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Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Usually means. There are several means of solving the problem. See mathematical expectation def 2. Lexicographer Kory Stamper explains the usage of the word both in present day and in the past with some cold hard facts. RELATED WORDS fine , okay , terribly , distinctly , downright , clearly , positively , really , determinedly , unmistakably , good , amen , yea , affirmative , true , emphatically , certainly , definitely , indeed , indubitably.

Nearby words mealworm , mealy , mealy bug , mealy-mouthed , mealybug , mean , mean anomaly , mean business , mean calorie , mean cell hemoglobin , mean cell hemoglobin concentration.

Idioms by all means , in emphasis certainly: Go, by all means. Can be confused mean median. In standard English, mean should not be followed by for when expressing intention: I didn't mean this to happen not I didn't mean for this to happen. Derived Forms meanly , adverb meanness , noun. See also means.

Word Origin and History for by all means 1 of 5 mean. Something having a position, quality, or condition midway between extremes; a medium. A number that typifies a set of numbers, such as a geometric mean or an arithmetic mean.