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So, the Directress must not only train in order to effectively prepare the classroom, but she must also train to prepare herself for the classroom. The emphasis Maria Montessori placed on the spiritual and scientific training of teachers is unlike any other education philosophy and subsequent approach. This means observing, identifying and guiding the energies within a child. They are pride and anger. Hence, humility and patience — their opposites — are the virtues most needed by the would be directress.

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So, the presence of a Directress is as much a part of the environment as any material on the shelves. The children feel her spirit, igniting or diminishing an inner drive to learn and to develop and to self-educate. The journey of self-discovery for the teacher is a critical component of a successful Montessori environment.

The teacher must be trained to carefully prepare the environment. In other words, an environment that allows freedom within limits must be carefully planned and executed.

Parenting Booklist: Ages 6 to 12

For example, elements include child-sized furniture, high-quality natural materials, and natural light. More closely we can see simplicity and order in the way the materials are set out. The materials are hands-on, encourage movement, based in real life, often involve sequence, and require a lesson by the teacher. All of these aspects require training by a Directress in order to effectively execute.

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Order, one of the main duties of the Directress, explains the prepared environment, and, above all other characteristics, is the most pervasive in the classroom and therefore must permeate every tiny detail of the classroom. Furthermore, this enables the teacher can effectively observe and guide when necessary. The Directress must train and follow through on following this law of the classroom.

They range from experiencing frustrating feelings of not having done something well enough, to feeling unhappy and dissatisfied, to self-imposed limitations on the choices you make and the experiences you allow yourself to have, to major depression and anxiety and the inability to function effectively. As you grow older, the Inner Critic also takes cues from your culture and social groups. Even if those criticisms were never vocalised — simply a look or a pause in a conversation can convey an enormous judgement, especially to young children who are particularly sensitive to the feelings of those around them.

It probably heard one of your parents chastising you for being selfish when not sharing or not offering to help with something.

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That may have led you to feel uncomfortable each time you took or did something for yourself without considering others. And so your primary self became concerned with helping other people. This way of working with the Inner Critic is in the context of understanding how your personality works in regard to the many parts or selves that constitute it. If you always feel bad about your appearance, for example, it is probably because your Inner Critic is constantly at you about it.

If that is the main thing that worries you about yourself, it could be that your family held appearance to be the most important aspect of who you were. Was it important that you looked and dressed in a particular way?

Did a parent constantly criticise a particular aspect of your appearance, such as your hair? If that was the case, maybe a primary self of yours is one who values a particular look, which it thinks you should have. And Critics tend to get carried away with doing their job so well that even if you do try to satisfy it, it will still find fault.

The Inner Child Explained - How to Love, Guide & Heal Your Inner Child

Then when you have consciousness of this self and can decide with that consciousness what is important to you now about your appearance, the power of the Inner Critic will diminish. Basically, you need to develop what in Voice Dialogue is called an Aware Ego in relation to the things your Inner Critic criticises you for.

There are great facilitators in most parts of the world — here is a listing of Voice Dialogue facilitators you can contact. If you take the above steps, the Inner Critic will soon become a useful ally for your personal growth and development. This valuable guide introduces you to 45 selves.

Positive Parenting and Your Child's Wellbeing

When you decide to make the commitment to change, within just four short weeks, you will transform the way you parent. The truth is parenting is the hardest job in the world.

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