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But I figured that there was no way Modine was going to leave me off the ticket. I mean, I made the first market. I was her little boy toy.

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No way would she forget WEEN. But she did. I was screaming from my perch relentlessly. After about 20 seconds of her not looking up at me, I jumped down and ran over to her. I made the first market!

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But I did, and I was fucking pissed! I blew my lid off.

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I went off on everyone around her that got on the ticket. All the little shits from that side of the pit were the junior traders from bigger firms or small local traders. And they all just looked away when I began my tirade. Maybe I took a 10 lot from someone, I forget.

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So after a minute of non-stop yelling, I had to remove myself from the pit. It was getting me nowhere and it was ungentlemanly of me. But, fuck that. I went over to my work station and gave one square punch to my equipment box, aka my nap space. Well, that was a bad move.

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There must have been a slight fracture. If you ever shake my hand hard, I can still feel it. I will always remember the day I fought with the lovely Modine. It just so happens that my right hand brings back the memories.

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  7. Image credit: Jessica Flavin. By LucciStaff If you missed part twenty check it out here!

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    Amanda talks about the many influences throughout her life that ultimately lead her to pursue her passion and start a band. She was driven, she was determined and she did it!

    Five Finger Death Punch Purgatory Tales From The Pit Live 2013 cut part 2

    With the support of friends and family, Amanda and GANG achieved all 2 of the goals they set out to do. Check out her story which involves the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's; B's; and a bunch of intel into the Philly music scene. The music that captivates us is often an extention of oneself. In the 90s, that is exactly what Tori Amos was for our friend Sam.

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    Who knew that a casual Saturday night watching SNL would blossom into a musical relationship for over 20 years? They speak, we listen. To know Janine, is to love Janine. She is constantly smiling and gives some of the greatest hugs around!