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For this, you know, is Holy night. Hark, hark, hark! Come quick, for we can wait no more. Yes, yes, yes, We love Thee one and all; With gifts so bright this Christmas night, Dear Jesus, bless us, great and small.

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Dear Jesus, bless us, great and small. Thanks, thanks, thanks, O Child, we love so well We children here pray, Savior dear, Thou in our heart alone wilt dwell. Thou in our heart alone wilt dwell.

Legal Notice: We are not responsible for the content of external links. Skip to content. Hush, hush, hush, for the little child wants wants to sleep! Perhaps as a humorous complaint about having to carry drag Refers to strong alcoholic liquor. Germans use this term to describe the depletion of forests due to acid rain etc.

Also used for any lengthy period of travel.

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“Still, still, still, weil’s Kindlein schlafen will” – The German Way & More

Mozart], but the term is also often extended to refer to any comparatively young person considered to have special talent--sort of like the term "whiz kid. Chess aficionados should click here for the Wikipedia entry for this term, which offers lots of examples. In German, this word denotes any kind of fear, but in English it is used to designate "a gloomy, often neurotic feeling of generalized anxiety and depression" [ Webster's New World Dictionary , Second College Edition, ].

Kopfgeburten: Oder, Die Deutschen sterben aus (German Edition)

Ironically, although the word comes from German, it is not much used in German, having been replaced by a contraction: these dogs also sometimes called "Wiener dogs" in English because of their shape are normally called "Dackel" in German. Term for someone who resembles a person to the point that they could be considered their "double. This word literally means "replacement" [e. Not really a common German word, but this word for "the pleasure of driving" was made popular in English by a successful VW marketing campaign. These terms indicate a cozy sense of well-being in a comfortable environment, e.

Question that gets at a core issue, and is intended to reveal the true intentions of the person being asked.

Refers to a group of people getting together over coffee to chat. Much preferable to the yuppily ambitious term "pre-school," in my opinion. In this example you see that several sequences of dialogue sometimes appear at completely different points of the movie. In both pictures you see below, Dracula says "He will not die!

“Still, still, still, weil’s Kindlein schlafen will”

Here you see a few examples for sequences that are pretty similar to each other, yet still they do not originate from the same footage. This is the most frequent difference you will find when comparing the two different versions to each other.

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In the following example, Lucy at the beginning of the movie wakes up from a nightmare. The shots are slightly different for both versions Min. Very often you won't immediately be able to spot the differences Min. The scene where Jonathan writes something in his diary proves that they used different camera angles for a few scenes. During the scene where Jonathan writes something in his diary you also see the love for detail in this movie.

Even the text he writes down is shown in the correct language.

"er/sie stirbt" English translation

There are several reasons for that: The cast was an international one. Not all of them were able to speak German - however, they were all able to speak English. Still, some of the actors had to be dubbed for both versions the final version of the movie since their accent was too hard to understand [two examples would be Roland Topor Renfield and Isabelle Adjani Lucy ]. Fortunately, Adjani was able to do all the German lines since her mother was a German native speaker.