdi and twelve other famous Italian composers of the time.

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The pre. The album contained special features, like the video clip, pictures of the making of. Track listing Libera Me Para siempre. Originally, such compositions were meant to be performed in liturgical service, with monophonic chant. Eventually the dramatic character of the text began to appeal to composers to an extent that they made the requiem a genre of its own, and the compositions of composers such as Verdi are essentially concert pieces rather than liturgical works. Common texts The following are the texts that have been set to music.

Note that the Libera Me and the In Paradisum are not part of the text of the Catholic Mass for the Dead itself, but a part of the burial rite that immediately follows. These became included in musical setting. Description and use The Miserere is written for two choirs, one of five and one of four voices, and is an example of Renaissance polyphony. One of the choirs sings a simple version of the original Miserere chant; the other sings an ornamented commentary on this. The Tenebrae service where the Miserere would be sung normally began at dusk, hence the name tenebrae is Latin for "shadows" or "darkness".

During the ritual, candles would be extinguished one by one, save for the last candle which remained alight and was then hidden. Gregorio Allegri envisioned the setting of the Miserere to be the final act within the first lesson of the Te. Giuseppe Verdi The following is a list of published compositions by the composer Giuseppe Verdi — Librettists not directly involved in the preparation of a specific revision, but whose text or a translation thereof is included in the work, are shown in italics.

Choi Min-soo born May 1, is a South Korean actor. He is known as one of the most acclaimed actors in South Korea. Life and career Choi was born in Seoul in Choi's family has been active in acting, and singing. Choi was born as the son of Choi Moo-ryong, a popular actor of the s and s, and Kang Hyo-shil, an actress.

His maternal grandmother is Jeon Ok, referred to as Queen of Tears for her excellence at acting for tragic dramas. His grandfather is Kang Hong-shik, an actor, a film director and singer active during the Japanese occupation period. Kang Hong-sik and Jeon Ok were the first married couple in Korean entertainment history. Kang Hong-shik was honored as "Merited artist" as well. Choi debuted to the film industry in with Son of God, a film adapt. It follows the quest of Lord Henry Baltimore, a British officer during World War I who inadvertently changes the course of the war, and his own life, by wounding a vampire on the battlefield.

The book was expanded into a comic book series, published by Dark Horse Comics, which also publishes Mignola's Hellboy series. When the series was expanded in comic form, the dates were specified. His entire battalion is killed by Hessian fire. Baltimore's leg is wounded, and he is left for dead. He awakes some hours later to see giant bat-like creatures feedi. Cha Seung-won born 7 June is a South Korean actor, who began his career as an in-demand fashion model in the s. Kim , and Ghost House After proving his versatility in other genres, notably in the period thriller Blood Rain and the melodrama My Son , Cha's popularity continued with the television series Bodyguard , City Hall , The Greatest Love , and Hwayugi Career Cha dropped out of Sungkyunkwan University,[1] and began a successful career as a fashion model in The following summer, the r.

Catherine's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, published in a Russian newspaper A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the dead Latin: Missa pro defunctis or Mass of the dead Latin: Missa defunctorum , is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal.

Release me. Free me , and I'll get you some help. Y retira todos los cargos para las am. Here's the deal: release me and drop all charges by AM. San Antonio deliver me from all these demons! Please deliver me from all evil and grant that my life will be an influence for You and for good in the world in which I live.


And deliver me from any spiritual blindness so I will see, understand, and accept your full and free pardon for all my sins and receive your gift of eternal life. And deliver me from the sin of using 'my so called rights' as an excuse to justify my avoidance of personal responsibility. Well then, release me from my cardinal's robes, give me the papal army, and I will bring you Catherina Sforza in chains! Where I have sinned, please forgive me and free me from the entrapments I have got myself into.

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If you want the pleasure of knowing, release me for an arn. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

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