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Children of Angels

The Age of Women. Ties That Bind. My Soul to Keep Blessed. Say Yes. The Witches of Cambridge. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Immortal Reborn - Choices of the Heart. Description A Children of Angels Novel Sometimes, the right choices are the most difficult to navigate. For Alexandria, coming to terms with the immortal life she has agreed to embrace, while still holding on to herself, will call on all the internal and physical strength she has. Though her angelic father, Ganymede, intends for her to ease into the new body and life that has been created for her, his Fallen brother, Rangor, has other plans.

And Alex has plans for Kronis as well. Plans that call for him to have one last chance to turn away from the life of sin and hate that his father cultivated in him for millennia. When she is kissed at the party by a mysterious masked vampire, she presumes that it is Jack, only to later suspect it was someone else.

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Bliss Llewellyn meets a masked gentleman, hoping that he is Dylan Ward, who had disappeared during the speculated return of the Silver Bloods. When Schuyler returns home, she is thrilled to find that Lawrence has returned to New York. He hires help to restore the dilapidated mansion to its original glory, while starting Schuyler's training to hone her vampire skills.

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The lives of the young vampires continue to become more mysterious, with Bliss experiencing recurrent blackouts, visions of a man in a white suit, and a menacing voice that only she can hear, while Schuyler is growing weaker as her mixed blood complicates her transformation from human to vampire. When Lawrence learns that Schuyler needs to take a human familiar in order to stabilize her transformation, an act that is not allowed until the vampire has turned eighteen, he suggests that she choose Oliver.

Meanwhile, Mimi Force, teamed up with Kingsley Martin, the mysterious and striking new Duchesne student, is conjuring a plan to be rid of Schuyler, whose budding relationship with Jack is putting Mimi and Jack's sacred bond at stake.

Immortal Reborn - Choices of the Heart

Her plan turns into a disaster that puts countless others in danger, and her blood legacy into question, forcing a blood trial. Could the allegations against Mimi possibly be true? And what will the shocking return of a tortured vampire say about where Schuyler's allegiance lies? A girl named Hannah lives peacefully in her home on Shelter Island. One night she's visited by a boy who later introduces his name as Dylan Ward. He is a vampire whose family used to live in Hannah's home.

Dylan is trying to elude another vampire who wishes to kill him, but he cannot succeed without blood. After several nights, Hannah finally agrees to aid him, and he is able to leave the house. As the controversy rises due to Dylan's stunning allegation against Schuyler, she has moved into the Force household with Charles Force, the Regis of the vampire Coven and her mother's former bondmate, his wife Trinity, and Mimi and Jack, after Charles's adoption petition was accepted.

Charles forbids Schuyler to have any contact with her grandfather or her best friend, Oliver. No one is aware that both Jack and Schuyler have been having secret romantic meetings in one of his family's apartments until Mimi's suspicions drive her to follow them. Knowing that her heavenly bond with Jack is being put at risk, she aims to make life miserable for Schuyler, as well as keenly planning her ceremony with Jack in the hopes that she can still save their bond. Schuyler and Jack begin to contemplate the outcome if he were to forsake his bond and stay with Schuyler.

Schuyler knows that because she has now taken Oliver as her human familiar, he is forever devoted to her, and whichever choice she makes will have consequences. Bliss does not tell anyone about seeing Dylan, who has returned ragged and almost sickly, as she is still torn between her love for him and her fear of what the conclave would do to him if they knew. But when he suddenly attacks Schuyler—an act that doesn't seem to be of his own accord—Bliss decides to tell her father, who admits Dylan into a therapy center for Blue Bloods.

In the meantime, Jordan Llewellyn, Bliss's younger half-sister, has been behaving differently and is caught in an attempt to murder her sister. Bliss had always been treated as the favorite child, with Jordan often pushed to the background, even by her own mother, BobiAnne. As the secrets of the Llewellyn family begin to unravel, Bliss discovers Jordan's identity as Sophia the Watcher, a Blue Blood born fully aware of her identity and abilities, forcefully called into the cycle by Cordelia Van Alen to defeat Lucifer and his allies.

After Kingsley's true identity as a Venator is revealed, she, as a new member of the Conclave, is intent on finding out what is happening to the Blue Bloods in different areas of the world, as Silver Bloods appear to be a growing threat.

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While he is gone, she communicates telepathically with him, but it brings her no peace. When more members of the Conclave travel to Rio, both Oliver and Schuyler, who is said to be the key to defeating the Silver Bloods, secretly follow them. But once the Conclave arrives for a gathering, a mass attack against them takes place that further endangers the future of the Blue Bloods. The majority of the conclave members slaughtered, it is discovered that Nan Cutler, the Regent of the Coven was a Silver Blood traitor all along.

Schuyler and Oliver raced to the Statue of the Redeemer which is the location of Corcovado, the prison which holds Leviathan, Lucifer's brother, to try to stop him from being freed but when they arrived they realized it was too late. They were soon attacked by Lucifer himself when they reached the top of the mountain and in their battle, Lawrence was stabbed with a poisoned sword, destroying any possibility of future reincarnations.

The battle is bloody, and when the violence ends in a heart-breaking outcome, Schuyler is once again in danger. More than a year has passed since the battle in Rio de Janeiro. Oliver and Schuyler have run away; her very life and future are in danger as she is unfairly blamed for her grandfather's tragic death.

Their travels soon take them to Paris, where they attend a party thrown by the European Conclave. There, Schuyler unexpectedly finds Jack, who has come to warn her that Leviathan, the Silver Blood responsible for Lawrence's death, is hunting her. He tries to convince Schuyler to come home to no avail, but when her physical health continues to deteriorate, she agrees and returns to New York with Oliver.

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She travels with the Lennox twins, and with Kingsley Martin, whom she begins to discover she has a deeper connection with than previously thought. When their journey takes them back to Rio, they finally discover Jordan, except they find that her body has been abandoned and that Sophia has taken on a new living form. She returns to New York City for her senior year, and despite her feelings for Kingsley, she continues to make sure that her imminent bonding ritual with Jack draws ever near.

After returning home, Schuyler learns that her mother, Allegra, has finally awoken, and she rushes to the hospital to see her. When Allegra informs her daughter of The Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler must inform the seven gatekeepers that Lucifer and Leviathan are plotting to open the Gates of Hell so they may be released onto Earth.

Allegra claims that she now must find Charles Force, who was last seen battling Leviathan in an underground labyrinth. Bliss's life has undoubtedly changed—possibly for the worse. She has learned the stunning secret of her origin. Before the ceremony, she discovers that a small piece of glass hidden in her bouquet is the sword of Michael, the same sword that Jordan had used in her attempt to stab her.

The bonding ceremony, however, goes terribly wrong, and Lucifer himself appears.

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Realizing that the only way to rid herself of her, father, Lucifer himself, Bliss takes the piece of glass which is Michael's sword and stabs herself in the heart. His presence forces Jack, Schuyler, Mimi, and Kingsley into the glom: an alternative netherworld in the universe that vampires can access. The only one that does not make it out of the glom is Kingsley, who becomes trapped in the underworld. Isabella of Orleans has offered them protection as they pursue their mission, but they quickly realize that Isabella's offer is more like imprisonment than protection, and they devise a plan to escape and continue their quest to locate the Gates of Hell.

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They find themselves in danger and on the run from Isabella's minions, soon discovering that they are under surveillance by the European Conclave. Mimi Force has been elected as the new Regent of the crumbling Coven, which, thanks to an internet video release of the teen vampires at a party, is at risk of being exposed to the Red Bloods humans. She is heartbroken over losing Kingsley, who is trapped in Hell, and faces immense rage and embarrassment over Jack's decision to forsake their bond to be with the half-blood, Schuyler Van Alen. Meanwhile, she has begun working with Oliver—an unlikely situation due to their rocky relationship—and the Lennox twins in order to find a missing teenage vampire who has been kidnapped and threatened with being burned alive.

The Conclave covers up the secrets of the video by making the public believe that it is a new movie trailer, and assign certain members to work on production. This provides a cover-up, but does not fix the real problem at hand—someone knows far too much about them, and has every intention of using it against them.

Help with the kidnapping soon comes from a Chinese Venator named Deming Chen, who must solve the mystery of the kidnapping before one of their own is destroyed. She is quickly thrown into untangling a web of lies and secrets regarding the kidnapping, facing an unforeseen twist when she thought she had all the answers, yet ultimately finding who is responsible for threatening their world, and why.

Mimi learns that Jack has been found by the Venators that she had sent to look for him, but he refuses to turn himself in. While she is pleased that her brother is ready to face his fate, she is also planning to travel to Hell to rescue Kingsley, with Oliver by her side. Jack and Schuyler have traveled to Egypt in an attempt to find a solution to the impending blood trial, the confrontation between Jack and Mimi in which only one can survive.