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But club "reputation" does "entice" and The Palms and Hard Rock are well known as being the hottest of the hot spots. And both are located slightly off the Strip. There is a three-tier pricing system to get into the hot dance clubs You need to know the system. It just moves you from the General Admission line into the slightly shorter line. Get there early if you only want to pay the lowest cover charge. The real VIP "ticket" no waiting, immediate "front of the line" entry usually costs double Without it, you'll be waiting in the long lines with thousands of other frustrated would-be partiers.

But even then, once you get in, you will probably have to stand up and just wander around. Not bad if Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton And sometimes they are! Available public tables are snapped up fast. The third pricing tier is the "bottle or table service" In Vegas, you pay a lot of bucks to sit down.

There are different bottle service plans. But basically they all work the same way. Club goers pour their own drinks and they can invite friends over to the table. Read this Forbes article on bottle Service. Bottle service in Las Vegas, as well as table minimums, are established in one of two basic ways. First, you may have to spend a certain amount of money per number of people at your table. On average, you will need to purchase one bottle per three people at your table.

The second way involves supply and demand. This means that clubs will raise the price for table space. Pricing during special events can greatly fluctuate based on the size of your group and the location within the club. You will also want to consider any additional charges added to your bill at the end of the night. Table minimums do not include the addition of tax and gratuity, which typically ranges from 8.

There may also be a live entertainment tax of 10 percent. A big mistake people make when visiting Las Vegas is not planning ahead. Ideally you should nail down an itinerary for every day of your trip. Getting into a hot night club can be difficult or impossible By then, the good ones are packed wall-to-wall. No one wants to waste away half the night standing in line.

A way around this is to use the services of a VIP host. VIP hosted entry to hot clubs and hosted entry plus transportation is big business in Las Vegas. And it is getting bigger all the time, so big that it is hard to keep up with who is offering what. Many will transport you there in a limousine. Some offer bachelor and bachelorette parties. You name it, someone provides it in Sin City! Here are some online addresses of companies that offer hosted entry. Be aware that it is not cheap And even when you pay the fee, it is still customary to tip the club doorman.

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Click on any of these websites and decide if paying for guaranteed entry is worth the price. Most have toll-free phone numbers.

Newsletters are the new newsletters.

Call them and see what they can do for you. Unless you know someone personally in the Las Vegas nightlife industry, your chances of getting into a club without hosted entry services are slim to none. This is especially true if you are in a large group of guys or a group consisting of mostly guys.

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  • Most clubs in Vegas want to see a decent ratio of guys and girls. Without a hot girl on your arm or a VIP host to walk you through the door, you could end up waiting in line for hours or not getting into the club at all.

    Las Vegas' Coolest Light Show Is Hidden in This Nightclub | Travel + Leisure

    It makes a difference what sex you are when it comes to Las Vegas clubbing. Women get all the advantages!

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    It even features views of The Strip and a narrow outdoor balcony. And in the heat and sweat of dancing, fresh air is a highly desirable commodity. Tao offers a Buddhist themed yet hedonistic ambiance. The environment is a mix of classic Eastern styling with ultra-modern accents and girls in bathtubs filled with flower petals.

    Should we repeat that last part?

    Insomnia Disco and Night Club in Pattaya, Thailand, Great Place to Party

    A reddish hue fills the main room and makes for a warm yet energized feeling something akin to an ancient Temple with fantastic lighting. There are two spaces to dance in: the first being the main dance floor and the second being the area between the VIP booths in the lounge section. While the dancefloor has a DJ booth, the lounge has a bar where they carefully prepare signature cocktails et al. If you get tired of the main room, you can always transition to the Opium Room which is a chill lounge replete with its own DJ booth and bar.

    The club has brought in top names like Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Krewella. In combination with the restaurant and the Tao Beach, the experience here transcends that of other clubs. In fact, it may well be one of the best clubs in Vegas The giant snake sculpture above the main bar signals the enormity of the commitment to luxury this club has made.

    There are stripper poles and a huge outdoor space boasting its own DJ booth and dance area. Even during the winter months of which there are few in Vegas , the outdoor area is kept warm and cozy. Great views can be had from the cabanas surrounding the pool. Gaming is just a few steps away for anyone wishing to try their luck while they party. The Nightswim parties are legendary as are the beautiful women in bikinis. If you love the night, the party and the water, EBC at Night is well worth a visit. Jewel Nightclub at the Aria is, as its name promises, a sparkling gem in an oasis of Strip night spots.

    The elevated DJ booth boasts both beauty and functionality, and the up close and personal dance floor is surrounded by granite VIP banquettes upholstered in sumptuous leather. The theme of opulence is carried throughout both floors of this stellar adult playground. Besides the centrally located, elevated DJ booth, Jewel has huge dual-sided LED video screens that sync with the music and offer degree movement. What makes this Las Vegas nightclub different from other venues is their lineup of DJs and live performances. Each week Jewel has a solid mix between EDM, open format, hip hop, and live on stage concerts.

    Perhaps one of the best clubs in Vegas , Light combines incredible technology with unbelievable acrobatic acts which take place on the ceiling. Yup, we said acrobats on the ceiling.

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    The result is an otherworldly experience that makes Light stand apart from all other clubs on the Las Vegas Strip. Everytime you visit, the entertainment will feel new because it is. Something no other club offers. A reputation for attracting the best DJ talent in the world of electronic music also adds to the clubs uniqueness.

    When you consider the talent, the acrobats, the lighting and the cocktails, an evening at Light is sure to be a symphony for your senses. Las Vegas Nightclub Planning Guide.