Guide Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design

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Introduction and Definitions. Chapter 2. Modes of Loading and Stiffness of Structural Components. Chapter 3. Nonlinear and Variable Stiffness Systems; Preloading.

Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design

Chapter 4. Contact Joint Stiffness and Damping. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Publisher: Diponegoro University. Prof Sudarto, SH, Semarang. Stiffness and vibration damping capability are important criteria in design of machine tool structure. While the vibration test results explained that the damping factor of Shorea laevis wood was higher than that Hevea braziiensis wood. The effect of geometric structure on stiffness and damping factor of wood applicable to machine tool structure.

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Ciornei, M. Harms, A. Increasing the dynamic stiffness of Machine tools by means of Modal Analysis.

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Hossein, M. Koci, P.

Assessment of machine tool dynamic properties. Lee, D. Design and manufacture of composite high speed machine tool structures.

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Nakaminami, M. Ouis, Q. On the frequency dependence of the modulus of elasticity of wood. Slocum, A. Wakasawa, Y.