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Centuries ago, they nearly conquered humankind. But their Gate to our world closed, leaving them out.

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Now the elves have found a way back. Ella Benson, agent of the Paranormal Bureau, fights the Shades when they cross into our world, keeping everyone safe. But increasingly dangerous creatures are slipping into her city, her work partner has just gone missing, and a mysterious — and, quite frankly, hot — guy saves her life. When the Gates between the worlds start opening and the elves make a comeback, Ella needs a new, temporary partner.

Enlisting the mysterious Finn is a no-brainer, until she realizes he is guarding dangerous secrets of his own. The boxset of Season One — which is composed of 5 novellas, making it one very long novel over pages — is now on sale until the end of the month for only 99c — perfect if you want to visit this world and see if you like it there.

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Winter is on the doorstep and everything looks good for Ella and Finn. The impending disaster has been averted: the Gates are closed, the Veil is strong, and the world is safe — or so it would seem. Winter is coming — cold wind, snow and ice, Xmas… A great season for dreaming and reading, a time for the imagination to run free. And the Hobbit is releasing soon as well — dwarves, hobbits, elves and dragons….

Disguises (Halloween Interlude)

Even though Cyprus is still warm and sunny with no hint of snow — or elves! In honor of Winter, I have set the boxset at the lowest possible price 99c , and I have also released an interlude Disguises: Halloween Interlude and Episode 1 of the second season is about to come out as well….

So while waiting for Legolas to show his pretty face in the movie The Hobbit and for Smaug the Magnificent, the dragon, to make his appearance — come and get to know Ella and Finn, my protagonists, and I promise you lots of fun and action…. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up!

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Chrystalla Thoma's Blog. By chrystallathoma. So… here you go. Have a great day and happy reading.

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February 10, January 7, Happy reading! December 23, I hope you enjoy it. December 13, New release in the world of Boreal and John Grey — and sale on the Season 1 boxset!

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One thing is for sure: Ella had better hurry, because time is running out fast. November 26, November 23, Advertisement Hide. Bram Stoker and the Gothic Formations to Transformations. Front Matter Pages i-xiv. Pages Bram Stoker and Gothic Transylvania.

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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction 'My revenge is just begun! America business culture eighteenth century empire fiction formation gothic industries labour literature media media studies property social science. Editors and affiliations. University of Hull UK.