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Maya Island Air’s New Terminal: Bling & Bagels At San Pedro Airstrip

What's the latest scoop? Conch season is ending early — April 30th! What's happening next? No Events. Here is a photo from of the old building. Marble, mahogany and chandelier! The magazine is the inhouse magazine of Maya Island Air.

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Considering texture and flavor, toasted and un-toasted, they supply the gold standard. There's a reason the line is typically super long. It's most definitely worth it. Judging from the line down the block at a.

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The unique sourdough starter used to make these bagels comes through in both flavor and texture, making them delicious whether you eat them fresh from the oven, a few hours later, or toasted and topped. Good deal! One to try: Plain — so you can really taste the sourdough, with honey rosemary cream cheese, the best cream cheese in this entire exploration. This Brookline staple was easily the most talked-about local bagel shop before Bagelsaurus came along.

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  7. Their texture is smooth and crisp on the outside, with a light, chewy interior. The bagels have a slight sweetness to the dough and a good contrast between exterior and interior textures. Bonus: the Finagle retail shops have a unique and fun conveyer-belt feature that delivers your bagel to the prep station. Various Locations, including Boylston St.

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    This one is a little hidden gem that you definitely have to go looking for. Its subterranean entrance and close quarters are no indication of the immense bagel selection inside. Mark Rosenfeld starting making his bagels here over 40 years ago, and the time-honored technique is still doing them well.

    One to try: Sunflower. From Bagel Rising to Espresso Royale to Pavement — just about everything has changed over the years except the staple menu item: bagels.

    Cold Treats

    One to try: Jalapeno. Various Boston locations, including Boylston St. To get the speed, that comes with time.

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    Now with bialys, I saw someone learn within three weeks, but it usually takes a month and a half to two months to learn it. Steve's bagels are baked on metal "boards" -- metal sheets covered in canvas -- in the five-hundred-degree brick-lined oven outfitted with shelves that rotate along a track, like the cars on a Ferris wheel. The oven, a family heirloom, is kept running twenty-four hours a day, as is the store.

    Even when the window grates are down, and Coney Island Avenue is so quiet you can hear the clicks of the streetlights changing, the oven continues to creak around on its ancient hinges. Inside, simple rounds of flour, yeast, salt, and water are transformed into golden loaves, steaming up the windows and filling the air inside with a veil of dust. In the bialy's heyday the Ross family was baking a thousand dozen bialys each day, and on Saturdays and Sundays lines of customers stretched out the door.

    Now the ovens churn out only a few hundred dozen bialys each day. Ask Steve why and his answers indicate that he's given it a lot of thought. For one thing, orders from local, civic organizations have declined.

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    The cost of ingredients and utilities -- like the enormous amount of water he needs for the kettle -- are rising. In , Steve tried to transport his operation to Washington D. In the days leading up to the festival, he was interviewed on the radio and mentioned that the one thing he worried about was the lack of New York City water in D. It's the consistency: just the right mix of rainwater and Hudson River water. Despite the shifts in local business, his wholesale business ships bialys to fans and nostalgic customers as far abroad as Nigeria and Great Britain.

    Yet Steve seems skeptical that his children will pick up the business in his wake. His daughter comes in during the holidays and some weekends, but at age sixteen her ambitions are elsewhere. Steve isn't concerned, though; he still has plenty of time to fulfill his mission of whetting the Big Apple's appetite for bialys, hot out of the oven, dusty with flour and spiked with crisp, caramelized onion, and served -- unsliced--with butter on the bottom. Fred Berman. Steve trained me.