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Yet, fake products easily available in the market pose a serious challenge to The Souled Store. Vedang says a lot of them are available online as well. Also, licensors are proactively taking legal action where possible. In another unique offering, The Souled Store makes custom bulk orders directly for schools and colleges.

They plan to scale it up once they have more organisational bandwidth.

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Although Bengaluru-based Alma Mater offers a similar service, Vedang says he does not see anyone as a competition. Being based in Mumbai has given them many efficient designers from Mumbai, and an ecosystem which provides courier companies, payment gateways, developers, franchises etc. Merchandising inspired by cinema, TV, and popular characters has been around for a while.

In the s, Marvel comics brought it for adults and children alike. Cult movies like Star Wars joined the league around the same time. Soon, Batman and Superman merchandise followed. Merchandising related to fashion, music, and sports icons was mostly related to clothing. There is also specific merchandise in the lifestyle category from Harley Davidson and Ferrari like perfumes , which has been available in India for many years, for the consumer segment who wants to create a perception.

However, it remains an insignificant part of the consumer expense. E-commerce expert Arvind Singhal, Chairman of Technopak consultancy, says the fraction of consumers interested in figurines and other merchandising is small and the turnover is very low in India.

But funky merchandise like that of Chumbak is in demand. According to Arvind, there will be space for many players in micro-specialist verticals. About 30 percent of it lies in mobile phones, 20 percent in consumer electronics, and 35 percent in clothing. There is no need for market leaders like Amazon and Flipkart to push this category. They would rather focus on the above mentioned three categories, along with food and grocery items. Although the Souled Store has been growing at over 3 times annually without any external funding, Vedang says they could have grown more and done better if they were not limited by capital constraints in terms of inventory investments, upfront money to invest in merchandising licenses, team and operational size or other organisational constraints.

So far, they have invested a total capital of Rs 5. In April , we decided to do no more marketing and raised all our prices because demand was way bigger than supply — the organisation did not have the bandwidth for that. The Souled Store hopes to reach 10 lakh customers by March Minimum buy 10 T-shirts. Comments 0. Follow the landing page for more details about the deal. Apply the above mentioned first-time user coupon during the checkout.

Souled (The Souled Series)

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Souled Series

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Another great book by Diana Murdock! I could not put this book down! I am a fan of YA and I must say that this book hit the main points. The author took you to a place unexpected while creating characters you believed in. Prisoner Of My Past. Soulstice The Souled Series. I Am The Lock I Am The Key.