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Amazing Secrets Of The Pyramids

Pharaoh Khafre is building a great pyramid at Giza to rival those built by his predecessors. He is also making plans for what will become one of the most famous and iconic monuments in history — the Sphinx. When the river Nile floods, leaving the fields underwater, year-old Nebka and his uncle join the labourers helping to build the great pyramid.

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But Nebka has reasons for hating the King and his pyramids. And when he meets a mysterious prisoner claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne, he is soon drawn into a deadly plot….

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They are unique as they are able to measure a child and a book on the same scale — ensuring the right book gets to the right child at the right time. For more details see What is a lexile? Accelerated Reader AR book level: 5. I really enjoyed thiis book I mean history is my favorite subject but reading books lie these make history just that more fun and enjoyable.

Amazing Egyptian discovery: Village that predates pharaohs, pyramids uncovered

Menu Browse. Account actions Log in or Register. Basket 0 items. The void is the first large inner structure discovered within the 4,year-old pyramid since the s—a find made possible by recent advances in high-energy particle physics.

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The results were published in the journal Nature. Thanks to the use of muon radiography, a technique that uses cosmic rays to detect cavities in massive structures, scientists have discovered a large, previously unknown opening within the Great Pyramid of Khufu. The cavity has a cross section similar to the Grand Gallery, the major corridor running through the pyramid, and is at least a hundred feet long.

The findings mark the latest in a millennia-long quest to understand the Great Pyramid of Giza, long an object of mystery and intrigue. At that time, Egypt was a powerful, highly centralized monarchy, wealthy from trade and Nile-nourished agriculture. The Great Pyramid is arguably the ultimate expression of that power. The pharaoh Khufu, who reigned from to B.

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The monument consists of about 2. Read more about the extraordinary Pyramids of Giza. Ever since, the Great Pyramid has drawn in the curious; today, tourists enter the pyramid through a tunnel created in the ninth century A. These guys have discovered a remarkable thing. The technique, which has been used to peer through cathedral walls, Mayan pyramids, and even volcanoes, relies on the natural drizzle of subatomic particles called muons. Each team used a different method for spotting muons.

This same level of evidence is required when discovering new subatomic particles like the Higgs boson. Even after death, Egyptian royalty still had to worry about protecting their prized possessions from thieves.

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Watch Lisa Ling visit a secret tomb, where 40 mummies were hidden from tomb raiders. As construction continued, she says, this ramp could have been left empty or loosely backfilled. That said, she wryly suggests taking current interpretations with a grain of salt. Tayoubi and other ScanPyramids collaborators say that work is only beginning.

Great Pyramid Mystery Solved? - National Geographic

And to those fantasizing about personally exploring the void, a word of caution. No known corridors connect to the space, and researchers and outside experts alike stress that there are no future plans to drill into the void.