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Nondum maris alta secabat. Tunc classica saeva tacebant. Quid enim furor hosticus ulla. Utinam modo nostra redirent. Heu primus quis fuit ille,. In the plural anything woven and here it means silk. Seres Serum : Western Chinese tribe known from the trade in silk. Too blest the former age, their life. Who in the fields contented led,. And still, by luxury unspoiled,. On frugal acorns sparely fed. No skill was theirs the luscious grape.

With honey's sweetness to confuse;.

Nor China's soft and sheeny silks. T' empurple with brave Tyrian hues. The grass their wholesome couch, their drink. The stream, their roof the pine's tall shade;. Not theirs to cleave the deep, nor seek. In strange far lands the spoils of trade. The trump of war was heard not yet,. Nor soiled the fields by bloodshed's stain;. For why should war's fierce madness arm. When strife brought wound, but brought not gain? To following in those ancient ways.

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More fierce than Etna's fiery blaze. This is more violent than Pagan Reign or Butterfly Temple but utilizing the same style of writing. Really up-beat yet pagan wrapped metal. The cd will feature tracks from the bands 3 demos, plus 2 unreleased Jihad session demos, and various obscure and lost tracks from the bands line up.

Jaldaboath, original founding member has given his blessing for this release. Power from Hell 'true metal' cd Satanic records Brazilian black thrash oozing a primitive Bathory vibe. Has a great cover of Motorheads 'mean machine' stripped to the bone. Bliss-Illusion 'hinrabansho' cd Infected Blood Records Atmospehric Chinese black metal that flows with tradiitonal istruments and a darkly spine. Beautifull as it is melancholic. A post black metal masterpiece. Hungarian thrash metal like a raw Destruction demo. Recorded in September in Coda Studio. Lower Silesian Stronghold Irish black metal.

Lower Silesian Stronghold Russian. Lower Silesian Stronghold Russian black death metal.

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Lower Silesian Stronghold Polish black m. Pure slayeresqe primitive thrash. This album is the first Full-length! WolfTyr Productions Germanic black metal with female vocals new arrivals December Satanic Propaganda Records Beastcraft 'sacriligious epitaph' cd Azermedoth Records Tracks are taken from their first full-length "Into the Burning Pit of Hell", tracks from their second full-length "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen".

Meads of asphodel 'desolate hymns for a fallen god' cd Compilation of the bands cover songs. This has that raw pagan vive typical of the Eastern Europeans. Similar to the lazy metal of Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General. This is pure head nodding primitive black metal. Armenian black metal as obscure as the Thor s grave, and just as mesmerizing. Wedrujjacy Wiatr - Tam Gdzie Miesia Alternatives Bonus Tracks!

Graveland 'In the Glare of Burning churches' cd First time remastered! Irish black metal like Satyricon- and has 2 decent Bathory covers. More 80 inutes, 16 tracks, sound from Necromorbus studio This is kick ass and stunnung. This is like an old darkthrone demo tape bursting from a Burzum rehearsal session. This has little Metal elements as it is a pure Folk pagan release.

This has that age old Ian Stuart vocal style. Their music is hard and heavy RAC, mostly with Swedish lyrics. Catchy and melodic. It has that thick guitar sound of hypocrisy and amon amarth. In many ways a Swedish melodic death album that hints fo those past masters, in flames, dark tranquillity. This has that ,melody and catchiness so illusive on many bands who try to emulate this style.

Its simple music but not that easy to do well. Purely instrumental, atmospheric, dark and depressive black metal with ambient fragments The release includes demo' "With the last drop of melt water" track and album' "In the ground". CD Dernier Bastion French black metal, raw and primitive like the emperor demo feel.

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Includes 2 experimental ambient tracks and Burzum cover in special version. Sol are a vile demo era paradise lost meets my dying bride funeral wrist severing band. Mother Darkness - One Hundred Years of Emptiness' cd Cold Woods Productions Black metal from China nevid 'agarta' cd sound age rec pagan folk from Russia like like a wonderfull collision of up beat finntroll and early amorphis swimming in an butterfly temple soup. Its totally british in sound and dirty venom style riffs no remorse no retreat 'into glory we ride' cd iron age records British heavy metal melting into late punk, a kind of judas priest meets angelic upstarts.

Released in cooperation of Eastside and Hammerbolt Productions. The material has been re-mastered, added two songs from those past times, and five new songs, composed in Its much more primitive and disheveled, a very obscure release. Its so original its hard to describe. Fantastic underground uniqueness. Contains 2 x 20 minutes hymns to misery and torture.

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Includes 2 bonus tracks, audio and video. I have never heard a band sound so much like bathory and thats a tribute to bloodshed walhalla. This is a kind of best of compilation.


Like the raw as meat Darkthrone and Burzum styles of the early nineties yet even more stripped down and ear splitting nastiness. Its pretty raw and very captivating if you like this dismal as hell Blackened style.

Dragobrath - And Mountains Openeth Eyes Sturmklang rec digi cd Pagan folk metal from Switzerland. IRIJ is a one-woman-folk-project. Influenced by traditional folkmusic from the balcans and a bitter laughter somewhere between joy and sorrow. Of Entropy and Life Denial. A Trully stunning Black Metal attack A truly unique underground experience of pure music untouched by the mainstream. What is especially cool about this recording is that Bill's microphone must of been cranked up on the volume so as soon as he does his vokills over Jeff's disgusting snarls, the combination hits you in the face like a fucking mallet.

Here we have re mastered tracks spanning the bands demo and two albums - This is rough very early pagan metal in its primtive stages of development. Harsh and subtle melodies awash in awkward arrangements. I have no clue if I like it or not Endless winter rec Funeral doom from chile This album is one of the best CDs that I have heard lately. It's an elegy of absolute melancholy. Highly recommended!!!

Depressive Black metal from Iran like crawling torture of musical lamentation. Heiden 'Obsidian' cd Naga Prod. This is pure Black Metal. Fast Dissection like riffs. Ensiferum meets Moonsorrow meets Nightwish Ensiferum meets Moonsorrow meets nightwish This is one of the best Butterfly Temple albums. Like a fusion of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone. Powerful and intense. If you can imagine Emperor meets Kansas then you may get the idea. Limited to copies. Like a hardcore sepulture splattered in melody and old world pipes..