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Want to start speaking a new language? Join the Linguajunkie newsletter. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. I used Get Talking Korean. It really helps you learn the really useful phrases with none of the unnecessary grammar and academic language.

I recommend it! You can click on the images or links to learn more on Amazon. I highly recommend you use the CDs as soon as possible. I also recommend that you get a Korean dictionary if you go with this one. Of all the Korean textbooks, this is the best deal in terms of resources for money spent. You can read more about them here. What makes it good: Overall beginner textbook that teaches everything By George Trombley One of the best introductory books to Korean so far.

According to some learners, this is the best place to start. Korean Made Simple shuns romanization nice! What makes it good: Overall beginner textbook that teaches everything. College level. It comes a with CD and the beginning hits you with the basics: simple phrases and hangul. Well organized and easy to get through. Overall, your reading and writing skills will get very good with this. Why does this make the list of best Korean textbooks? Here, you get verbs. The goal is NOT to overwhelm yourself. You end up solidifying your Korean verb and conjugation skills.

Do you? And are you ready to learn grammar rules? What makes it good: Learn Korean grammar. Also, has quizzes and answer key at the end of every chapter. And on top of that, the book is quite cheap. So, people like you. Please learn the Hangul before going with this book. Yes, you can also find the Intermediate and Advanced versions. Great as a supplement and down-time reading. These guys are an online company teaching Korean. Just pages long and you get bonus audio files for it.

That simple. Korean Phrasebooks Why? Note, this books is small enough to fit into your pocket! Korean at a Glance This is another great, mini Korean phrasebook. Mini Campus cards. Yonsei Korean. Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks. New Yonsei Korean. Nuevo Yonsei Coreano. Yonsei Academic Korean. Sogang Korean.

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Sejong Korean. Talk to me in Korean. Seoul University Korean. Ewha Korean. Active Korean. I love Korean. Get it Korean. Other features include transliteration, sharing, and audio in male and female voices. Pro features include offline mode, verb conjugations, voice-to-voice conversations, website translation, and lens — you can use your camera to translate signs, menus, and more. The last two functionalities are available only on iOS. The popular Youtube channel of charismatic Mina Oh with over K subscribers.

The language lessons cover everything from the pronunciation of common words and phrases to asking a Korean out to a date. New videos are added weekly for years. The free mobile app contains 30 lessons, tests and games. The paid version contains the same volume of content, but it is add-free. The goal of the course is to learn the basics quickly, and use them in typical situations. This app uses associative remembering techniques and animation to help you learn essencial sentences comprised of words.

In addition to listening and speaking, it includes Hangul writing practice, and you can learn to draw the Korean characters by either drag and drop feature or by drawing on your screen.

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Available on desktop, Android, and iOS. It contains 20 lessons, designed to help you internalize the essentials in a month. Great starting point for beginners, especially if you prefer to hear a teacher explaining the language rather than using an app. Another platform that enables you to speak Korean with native speakers on Skype. There are teachers from all over the world available.

They use a standardized framework of references to describe your progress — the European one. As for the learning process, you choose a tutor according to their profile, feedback from other learners, price, location, and availability; book a lesson a part of the fee should be paid in advance and there you go. A free dictionary app with pronunciation guides, thorough explanations, and example sentences. Other features include related search suggestions, sentence analyzer, favorites, and flashcards.

Works offline. This is a free phrasebook app that works completely offline.

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All entries are followed by native pronunciation. The dictionary app provides instant results, while sample sentences help you learn words in context. Papago Translate is a newer and more popular app that translates between 11 languages, and has voice recognition and conversation mode included to help you communicate with people in real time. This YouTube channel takes you to the streets of Seoul and other places in Korea, enabling you to listen to a variety of native Korean voices.

The episodes have a form of street interviews with random passers-by, yet the questions are not random. The videos contain subtitles in both Korean and English. WingsApp offers two versions of Learn Korean — Grammar free and pro. Both of them contain over grammar lessons, which you learn in context. At the same time, it covers over phrases organized in 60 categories.

125+ Resources For Learning Korean

Meanings of words and grammar concepts are explained by numerous example sentences. The Pro version is ad-free and works offline. This translator app offers sentence correction and voice recognition. You can use it to translate emails and sms messages as you receive them the free version lets you do this 50 times. Your translation history is saved for your reference. A free dictionary and, more importantly, a community forum where you can find and interact with people like you, doing the same as you do — studying Korean and pondering over the ways to express themselves using that language.

A convenient phrasebook app that helps you learn essential Korean words and phrases and includes audio recordings made by native speakers. The free version contains over frequently used words, phrases, and sentences, while the pro version offers more than entries. Another free translator app that enables instant translations of words and entire sentences. It includes a list of favorite words and phrases, and supports voice input. Available on Android. The episodes are 10 minutes long and designed to teach you the language and culture of Korea. His channel has around short video lessons which will help you progress from total beginner to a solid intermediate level.

To make it even easier for you to learn the language by watching K-dramas, they created Pit-A-Pat Korean. The lighthearted episodes are fragmented, and there is a host who explains the meaning of stories, highlights important words and phrases, and provides cultural perspective. A vulgar phrasebook of Korean, more fun than useful, that will present you the common slang of Korean, from casual street-talk, funny ways to ask someone to go to bed with you, to serious insults.

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Use it with caution, especially because it seems that this book contains phrases and idioms that are not in use anymore. There is a workbook available as a separate item. Colloquial Korean helps you learn Korean as it is written and spoken today. The explanations are both meticulous and easy to understand. The goal is to grow your skills and speak Korean confidently in various situations. College Korean offers a thorough introduction to Korean originally created for American students. The second book intermediate is equally comprehensive, and it is accompanied by a web-based online courseware called Online Intermediate College Korean.

The site offers text, audio, grammar patterns, vocabulary drills, various exercises, and even homework assignments. On top of that, from their site you can download a free software for Korean typing practice. The Korea Tourism Organization provides free online resources for learning Korean. You can learn Hangul and many useful phrases directly on their website. Korean Language Adventure is their most interesting mini-course. It comprises 30 units designed to take you to a virtual journey to the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul and beyond.

In addition to reading and conversation sections, each unit also has an activity section. The Teach Yourself Language edition contains two courses on Korean. This Absolute Beginner Course of Korean consists of the book and MP3 CDs, which cover the basic grammar and vocabulary and help develop listening, reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation skills. Teach Yourself also offers Complete Korean course beginner to intermediate , which can help you learn Korean script, develop a cultural awareness, and take the four core language skills to a solid intermediate level.

Learn Korean Vocabulary - 125 Beginner Words - Korean Made Easy

These free online lessons are designed as a basic introduction to Korean. They cover the Korean alphabet, vocabulary adjectives, nouns, numbers, verbs, phrases , grammar plural, gender , and most widely used words. Unfortunately, audio is not available for Korean. Polly Lingual offers online courses for beginners and intermediate learners, and one aimed especially at travelers. The lessons cover all aspects of the language, including cultural references, and contain audio recordings.

A platform that hosts language exchange practice. You can find exchange partners and practice online in voice chat rooms, using tools such as an online dictionary, pre-made lesson plans, and a notepad. Voice chat rooms are designed and work best for intermediate and advanced level learners, while the beginners can engage in text chat using a tool called Chat Companion or find a penpal.

The basic vocabulary of the Korean language in images and sound. When you touch an object, word, or phrase, it is pronounced aloud. It contains the entries on numbers, body parts, clothing, food, animals, and family. A free online community-created grammar book and course beginners to advanced. The Korean wikibook contains essencial phrases in the dialogue section, and it is worth checking out, but it contains no audio files whatsoever.

An old blog-site carefully maintained by a committed individual who really cares about the subject. This resource offers free lessons for beginners integrative Korean lessons, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar that consist of text and audio recordings, and a chance to contact the course creator and book some one-on-one lessons. A comprehensive collection of online dictionaries, including Korean-English dictionaries, thesaurus, slang dictionaries, and more.

A multilingual keyboard is incorporated. The English version of the site does not contain all the pages of the original one. A free resource for beginners in Korean, which allows you to practice basic vocabulary, spelling, and grammar through online flash games. A free collection of videos and transcripts covering everyday situations and conversations in Korean.

[Darakwon] Korean Made Easy for Beginners (English ver.)

The Freelang dictionary is a free online dictionary and a platform which enables you to have some short, non-commercial content translated for free by a volunteer, or to find a professional to translate whatever material you may have. The dictionary supports only romanized Korean, and not Korean script. Popular Korean online translator, dictionary, and spellchecker. Talkify instantly recognizes supported languages including Korean , and reads any webpage or PDF beta.

You can even save audio as MP3. Great for consolidating your knowledge and memorizing the words, but might be too overwhelming for absolute beginners without any previous knowledge of Hangul. Audio recordings and booklet included. Online dictionary accompanied by vocabulary-building flashcards in five levels from total beginner to very advanced and sentence practice. It also has some dialogues and jokes written in Korean Hangul and romanized script , English, and recorded in Korean. The outcome is always a work in progress.

A considerable portion of actual work is finished instantly, but you still need to do your part. You can use it to translate words, documents, and entire websites. The translation is editable with a lot of ready-made alternatives for any word or phrase. The extension for Google Chrome enables you to translate and navigate through the interface of sites that are entirely in Korean. You can use the Korean characters Hangul thanks to the virtual keyboard. There is also the popular top-tens section, which includes ten quick ways to pick up Korean swiftly, ten popular slang expressions, and ten expressions that can make you sound fluent.

A fun, free app for iOS that enables you to practice your Korean among others vocabulary and spelling by solving crosswords puzzles. The game is addictive and lets you learn hundreds of words, but it requires at least basic knowledge and it is not suitable for absolute beginners. A simple online dictionary from the most authoritative institution in regard to the Korean language. The more filters you select, the more items will be excluded from the list.

Extra Top Recommendations Free Discounts. Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Visit 90 Day Korean. Visit LingoDeer. Visit Talk to Me in Korean. Pimsleur The Pimsleur method is somewhat different than others and works well for some people. Visit Pimsleur. Top Recommendations Course Misc.

Italki It is great to have a native speaker to practice Korean with you from the first day. Visit Italki. Memrise Memrise courses are fairly fun. Visit Memrise. Visit FSI Korean. Top Recommendations Course Book Misc. KoreanClass A comprehensive Korean language-learning pack from Innovative Languages, which includes everything a beginner or intermediate-level learner needs: audio and video lessons, flashcards, and downloadable PDF lessons.

Visit KoreanClass Visit LingQ.

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Visit Rocket Korean. Duolingo One of the most popular free language sources, Duolingo offers fun, bite-sized lessons of Korean. Visit Duolingo.

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Glossika Glossika is another course that promises to teach you Korean without memorizing the rules. Visit Glossika. Udemy At the moment, there are over twenty different Udemy courses of the Korean language available. Visit Udemy. Visit FluentU. Rosetta Stone A fancy language learning software and app that nearly everyone has heard of.

See on Amazon. HelloTalk Probably the best language exchange platform — a mobile app that allows you to connect with native speakers of the Korean language, chat with them, and help them acquire a command of your native language in return. Visit HelloTalk. Live Lingua Live Lingua is an online language school. Visit Live Lingua. Anki A popular program that enables you to learn many things using flashcards and spaced repetition, and is especially convenient for language learning. Visit Anki. Top Recommendations Misc.

Clozemaster Clozemaster is a great way to practice vocabulary, sentence structures, and reading by completing tons of fill in the blank exercises. Visit Clozemaster. Mondly This app aims to enable you to learn Korean from any of the 33 languages that they support.

Visit Mondly. Vocabulary Listening Speaking Beginner App. Living Language The Living Language Korean comes as the Complete Edition and contains three Books beginners, intermediate, and advanced level , nine CDs, and free online learning resources: games, flashcards, and interactive quizzes. MosaLingua The Mosalingua app is essentially a way to memorize basic vocabulary and phrases.

Visit MosaLingua.

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Visit Forvo. Naver One of the most trusted and accurate online dictionaries of Korean. Visit Naver. Modern Korean Grammar: A Practical Guide A comprehensive, innovative, and practical reference guide for intermediate and advanced learners of Korean. Book Dictionary Vocabulary Beginner Intermediate. Visit Conversation Countdown. Course Listening Speaking Beginner. Visit Audible. Book Misc. Listening Beginner Intermediate Advanced App.

Drops App A 5-minutes-a-day app that helps you memorize words mostly nouns with the help of simple visual illustrations. Visit Drops App. Vocabulary Free Reading Beginner App. Beelinguapp While most language learning apps focus on flashcards and memorization, this one utilizes a different approach. Visit Beelinguapp. Beginner Intermediate Advanced.

Readlang Readlang Web Reader is an extension for Google Chrome that enables you to read online content in over 40 languages. Visit Readlang. Top Recommendations Dictionary Misc.