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Together they form POW! Centered around a week-long event in Hawaii, POW! Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Atlanta before moving to California in to pursue a career as a designer and fine artist. His work attempts to capture the universal essence of the human condition mainly through a symbolic portrayal of contemporary life. Utilizing a range of mediums, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments that echo the complexities of our existence.

His fine art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide and has been featured in local and international print and online publications from The New York Times and Washington Post to Hypebeast. Among many varied art and design accomplishments, Kinsey was recently selected to participate in an international Absolut artist campaign leading to the commissioned design of a signature Absolut Vodka bottle in In Kinsey relocated to the Sierra Nevada mountains north of Los Angeles to pursue painting fulltime.

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With collectors in over countries, we have published more than 1, editions since Contact Us. On display are some ceramic pieces including Bizen-style works and vases. This exhibition features works by four young practitioners of traditional Bizen ceramics. Masayoshi Aigasa was born in Tokyo in and graduated from the oil painting department of Tokyo University of the Arts in He has won multiple awards and honors and is currently professor emeritus Sculptor Kiyoshi Murakami makes Buddhist statutes with fresh sensibilities.

Features around 20 works of women with their faces hidden. Second solo show at Shinjuku Takashimaya featuring works that depict Japanese culture through a detached perspective — Takabe has been based in Istanbul for some 35 years. An open or bare fifth is a musical term meaning a chord containing only a perfect fifth with no third.

Japanese-language surnames

It is an ambiguous element that cannot be defined as either in the major or minor key. This exhibition showcases works from Kazuyuki Takishita's Momotaro series, commemorating the publication of his monograph "Japon:ism". The artist was born in Sakai City, Osaka, in and works with stone to make sculptures of tigers, phoenix and Japanese swords. Exhibition looking at the gap beween digital images, which have no sense of existence, and ceramics, with its highly physical sense of being.

Ceramic works by three artists that break the usual stereotypes associated with the medium. On display are photos that depict intervals, thresholds, and intermediate states. Glass sculptures.


Exhibition by nihonga painter known for her paintings of animals with gold-leaf backgrounds. The artist's first solo exhibition in six years, themed around music and roses. Dragon-themed exhibition featuring works by 10 contemporary artists. This solo show by Yoshiyuki Nakano marks the th anniversary of Takashimaya's founding.

On display are paintings done in Chinese ink that depict the legendary figure of the dragon, which is seen as a On display are works by 6 artists inspired by the themes of prayer and birth for the Christmas season. On display are works that capture the unique expressions and gestures of animals as they adapt to a variety of different environments. A practitioner of karate he now has an atelier in Nagano where he works in the Japanese traditional After winning the VOCA Prize, Taro Yamamoto showed his work at the "Zipangu" group show, further honing his unique brand of cynical irony expressed through Japanese-style paintings.

This exhibition On display are various works by an innovator of traditional Bizen-yaki ceramics. This exhibition includes parts of previous series by the artist, including 50 oil paintings, sculptures and others. Motifs include animals, skulls and cars.

wall painting of Hokusai (by Shigeru Tamura)Travel Japan うろうろ和歌山 ホテルTO 田村茂

He began making his self-portraits series in and subsequently exhibited at the Aperto section of the Venice This exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of Coppers Hayakawa, whose modern, retro-futuristic copper sculptures resemble cellular creatures. Kiicih Sumikawa is working as the design director for the new Tokyo Sky Tree and this group exhibition features him and his pupils' work, alongside their own disciples, forming three generations of art.

Previously known for his commercial photography, Junichi Takahashi exhibits photos revealing instants of "flowers". Artworks of sculptures with motifs of people and animals, and food vessels decorated with pop colors. Chikako Yoshikawa's works range from lamps with designs featuring vegetables and dolls, through to This exhibition features work across diverse genre by nine artists chosen by artist group C-Depot. From May 9th to 16th there will also be a Kosei Komatsu installation at a first floor space by the On display is a selection of cynical works that offer a deft take on the "Japanese" personality.

Shigeki Hayashi is a ceramic artist who has been exploring new approaches to his chosen medium using casting and molding techniques. On display are new innovative works that represent the future of ceramics This exhibition of three young Kumamoto-born artists marks the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train route on March 12th. On display are cherry blossom-themed folding screens and other works. On display are new and recent oil paintings that reflect Tanaka's unique worldview. Features new and recent works by Shigehito Matsuda that were inspired by the poetry of Shunsuke Kazaki.

On display are ceramic works that represent the future of the Bizen style of Japanese pottery by the eldest son of living national treasure Yu Fujiwara. Solo exhibition of original works for sumo wrestler costumes and other paintings of animals and flowers by Tokyo-born artist. Souun Takeda is a multidisciplinary artist and calligrapher who stages live performances and designs advertisements and titles for films and TV dramas.

This is a large-scale retrospective of his work that On display are new Christmas-themed works by 10 artists, some of which were inspired by a short story by Naoki Prize winner Mitsuyo Kakuta. Two person exhibition featuring photos by Takahashi that depict Kara's ball-jointed dolls dressed in kimono from the Meiji, Taisho and early Showa periods. On display are around 35 paintings based on Kobayashi's observations of the birds and animals that live in the verdant natural surroundings of the Tokyo suburb where he is based.

This exhibition offers a look at 21st century ceramics, including vases, plates, tea bowls and incense burners by 10 artists in their 30s and 40s. On display are 40 new works based on the functionality and arrangement of tatami mats as a means of expression. Produced by sculptor and Tokyo University of the Arts professor Takashi Fukai, this group exhibition showcases works by young emerging artists. Group exhibition of female artists mostly in their 40s inspired by outstanding women in the fields of literature, photography and painting.

On display are new blue ceramic works with serene glazes and colors by Keizan Kato. Group exhibition of photorealistic paintings by 4 artists. On display are works by Keiichi Seino depicting flowers and plants that combine elements of Japanese art and Western painting. Photo exhibition by Jun Imamato, featuring works that depict the treasures and wildlife of the sea. Group exhibition of works by young artists who graduated from Meisei University. Yasuko Sugiyama graduated from the oil paintings department at Musashino Art University in and moved to Italy that same year to enroll in the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara Li Xiaogang was born in Beijing in After graduating from an art college in Beijing, Li moved to Japan in , where he honed his skills at tempera painting at the graduate school at Osaka Kyoiku An installation of black and white-glazed pottery by Nakamura in "collaboration" with the flowers they contain.

Toru Tajima was born in in Tokyo. He majored in miniature painting at Bigakko and graduated in On display are miniature watercolor paintings of flowers and insects. Aran Yasuoka graduated from the design department at Tokyo University of the Arts in and received the Salon de Printemps prize. On display are paintings of futuristic imaginary worlds populated by Takuma Uematsu creates sculptures out of stuffed animals and installations using natural combinations of various materials that conjure fresh, startling perspectives on science and the natural world.

TAB Events - Takashimaya Shinjuku Art Gallery - Past Events

Showcases paintings, prints and photographs by 26 artists under Showcases character illustrations from Izumiya's official blog and large scale works. Comic DVDs and other goods will also be on sale, and Izumiya himself is scheduled to give talks. See website for On display are around 30 works from a recent series that fuses animals and cityscapes.

Nobuyoshi Sakai was born in Kamakura in and graduated from the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts. His works are careful depictions of visual images from memory, conveying not the physical A group exhibition of 22 of the most promising young artists commissioned to produce works on the unusual theme of Christmas. This year there will be an installation with lighting and photographs at the New works by Shiko Sawada, who is attracting more and more critical attention for his sculptures of anthropomorphous animals that take inspiration from literature.

For renowned painter Masayoshi Maeda, making moving sculptures developed from an act to make "toys" for his two sons to an important pillar in his artistic activity. This exhibition will showcase 25 paintings Fumiaki Fujiwara continues the tradition passed on by living national treasure Kei Fujiwara. This exhibition will present 30 new works of Bizen-yaki including pots and vases.

Yukari Tamura albums

Baba has been expressing emotions in the form of animal sculptures for many years, and the giraffe and the imaginary Works by 16 artists on the theme of sea creatures. An exciting art aquarium that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. At times beautiful and at times cute or grotesque, this aquarium celebrates Born into the Kondo family that continues to pass on traditional dyeing techniques to future generations, Takahiro Kondo decided to pursue the possibilities of ceramics that allowed him to find new modes Nearly 70 of the most compelling contemporary craft artists will present their unique works created out of a diverse range of materials.

These small-scale works are ideal for home decoration. Frescosand terracotta works depicting dogs in which the born Tama Art University graduate artist identifies himself are on display. Works by 6 graduates of the Tama Art University's Sculpture Course who explore the possibilities of wooden sculpture in contemporary art will be on display. Minoru Hirota has been exhibition with the Hakujitsukai since receiving various prizes including the Education Ministry Incentive Award and the Prime Minister Prize.

His flowing lines and striking On display will be the new works of various sizes of the 5 most promising young glass work artists. Naoki Shimoyama is a sculptor who is popular for his precise depictions and original forms. A goldfish that has become part of a plant, a blossoming flower in the shape of a rabbit's face: Shimoyama's Yuichi Higashionna visualizes a sense of discomfort found in mundane items. His gothic, floral paintings are based on artificial flowers, and his somewhat grotesque chandeliers are made of fluorescent He uses traditional materials such as washi paper, sumi ink and chalk to create imaginative landscapes With exceptional skills, Kazuo Takiguchi creates distinctive ceramic objects.

This exhibition showcases 50 new works including small bowls, playfully presenting them in a narrative. Kotaro Fukui, an artist best known for his paintings of ostriches, completed his book that contains paintings of flowers.

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Commemorating the publication of the book, this exhibition presents a total of An exhibition of work carefully selected by the gallery. Works by four Bizen ceramics artists. Wood and bronze sculptures by Akio Omori. Flower-themed works by more than 20 popular young artists. Two-person exhibition of ceramic pieces. New works by 9 artists from the Meijro-kai.

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