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Pretty sure memes are here to stay. I can only imagine how this woman would feel, coming here to read an article analyzing spiritualism, only to find her own face repeatedly used as a punchline. Use toons, or just words, or your own photo — see how you like it. I would actually share this article if not for the exploitative memes, but as it is, nope. You just violated 1. Feeling superior or elite about others.

Authentic spirituality is based in compassion and not impulsive reative hostility. Maybe this meme has been around for 10 years, but I never saw it before clicking on this article, which may be why I had a similar response as other readers: As I was reading, from 1 on, I immediately felt bad for the dredlocked person whose image was used to illustrate some truly excellent points. The meme adds a cruel vibe to this post, and only people familiar with the meme will get the joke. Something to think about, anyway! The person who wrote this article is just too classist and hypocritical to be taken seriously.

In example 1 he says that thinking you are a better person because you are a Democrat is a bad thing. Does this mean that being a are racist, sexist, homophobic Repubican who does everything humanly possible to increase the gap between the vulgar rich and everyone else is a good thing?

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Call this writer a pied piper for the Prosperity Gospel of the New Age. This guy is negative about everything except the richest people on the planet who he lavishly adores. Because who needs affordable health care when you live in a country that produces so many wonderful billionaires? I have nothing against there being a business community, but telling us to adulate billionaires and hate those who identify as Democrats and who believe in those values, at a time when Republicans just tried to give massive tax cuts to the richest Americans while simultaneously destroying affordable health care for the working poor, is absolutely beyond the pale for any person that wants to be called spiritual in any way, shape, or form.

After that, I have to doubt you have even basic humanity. Seriously, you are the epitome of a spiritual hypocrit. You have exposed your sympathies loud and clear. Wow, this is the most uncritical, nonobjective response you could have given.

The Concept of Spirituality

You are questioning whether thinking you are a better person is a bad thing? Well I guess now we know what the problem with your perspective is. Um yea, no matter if you are a democrat or republican, thinking you are superior to others is a very bad thing. They think of you as the thought police, the real fascists, the sheep, etc. Point is everyone forms their reality based on what they see, what they are around and many other various ways meaning that what you think and believe was put in your mind one way or another.

To claim that you are better based off of your beliefs or political allegiance is extremely myopic. And making a blanket statement about a diverse group of people and just label them all with deplorable terms just reveals your inability to recognize the nuances and complexities of this subject. You are buying into identity politics that are subtly fed to the public in order for you to think of yourself as superior and write off other ideas so that the politicians can keep your allegiance. You allowed your emotions over this get in the way of processing the actual substance of this article.

He was saying that capitalism is not evil and statistics do clearly back up his claim; capitalism has got so much of the world out of poverty and this has never been possible with other systems. I suggest you practice disconnecting yourself from your emotions so you can think more clearly. I was super with you until you started your defense of capitalism, especially using a pseudoscientific argument based on a graph look a graph!

It must be science!

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Rule 11 mine. I dont want to get into lengthy discussion here so i apologize in advance for short answer on a complex subject. I will share some bullet-points though. Capitalism is not driving force of invention — human creativity is. Then how all inventions and discoveries happened prior to capitalism? Just one example: a person from Arabia if i am not mistaken about his nationality named Algebra gave us algebra.

And no, i am not saying that capitalism is root of all evil. There were historic events that made us evolve into capitalism naturally. All economic systems had and have their role in time and as with all systems, they have a certain useful lifespan. In other words, each system becomes obsolete in a certain period of time because each becomes more inefficient due to technological advancements and advancements in other areas. Capitalism was useful until around s, maybe s this date is particularly important due to gold standard removal alone. Now, capitalism, in the long run, is doing more and more harm due to objective reasons.

And it is escalating.

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Thank you for the great article. I was unfortunately in the same boat. Additionally, pseudo-spirituality can lead to fiscal irresponsibility, which was already touched on with the avoidance-of-paying-rent-scenario. Anything we do personally possess, whether a little or a lot, we need to be responsible for. No one ever told me spirituality could be a self-sabotaging ego trap. Naturally, I was taken aback. I felt kind of betrayed.

How could something that seemed so pure and good be harmful?

Loved This Discussion Have a comment? Frances 8 March 25, This article might have carried more weight if it weren't for the repeated use of some poor woman's image as meme used to sum up all the hypocrisy that can be found in spirituality, thus suggesting that because of her look she invites ridicule.

Spirituality as Common Sense -

That's not very spiritual either. Jordan Bates 4, become what you are A March 27, Jason 0 May 14, You're right about all those points Jordan. Ron Zimardi 0 July 11, Can't seem to figure out how to respond to this post on my own: This ' spiritual bypassing' is a weak concept, typical Psychology I am writing a book and have posted on indiegogo about my philosophy to avoid all these pitfalls Incremental Yoga.

Here is some info on why I call it 'bullshit yoga'. Let me say right away, I am not putting myself up on some throne like these distasteful gurus in India or USA and calling myself 'your teacher'. I am just a facilitator, a host, a medium you could say, a mouthpiece, your host to put you in touch with the universe which you are sitting in, but are sitting in a mud-filled hole you can't get out of.

My perpetual message, same as the Dalai Lama's is to scale down and work together for the planet's transformation by transforming ourselves truthfully. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here' 'Unconditional love really exists in each of us. You have no idea how lofty that concept is and those fake yogis pummel you with that term and you nod your heads so you don't look stupid. Your mind can't really grasp that, so the lecturer, teacher has you in his grasp.

And not for 'babies'. America had this fascination with the Indian scriptures since the 's. It got big in the 60's and I was involved with it all. The Hare Krishna's became very big in America. Then Maharishi brought in the Beatle's and TM took off. I had gone to India in before most of the 'groupies' went. But on the other hand that's where we got an overload of bs and trickery and dishonesty. Maharaji would always say beware of 'women and gold'. It's like Thailand, most of the people are shy and don't touch each in public. He didn't want Indians talking about his students from America screwing each other out of wedlock at the Nainital Hotel.

Most of the Buddhist cults aren't so bad since they revolve around mindfulness meditation. It is the dirtiest place in Asia and I can't understand why anyone goes there anymore. It's a disease haven. Vrindavan is so filthy that it should be torn down including Maharaji's temple, sorry to say.

I don't want to die with this knowledge that's needed now. He stuck me here to finish up my 'tantra' and be secluded and not talk too much. I don't need funding to live, Maharaji has provided that. Michelle 0 December 31, Look closer - that's a bloke. Danielle 1 March 26, And what then defines spirituality? Rebecca 1 April 14, I agree. It's hypocritical and undermines the entire article! That's actually a dude. Third, your gender assumption probably hurt that dude's feelings more than the memes themselves. Drew 0 March 29, You should look closer at the link you posted.

Common man Spirituality – Food for Soul

Those are not the same people. Jeremy 0 April 7, God she represents the trend perfectly! Laughter IS spiritual! It's funny to keep pounding that chick! Look closer. It's not a woman! That's a pretentious? CriticalThinker 4 March 25, Good essay thanks , but I'm commenting because I think those memes are really awful - mean-spirited and borderline abusive - it's bad enough that some poor kid gets their image appropriated off the web and re-made into a joke shared by god-knows-how-many-people, but using this woman's 10 freaking times is really overkill.

I dare say it's also misogynistic. Use toons, or just words, or your own photo - see how you like it. Carl 2 March 26, This article is about people like you. Thanks for the living example. Diana 1 March 31, If it were my article, I would remove the meme-repeat and use another one, something that does not show an individual's face, then repost.


I'm sure it was not your intention to be cruel, but this mean meme even without captions, it incites an insensitive gender debate took away from the content by making me feel uncomfortable, and clearly I am not the only one. NK 0 March 26, Rebecca 0 March 27, It's also not a woman, that's a picture of a guy that the author keeps putting the wrong pronoun on.

Walt 0 March 27, It's a girl. Nick 4 March 25, Then, the fact that at the end of the ariticle he saves his adulation for billionaires, has scum-sucking Republican or "libertarian" written all over it. This is possibly the least spiritual article I have ever read, the worst possible advice I've ever read by someone purporting to warn you about the "dark side" of spiritulaity.

This is just as bad as Jerry Farwell calling the civil rights movement the "civil wrongs movement. I'd recommend you spend the next twenty years studying social justice movements, environmental and animal rights movements, and workers rights movements before you open up your mouth again to tell us that we should be grateful to the billionaires of the world.

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And yes, everyone in this comments section is absolutely correct for calling you out for using this woman's picture to ridicule the counterculture. This same person's picture has been used in meme after meme produced by right wing idiots to attack progressive politics. Dasha B. It doesn't matter that you think they are racist, sexist, homophobes. So even if someone has the wrong ideas in an area that you maybe don't, you probably have wrong ideas in areas that they have the right ideas.

And where did he "attack" democrats? Wow, it's tough to address your other emotional tantrums. Nancie 3 March 29, Write articles judging other people's spiritual paths. Daniel 2 March 24, Think you are confusing correlation with causation because you only looked at one variable.

Jordan Bates 4, become what you are A March 24, Not only are you pushing or allowing this "30 challenges course" but a video comes up often and breaks in that dominates the screen to advertise it. What's up with that? A certain shallowness in spiritual circles is the hucksterism rampant in promoting the next great workshop, speaker, book, seminar or "series" that will be the "profound shift" you are looking for. Not that these things can't be useful or important, but linking your or a course to your critique is disingenuous to the nth degree.

Good response, a commercial at the end. Liudas 0 March 26, First of all, capitalism is just a monetary wealth distribution system in which we all participate to a certain degree, including scientists, inventors and so on. Capitalism is not driving force of invention - human creativity is. Childhood interest was soon replaced by a dire hunger to know the truth behind this creation and the secrets of human existence. He understood that eastern sages and philosophers thousands of years ago have reached similar conclusion, as the scientists of today, by studying the universe and its function through a mind that is in deep meditation.

This further fueled his inward journey and he started his own experimentation with meditation. Basu Ray had the good fortune of meeting most of the living gurus in India at that time. He got initiated into the rites in , by Swami Hariharananda Giri, a master from a powerful meditation lineage called Kriya Yoga.

It is an ancient form of Yoga that boasts of some of the most renowned gurus including Mahaavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya and Paramhansa Yogananda. Besides Kriya Yoga, Dr.