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Venus retrograde is here—and it’s known for making your love life loco

Photo: getty. Kate Rose. Love , Zodiac November 30, When Does Venus Retrograde End? How did your experiences of love and relationships change, break, go askew, turn to chaos or even burn in flames!? What patterns emerged?

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What thorny issues arose? Which of those are still unresolved?

Venus Retrograde: Awakening and Healing of your heart - maaikepieters

How did your heart feel during it all? What emotions arose? Now consider your reaction to all of the above. And the result of your reaction?

Lukewarm Lovesong - Cleaners from Venus

But Take It Gently… As well as inviting you to reframe your perspective and integrate your lessons, the Venus retrograde shadow is disarming. Love will have the momentum of the stars, just in time for Christmas!

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Welcome to a new chapter of the book of life. The eclips season is behind us. The spring equinox is nearly there and Venus went retrograde. When Venus moves retrograde it seems to move backwards, as seen from the earth. The planet of love, harmony, money and feminine power is taking us back to a passageway to our abilities to love, to hold the space for another, to seek balance in our love lives, and for women to reflect on their money- and man stories.

We Love... Lime Crime Venus II Eye Shadow Palette

During this period of Venus retrograde we are challenged to take a closer look at our shadows. In Jungian psychology, the shadow refers to an unconscious aspect of your personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Venus alignes our heart and teaches us how to love. Venus helps you in removing blockages and barriers from around the heart so we may experience the bliss of unconditional, divine love.

So, what is a retrograde, anyway?

In each and every one of us, there is this Universal wisdom, a knowing. It is this wisdom that allows our body to heal itself when we are ill, that allows our skin to generate new cells when we cut ourselves. That does our heart beat.