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Just because it has a camera doesn't mean we should worry," Vonn said. A court-approved warrant is obtained before using a drone for surveillance purposes, except when emergency circumstances make it impractical, the privacy assessment says.


Each drone has a memory card that captures images. Once the miniature copter is back on the ground, the card is removed so the images can be transferred to an officer's workstation.

Meet the Mounties who allege the RCMP used their disabilities to force them out

In this sense, the RCMP incident may actually have been beneficial in educating the general public on the state of the art in machine translation. The danger, however, is that the pendulum will swing to the opposite extreme, and that people will conclude that MT systems, because they cannot translate perfectly, are of no use whatsoever and should not be called upon to translate at all.

And that, of course, is patently false. The really important lesson that the public needs to draw from this incident is that quality requirements in translation are many and varied. For certain types of texts — notably, those that are posted on corporate websites; or your own CV, to take an example closer to home — only the very best quality will do.

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Unedited machine translation is simply not up to this standard today. Highly qualified, professional human translators are still required, and very likely will continue to be required for a long time to come. And heaven knows, there is no shortage of these! Machine translation is currently making a tremendous contribution in helping to translate huge volumes of texts which would otherwise go untranslated.

More importantly, to assign this kind of task to human translators would represent a squandering of precious resources.

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Allow me to elaborate. We previously mentioned the danger of unwarranted conclusions which the public could draw from what it perceives to be as the failure of MT, as typified in the incident involving the RCMP.

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The danger is that this success will cause us to overlook the fact that the demand for high-quality translation is also growing by leaps and bounds and already outstrips the capacity of professional translators to satisfy it. The burning question here is whether machine translation can assist human translators in meeting this ever-growing demand, and if so, how? Because in my humble opinion, translation memory systems are just not going to do the trick. The kinds of texts that require top-quality translation are too varied and often not repetitive enough to allow TM to become a major productivity booster.

Human translators require more diverse kinds of assistance, from more powerful kinds of devices than the few CAT tools that are available today. Alas, there is far too little research that currently focuses on this critical issue. To illustrate my point, imagine what would happen if a beneficent fairy were to magically descend on British Columbia and touch senior RCMP officers there with a spark of enlightenment. How would these enlightened managers then respond to the translation dilemma which the Mounties are presently grappling with?

The Mounties were officially formed in 1920, but their history stretches back much farther.

First of all, they might perhaps consult the one French translator who is working for them in BC, to verify whether she is equipped with the latest and most efficient CAT tools. Provide the translator with access to ever larger, shared translation memories? Perhaps… But again, my intuition is that the kinds of news releases which the RCMP publishes on its Website are always going to contain a substantial proportion of novel or unseen sentences.

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Is there really nothing else that could help this translator turn these texts around more quickly, instead of having to translate them all manually? Well, what about Google Translate, or other similarly advanced MT systems? However, Turner said it was a total team effort.

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