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The existence of value in differential games (1972)

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The Existence Game by Judy Adams.

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Alex Moser, a self-declared nutcase, is at the end of her rope. Finding little meaning in a life governed by innumerable phobias, she finally gives suicide a shot, but The Existence Game chronicles two months in Alex's life, detailing her path from suicide attempt to long-awaited healing. At onc Alex Moser, a self-declared nutcase, is at the end of her rope.

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At once neurotic and utterly easy to relate to, Alex's recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder is told with self-awareness and an easy intimacy. Whether or not we've been touched by mental illness, The Existence Game reminds us of the power we have to choose where to go, regardless of where we have been. Additionally, The Existence Game provides one of the most moving, insightful accounts - from the perspective of a child - of what experiencing childhood sexual abuse is like, and the problems that develop in relation to this severe trauma.

This is not just a story of illness, but a remarkable, heartwarming story of recovery. Beautifully written and gripping from the start, Adams takes us for a ride into a hidden, taboo world that most people never know exists, and leads us out again, better human beings for the experience. Band, M.

The Existence of Equilibria in Discontinuous and Nonconvex Games

Adams balances humour and sadness with great skill. Inspirational and highly recommended.

Funny, touching, and disturbing by turns, Adams brings the tale of Alex Moser to life in a barnstorming literary tour de force. I love this book! Volume 20 Issue 4 November Volume 20 Issue 3 August Volume 20 Issue 2 May Volume 20 Issue 1 February Volume 19 Issue 4 November Volume 19 Issue 3 August Volume 19 Issue 2 May Volume 19 Issue 1 February Volume 18 Issue 4 November Volume 18 Issue 3 August Volume 18 Issue 2 May Volume 18 Issue 1 February Volume 17 Issue 4 November Volume 17 Issue 3 August Volume 17 Issue 2 May Volume 17 Issue 1 February Volume 16 Issue 4 November Volume 16 Issue 3 August Volume 16 Issue 2 May Volume 16 Issue 1 February Volume 15 Issue 4 November Volume 15 Issue 3 August Volume 15 Issue 2 May Volume 15 Issue 1 February Volume 14 Issue 4 November Volume 14 Issue 3 August Volume 14 Issue 2 May Volume 14 Issue 1 February Volume 13 Issue 4 November Volume 13 Issue 3 August Volume 13 Issue 2 May Volume 13 Issue 1 February Volume 12 Issue 4 November Volume 12 Issue 3 August Volume 12 Issue 2 May Volume 12 Issue 1 February Volume 11 Issue 4 November Volume 11 Issue 3 August Volume 11 Issue 2 May Volume 11 Issue 1 February Volume 10 Issue 4 November Volume 10 Issue 3 August Volume 10 Issue 2 May Volume 10 Issue 1 February Volume 9 Issue 4 November Volume 9 Issue 3 August Volume 9 Issue 2 May Volume 9 Issue 1 February Volume 8 Issue 4 November Volume 8 Issue 3 August Volume 8 Issue 2 May Volume 8 Issue 1 February Volume 7 Issue 4 November Volume 7 Issue 3 August Volume 7 Issue 2 May Volume 7 Issue 1 February Volume 6 Issue 4 November Volume 6 Issue 3 August Volume 6 Issue 2 May Volume 6 Issue 1 February Volume 5 Issue 4 November Volume 5 Issue 3 August Volume 5 Issue 2 May