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#198: Nefarious Shell-Less Mollusks

That is a good question. Pickles are edible after soaking in vinegar. I would guess these would be too. That would be something to test. If you're worried about the egg sitting at room temperature, I wouldn't, as that's the way eggs are stored. Refrigeration isn't necessary.

Refrigeration helps them last longer. They're good for about a week unrefrigerated usually. Of course, with commercially produced eggs it can be a little difficult to know precisely how old they are when you get your hands on them. Soaking in vinegar, however, should do a reasonable job of pickling them.

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Just be sure to cook them thoroughly before you eat them. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. You're right about them lasting longer. I don't worry, since my eggs are fresh from chickens, but from a supermarket, a fridge might be a good idea. Once they're boiled, I always refrigerate them, though. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction.

Archaeologists discover fossil of ancient shell-less turtle

When I taking biology in elementary school, we used this project to learn osmosis; after removing the shell, we placed the "naked egg" alternately in corn syrup and fresh water for a few days each and observed the results. It was a really neat way to learn something that may otherwise have been boring for young children. We used to call them Rubber Eggs.

Shell-less Incubation for Aquatic Turtle

We used to do this and toss them to unsuspecting folks or leave them about for someone to discover. We left them in a bottle of ink once too, but that was not only smelly, but really messy. The stains were visible for ages You got it!

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It is an air pocket so when the chic starts to hatch it has a bit of air. Then it pecks a hole in the shell and breathes the first outside air of its new life. I know who created these wonderful things! Thank you! By sillymommy Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project?

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