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The punishment for drug trafficking is death. Recently Lee Kuan Yew declared war on smoking. Smiling teenagers roamed the streets with baskets of apples and collared anyone with a cigarette, offering to trade an apple for a pack. I tried to find Singaporeans who are unhappy with their paternalistic government.

Singapore Leads the Good Life Under a Benevolent Dictator

In a week of searching, I found none. People think the regulations make sense. No one seems to fear the government; most feel they can bring complaints to it. I asked him if he intended to write the newspapers or make a speech about it. He was shocked.


He would never disrupt the social harmony, he said. He was assembling the facts he needed; then he would go make a reasoned argument directly to the ministry. Whatever you call it, by all appearances and measures it works astoundingly well — so far, anyway. Everyone wonders, of course, what will happen after Lee Kuan Yew.

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Some Singaporeans are nervous about their dependence on the rest of the world for water, food, and energy. Perhaps a greater worry, though no one in Singapore seems to be thinking about it, is what will motivate the nation, what kinds of goal will there be, what challenges will Singapore put its well-organized energy to, after everyone becomes as rich as the Swiss.

Read More. The Academy occasionally sends E-newsletters with updates on the work of our fellows, the Donella Meadows Project and more. Sign up here if you'd like to stay connected. All Rights Reserved. Donella Meadows Archives. Copyright Sustainability Institute Donella Meadows Legacy. First Name. Last Name. Contact Form. Your Name. Your E-mail Address.

Journal of Aging Research

Ultimately, the house feels inextricable from setting, embedded in its surrounds, a building that has always been and will always be. A building as wholly Western as the mountains themselves. Learn More. This is your dream house, not ours, therefore you remain in control of your residential project throughout the process, every dialogue, every decision. Transparency: The tenants of our design-build philosophy. The traditional design-bid-build process casts architects and builders as strange bedfellows, forced into collaboration by the client. Decidedly different, our collaborative approach features a genuine alliance, built over 17 years of working together as JLF Architects and Big-D Signature.

We come to the table as a team, your team. Sensitive to the potential for third-wheel dynamics, we invest a lot of time and thought at the start of the project getting to know you and your lifestyle. We ask, listen and learn. We then present a working program and budget, as we do at every stage of the process, ever adjusting our estimates. The preliminary design phase finds us mapping relationships between land, panorama, structure and spaces.

Architecture would remain a conceptual art if not for master craftsmen. Channeling the ardor of medieval guilds, our custom designs grow from the finely-tuned alignment of artisans. Only by building our process on collaboration and trust rather than conflict can we achieve our goals of mastery and refinement.

Our award-winning team is unified in vision and values, ready to realize every detail of your dream house: A lodge door and frame as deftly crafted as a clock dial, a Montana barn as patiently plotted as a cathedral. We are meticulous for you. Consummate artisans, we approach the design-build process as a constant state of critique, ever evaluating and reevaluating our consideration of the design and its details.

No aspect—whether complex or simple—escapes our continued examination. Beneath every custom element lies a history of learning: of refined techniques refined by experience, of insight gained through practice. We hold degrees from top design programs. We pursue ongoing training and professional development; we study and reflect.

We invent custom solutions on a daily basis. We believe in design innovation and technology. Our custom designs become greater than the sum of their parts, greater still than the residential dreams that seeded them. A leap of faith sets it all in motion; you place your confidence in us, and we, in turn, channel our experience into manifesting your personal vision. Synched in ambition, together we establish an ethos of complete freedom to be our best selves and do our best work. This trust—made possible by true collaboration—ultimately takes on profound meaning, elevating itself through presence of place.

The work reflects how well our design-build process works. We built trust before we built our alliance as architects, designers and builders. And now our collaboration benefits you. As a team, we know everyone will act in the best interest of you and your project.

We serve as the single source of responsibility and accountability for the entire residential project. We are a group of doers: we work hard, we get our hands dirty, we take responsibility for our designs and actions. Reliant on land, we respect our place in the world; we use resources wisely. As contextual architects, we live and work by our vision and values: We believe in cost control, design integrity and construction quality.

We believe in acting on dreams, as we did by forming JLF Architects. Our designs thus become greater than the sum of their parts, greater still than the dreams that seeded them. A leap of faith sets it all in motion; you place your confidence in us, and we, in turn, channel our experience into manifesting your imaginings. This trust made possible by true collaboration, ultimately takes on profound meaning, elevating life itself through presence of place. The legacy houses we create exude the gravitas they do because of our bedrock in collaboration and creativity. Every room represents an intimate conversation, every element an earnest exploration, every detail a custom solution—all the result of design vision in complete alignment with construction skill.

We build your dream home based on our experience as dreamer designers.

Click on any thumbnail image below to view a gallery of photos of that project. View More Photos. Please click on any map locator icon to view a gallery of photos of the project in that location. Our history hewn by place and experience. JLF began in a log farmhouse on the banks of the Yellowstone River nearly four decades ago. An authentic setting for authentic work.

Singapore Leads the Good Life Under a Benevolent Dictator - The Donella Meadows Project

The buildings Paul Bertelli and Jonathan L. Foote built blended into the Montana landscape as if grown from the sites themselves, framed by salvaged century-old barn timbers and floorboards. Though the scope and scale of the firm has grown, the core values remain the same: honesty of materials, respect for regional context, deference to scale, commitment to comfort, and allegiance to simplicity. Reclaimed wood and stacked stone remain hallmarks of JLF designs, although now, contemporary intrusions of steel and glass add contrast.

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Still, a sophisticated sparsity pervades, a serenity felt, not forced. Paul joined Jonathan L. Foote in , a move that melded his passion for pristine place with his academic achievements in architecture and environmental design at Boston Architectural Center and Montana State University.