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The X-Men fan favorite wakes up in the Savage Land and is faced quickly with dinos and neanderthals. He finds a friendly face in Shanna the She-Devil, who had arrived months earlier with a S.

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Cho has mainly done artwork for Marvel over the years, most recently illustrating the zero issue of Avengers vs. But he has been doodling Wolverine pictures since he was a kid, and the character was on a short list of characters he had always wanted to write and draw.

X Men Savage Land by Ed Benes

His friend, Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso, called him and asked him if he had any interest in doing a Wolverine book, and Cho happened to have an old Indiana Jones-y story he'd penned for fun that was just gathering dust. Plus, we got this totally awesome page you could cut out and fold to make your own Zabu! Print it out and send us a pic of your own sabretooth! Yes, I did it. Storm has a scantily-clad adventure fighting a giant alligator underwater in the prehistoric jungle of the Savage Land.

Wolverine in the Savage Land clawing the bejeezus out of dinosaurs — one of our favorite scenes here on Mars! Feast your eyes on Alan Davis art of our favorite reptile-slashing mutant from Canada! Long-time fans recall it was not their first run on Uncanny X-Men. Uncanny X-Men featured an awesome 3-page fold-out wrap-around cover. So take advantage of my hard work, click on the image, blow it up to relish the detail, and set it as your desktop background.

The records still stands. Dig the full color version with bonus material! Wolverine having a chat with Zabu the sabretooth tiger, a constant companion of Ka-Zar. Art by John Byrne and Terry Austin. You can compare it to the unedited black and white version of the original story. More black and white artwork from Essential X-Men. Sauron has been bugging the X-Men for longer than some of us have been alive.

Here are some scenes from when they first met, long ago, at the hands of creative team Roy Thomas and Neal Adams. Wolverine and Sauron.

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One nasty mammal and one hideously evil reptile. Gaza Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman. Intuition Sensors --possbly. Kaffkal Tribe of Fire. Kamil Ka-Zar character. Kendra Savage Land tribeswoman - by Proto-Man. Khar-Tan the Beauteous Red Wizard victim. Khup Aerian, Ka-Zar foe.

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Ku-La Man-Apes. Leanne of the Lemurans ruler of Lemurans, Ka-Zar character. Leash Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman.

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Lorelei Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman. Lupa Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman. Lupo Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman.

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  • Maa-Gor Ka-Zar foe. Malgato Ka-Zar foe. Michael Man-Apes. Miesho Ka-Zar character - by Chadman.

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    Peter Colossus' son - by Norvo. Piper Savage Land Mutates - by Chadman. Primate Alpha Prime member. Razorak the Bold Red Wizard victim. Red Wizard Great Cataclysm. Sandratha Ka-Zar foe.