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Medea is a strong and vibrant individual with commitments to human rights that go beyond the call of duty. Adam, Annie, Phil..

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Walsh rips into Elliot Abrams comments about Hagel. If I had the power I would remove all modern weapons from the earth—war would have to be fought man to man with swords, knives and clubs. That way we would have a lot less war. Good question.

Medea Benjamin: Drone Warfare: Killing By remote Control

And now France is waging war on terrorists? Same with Germany: no support for Iraq or Libya — but now Germany is sending troops and Patriot missiles to Turkey to defend against an attack from Syria? Assad is not allowed to fight terrorists are they all local and Syrian?

Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

Now it is a leader in that tactic. Overwhelming Israeli force slaughters innocent Palestinians. Meanwhile, most US media outlets are petrified of straying too far from pro-Israel orthodoxies.

Obama had no choice but to support these attacks, which were designed, in part, to extra-judicially assassinate Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari as he was driving in his car. Extra-judicial assassination — accompanied by the wanton killing of whatever civilians happen to be near the target, often including children — is a staple of the Obama presidency. It is vital to recognize that this is a new development. The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have employed the controversial practice with more frequency in recent years.

In essence, what we find, yet again, is that the governments of the United States and Israel arrogate unto themselves the right to execute anyone they want , anywhere in the world, without any limitations, regardless of how many innocent civilians they kill in the process.

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The use of drones in undeclared wars violates both the US Constitution and international law. Drone strikes are carried out without due process, and do not discriminate between intended targets and bystanders. Many innocent civilians, including children, are killed as a result. Shazad Akbar is a lawyer and founder of Foundation for Fundamental Rights. He represents the family members of noncombatant victims of US drone strikes.

Medea Benjamin: Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

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