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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 28, Sincerae rated it did not like it Shelves: african-history , history , orthodox-christianity. I'm very disappointed that I didn't like this book. I had very high expectations for it, but it just comes off as dead in the water except for a few touching sections, mainly the chapter about the Second Italo-Ethiopian War and the exile of the imperial family of Ethiopia and the suffering and martyrdom of some of their family members and of the country's monastics.

Empress Menen Asfaw was the wife of the last emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie Sellassie I ; he was her I'm very disappointed that I didn't like this book. Empress Menen Asfaw was the wife of the last emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie Sellassie I ; he was her third husband. This book is a translation of an older book published in Ethiopia celebrating the empress' 67th birthday with additional passages added by Anjhali Parnell. It is rare that I don't complete a book. I just got tired of this one and wanted to move on.

The remainder of the volume contains reprints of funeral tributes to Empress Menen and other information. Most of the book is just inundated with dates, events of births, deaths, and the empress' travels which turns it into very dry reading in the nature of a chronology. The reader is told about Empress Menen's generosity and her patronage in the establishment of schools, hospitals, homes of orphans, churches, convents, monasteries, but there is little to no emotion here even when there is tragedy.

How Empress Menen felt or what she went through is at best speculated on. The book is also disjointed at times and very repetitious. The author would have done better if she had just written a completely new biography in her own words and conducted her own research instead of acquiring an older book of apparently very emotionless and repetitive language and then injecting her own words and information into it.

We lose our brothers, we lose sons, and we lose our husbands. Kindness - Empress Menen was also a very kind woman, somebody who was very selfless, used her own money for national development. She was taught from very early that in embracing modern technology and what was called civilization, she had to learn to balance it and maintain the traditions of Ethiopia. While she was opening up schools for young Ethiopian girls to be able to be educated and be able assist them to play their part in national development in Ethiopia.

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Menen Asfaw

She gave young girls a chance to stand beside their brothers equally, and to be able to empower themselves to know that the Ethiopian nation depended on them, just a much as it depended on the boys of Ethiopia. So that example for me as a teacher and a mother has been a good one. Modesty - I think as sisters especially, we must understand is that, Empress Menen is one of those women that shone a light of modesty.

A light that the Rastafari woman has shone to the world as well, just by our visibility, everywhere you go in the world that you see a Rastafari woman — she stands out. Our liberation is us! Our liberation is expression of our self as Rastafari, which is a unique expression. And just like how we gave a unique culture to the world, the Rastafari woman has given a unique expression to the world in terms of her visibility.

I think Empress Menen in every single aspect of her life lived this. Mitzie Tafari - Anjahli Parnell Anjahli Parnell, and everyone who has taken the time to give us back our history, they are all our humble servants, and all we can do is give thanks to them, no matter what color they are. Learn about her and trod within her footsteps. Empress Menen has given us a space in our lives where we can celebrate ourselves as women honorably. Any woman at all in this world, reading this book, learning about this woman, seeing the example that she has set, at a time when there were so many challenges in the world, at a time when her nation was at threat by some invaders.

Empress Menen Asfaw Earthstrong

She stood up and she gave the world an example, and she shone a light, she was an example to the woman of Ethiopian. Last week I was attending an Empress Menen Earthday celebration in the Virgin Islands, and there was many sisters there from the other islands, and it was so wonderful! This book is showing us the biography of a real woman, an empress, who was married to a man that we say is our redeemer. So this is really a serious thing. So the confusion come when you try to engraft what we believe and what is now presented to us as reality.

Haile Sellassie wife was with child, with children, before she married Haile Sellassie. This is something that I know a whole heap of elders who, if dem did here right now, dem walk out.

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IvI know that too. That is how terrible it was. After getting this information, what are we going to do with it to enhance the perception of Rastafari in this time? And not make Rasta look like - a little people dem who just a make up things as we go along. And we have to realize and accept the truth that a lot of things that we hold fast to, we believe we believe it. We have to confront that in our consciousness.

What did I do to come to this conclusion? But guess what, we never investigate the circumstances about the time when it was written. Rastafari is real, Rastafari is not a illusion penetrated by some form of philosophy in this sky. And we have people accept, and people a follow it, and people live according to it. Something wrong make him dead. But how much men want to say that?

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The idea, just the thought of saying that is not in the consciousness of Rastafari. Yes, guess what? So him never did age enough, because Rasta just start so there was no one who was dieing who was Rasta, until now when them is 70, or 80 year-old and you see them die. So when them die now, how can we living in the same world identify Emperor Haile Sellassie and Empress Menen - and Haile Sellassie crying at her funeral. And when we look now, we still have the same mentality, the same thinking, after the information. The elders is dieing in front of us. Everybody who is dead a sin, him sin?

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Circumstances make people dead, yes. You should sin and live! So dem dead there! And we who know the relevance of this will never feel no way to buy the whole box. So I say now lift the consciousness. This book is just to enhance our ability to express weself in a real way, when it come onto the king and queen of Ethiopia. We must not go out there, instead of we quoting what Haile Sellassie say, and then quote Jeremiah, we say Haile Sellassie say, and then quote Isaiah.

Instead of quoting what Haile Sellassie say. I have about two books that Ethiopians write about Haile Sellassie.

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  4. Serious books. Because we know say - information get us out of superstition. Knowledge is power, and we have to understand how powerful a man be or a woman be when knowledge quit them consciousness and them can articulate in such a way that men and people have to bow to what them a say. And before we never had the information, so we have to create certain things to move we. We have to put it into perspective bredren and sistren.

    Ethiopia is a real place. Man fly there upon a plane. After going through all of that and reaching this point in our life, there are a lot of things that were said, that we have to shake it off and come to a new realization that is going to enhance Rastafari creativity and understanding of life.

    Because the youth dem are going to ask you some questions that is wide of what the elders did hold off on. A we a made Haile Sellassie God in the first place. So the problem now arise where we show that an ancient African tradition where the male and female exist in the God state, if you want to call it that, that consciousness always have the feminine and the masculine. Just like how woman is forbidden to play the drum. And some important things you know - women must cover them head when approaching the tabernacle.

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    Is Howel who say that you know. We balance it now without animosity, and we have to balance it through education and intelligence. Read African History and know say what we a say is not new to African perception and philosophy. As a matter of fact the Roman Catholic Church come and say, Hail Mary Mother of God, or God of Mother, because them a go to an ancient African perception about Isis being the mother of Horace, which is the sun in the sky.

    So we come now and we recognize that. And you still have Rasta say Haile Sellassie never have no mother or father, nor elders because him from the order of Malchezidek. It is unclear whether Woizero Menen was married to the aged nobleman and secured a divorce shortly afterwards to marry her royal groom or whether there was only an engagement between them which was broken without ado. The rapport between the two may have inspired Lij Iyasu to attempt to bind Dejazmach Tafari to him more firmly through marriage ties.

    He therefore terminated the arrangement whether marriage or engagement between Woizero Menen and Ras Leulseged, and sent her to Harar to marry Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen. Ras Leulseged apparently did not hold a grudge against Dejazmach Tafari for this circumstance, blaming it entirely on Lij Iyasu who had ordered it. Indeed, he was among the leaders who fought on the side of Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen in the Battle of Segale, and died in that battle. The account given in the Autobiography of the Emperor, My Life and Ethiopia's Progress , mentions no previous marriage or children of Empress Menen and no such order by Iyasu, but states only that at the age of 20, they were married by their own mutual consent, and describes her as "a woman without any malice whatsoever".

    Empress Menen had no children by Ras Leulseged. She was also patroness of the Jerusalem Society that arranged for pilgrimages to the Holy Land. She founded the Empress Menen School for Girls in Addis Ababa, the first all-girls school which had both boarding and day students. Girls from all over the Empire were brought to the school to receive a modern education, encouraged by the Empress who visited it often and presided over its graduation ceremonies. The Empress gave generously, as well as sponsored programs for the poor, ill and disabled.

    She was also a devoutly religious woman who did much to support the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. She built, renovated and endowed numerous churches in Ethiopia and in the Holy Land. Prominent among these are the St. She gave generously from her personal funds towards the building of the new Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion at Axum, but did not live to see it completed and dedicated.

    When the Empress was exiled from Ethiopia during the Italian occupation from to , she made a pledge to the Virgin Mary at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, promising to give her crown to the church if Ethiopia were liberated from occupation. The Empress made numerous pilgrimages to Holy Sites in then British-ruled Palestine, in Syria and in Lebanon, during her exile to pray for her occupied homeland.