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Qui fra gigli e rose, come a un casto altare, padri, bimbi, spose vengono a cantar. JAGO come prima, sottovoce Eccola Desdemona reappears in the garden, on the far side of the great central arch; she is surrounded by women of the island, children and Cypriot and Albanian sailors, who approach to offer flowers, branches of blossom and other gifts. Here among lilies and roses, as if to an altar chaste, fathers, children and matrons come with serenades. Desdemona with our gifts would we bedeck like an image in a shrine.

WOMEN scattering leaves and flowers Take this flowery harvest we strew from our kirtles upon the ground for you, in showers upon the ground. DONNE spargendo fronde e fiori A te, a te la florida messe dai grembi spargiam, spargiam, al suolo, a nembi, a nembi spargiamo al suol. To this bower of lilies and roses, as if to an altar chaste, fathers, children and matrons come with serenades. In my heart the songs of joy, love, hope I hear. IAGO aside Beauty and love are in sweet harmony. May you be happy!

Here Love is lord! Qui fra gigli e rose come a un casto altare, padri, bimbi, spose, vengono a cantar. Gioia, amor, speranza canton nel mio cuor. Vivi felice! Qui regna Amor! Desdemona kisses the heads of some of the children, several women kiss the hem of her gown and she presents a purse to the sailors.

The group disperses. Desdemona, followed by Emilia, enters the chamber and approaches Othello. For him I intercede, for him I plead. Forgive him. Are you not well? Intercedo per lui, per lui ti prego. Tu gli perdona. Gli perdona. Emilia picks up the handkerchief. Look in my face and see how love is there expressed! Come, let me lighten your heart I can read your face. Emilia raccoglie il fazzoletto dal suolo.

Guardami in volto e mira come favella amor! Ti leggo in volto. IAGO Foolish suspicion! IAGO Give me that handkerchief! IAGO Do you not fear me? IAGO Give me JAGO Sospetto insano. JAGO Dammi quel vel! Dammi quel vel! JAGO A me Iago snatches the handkerchief from Emilia. JAGO A me quel vel! Con un colpo di mano Jago ha carpito il fazzoletto ad Emilia. IAGO My hands already, etc. I would be alone. You understand?

Desdemona and Emilia leave. Iago makes a pretence of leaving through the door at the back, but when he reaches it he stops. IAGO at the back, looking surreptitiously at the handkerchief, then replacing it carefully in his doublet With these threads shall I weave the proof of the sin of love.

Monstrous thought! False toward me! Toward me!!! IAGO Suffer and roar! Desdemona ed Emilia escono. Atroce idea! Rea contro me! JAGO Soffri e ruggi! You have lashed me to the cross! More monstrous than the most monstrous abuse of abuse itself is suspicion. Of her stolen hours of lust and stolen from me! I was contented, merry And now! And now Now, and forever farewell, sacred memories, farewell, sublime enchantments of the mind! Farewell, shining battalions and victories, the flying arrow and the flying steed! Farewell to the standard triumphant and holy and the shrill fife that sounded to reveille!

Pride, pomp and circumstance of war, farewell! IAGO Be calm, my lord. Do not flee! It would avail you nought! Bring me the sure, the ocular proof! Or on your head accumulate and fall the bolts of my terrible wakened wrath! He seizes Iago by the throat and hurls him to the floor. The world may be my witness that honesty is dangerous. He turns as if to leave. Ero baldo, giulivo Ed ora! Ora e per sempre addio, sante memorie, addio sublimi incanti del pensier! Addio schiere fulgenti, addio vittorie, dardi volanti e volanti corsier! Addio, addio vessillo trionfale e pio!

Clamori e canti di battaglia, addio! JAGO Pace, signor. Non sfuggir! Afferra Jago alla gola e lo atterra. JAGO Divina grazia difendimi! Fa per andarsene. You may be honest. I believe Desdemona to be loyal and believe her not to be so; I think that you are honest and think you disloyal I must have certainty! What proof would satisfy you? To see them clasped together? Death and damnation! IAGO That would be a difficult undertaking; but of what assurance are you dreaming if the filthy deed itself forever must escape you? But yet if reason be the guide to truth I may propose a circumstance so strong that it will lead you near to certainty.

In broken phrases he was revealing an inward enchantment. Let us hide our loves. Let us be wary! I am quite bathed in heavenly ecstasy! Forse onesto tu sei. Credo leale Desdemona e credo che non lo sia; te credo onesto e credo disleale La prova io voglio! Avvinti vederli forse? Morte e dannazione!! Cauti vegliamo! IAGO A dream that may give substance to another circumstance. One is too poor a prey for my revenge! Iago, my heart is ice.

Banished be the spirits of mercy. All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven. Watch me In its snaky coils the hydra has entwined me! O, blood, blood, blood! He kneels. Now, by yond marble heaven! By the jagged lightning-flash! By Death, and by the dark death-dealing ocean flood! JAGO Io non narrai che un sogno. Jago, ho il cor di gelo. Lungi da me le pietose larve.

Tutto il mio vano amor esalo al cielo. Per le attorte folgori! He starts to rise; Iago prevents him. IAGO kneeling also Do not rise yet!

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Witness, you sun that I gaze on, which lights me and which animates the broad earth and the spiritual expanse of the whole universe, that to Othello I do consecrate ardently heart, hands and soul even though on bloody business his will be bent! By the jagged lightning-flash, etc. God of vengeance! Fa per alzarsi; Jago lo trattiene inginocchiato. Per le attorte folgori, ecc. Dio vendicator! On the right a broad colonnade. This colonnade is adjacent to a hall of smaller proportions. A terrace at the far end. He makes a sign to dismiss the herald. The herald leaves. A destra un vasto peristilio a colonne.

Araldo esce. Have patience, or the proof will escape you. He starts to walk towards the door, then stops and returns to say one last word to Othello. The handkerchief I would most gladly have forgot it.


Iago goes out. Desdemona enters by the door on the left. Give me your ivory hand. Warm moistness bedews its soft beauty. With soft deceit he poses as prayer and pious fervour But I must speak again to you of Cassio. I would have the handkerchief that I gave to you. Paziente siate, o la prova vi sfugge. Ecco Desdemona. Finger conviene Il fazzoletto Jago esce. Desdemona entra dalla porta di sinistra. Datemi la vostra eburnea mano. Ma riparlar ti debbo di Cassio. A powerful sibyl devised the magic web of it: within it there reposes the high witchcraft of a talisman.

Take heed! To lose it, or give it away, were perdition! Have you lost it then? I shall fetch it Thus you put me from my suit for Cassio; your thought is cunning. My soul is roused! I hear a note of menace in your voice! Tell me who you are! Dimmi che sei! Look at me! My face, my soul I show you; my stricken heart search well I pray to heaven for you with these my tears; for you these burning drops I shed upon the ground. Behold the first tears ever wrung from me by suffering.

The first tears! Hell sees it! And am I then the innocent motive of these tears! What sin have I committed? The blackest of crimes upon the lily fairness of your brow is written. Are you not a common courtesan? Mi guarda! Guarda le prime lagrime rip. Le prime lagrime! I am not the thing expressed by that horrendous word! I took you forgive me if my thought displeases you for that common courtesan that married with Othello.

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With a movement of his arm alone, Othello pushes Desdemona out of the door without losing his composure. Then, in the very depths of despair, he returns to the middle of the hall. Thou couldst have rained upon my head every affliction of poverty and shame, made of my heroic battle-honours a heap of ruination and a lie But — oh tears, oh pain! That sun has been snuffed out, that smile, that ray which gives me life and happiness! That sun has been snuffed out, etc. Mercy, thou immortal rose-lipped cherubin, cover at the last thy holy face with the horrid mask of hell!

Let her first confess her crime, then die! Iago enters. Ma, — o pianto, o duol! Pria confessi il delitto e poscia muoia! Entra Jago. The proof! IAGO pointing to the door Cassio is here! Oh joy! Torture most foul! IAGO Restrain yourself! As soon as Iago has led Othello onto the terrace, he runs to the end of the colonnade.

There he meets Cassio, who is hesitating to enter the hall. Enter, O Captain. IAGO Take heart; your cause is in such hands that victory is certain. IAGO Wait for her; leading Cassio to the first pillar of the colonnade and meanwhile, seeing that you never tire in the recital of mad and merry tales, tell me a little about her whom you love. La prova! O gioia! Supplizi immondi! JAGO Ti frena!

Jago, appena condotto Otello al verone, corre verso il fondo del peristilio. Incontra Cassio che esita ad entrare. IAGO Her charming eye has you in thrall. IAGO He laughs who wins. Ah, ah! IAGO laughing Ah, ah! Oh God, restrain the torment in my heart! IAGO You make me laugh! IAGO Another beauty beckons with her charms. Have I hit the mark? IAGO Ah, ah! JAGO Ride chi vince. JAGO ridendo Ah! JAGO Rider mi fai! Colgo nel segno? Yes, I confess it. IAGO Speak softly. Iago leads Cassio to a place further away from Othello.

The words are lost. The words are lost again. To what am I come! Iago signs to him to speak softly. JAGO Sommesso parla. Le parole si perdono. Le parole si perdono ancora. Dove son giunto! Jago gli fa cenno di parlare ancora sottovoce. How I long to know who it might be.

IAGO taking the handkerchief What a miracle! He approaches with wary steps. Destruction and death! IAGO aside Othello is listening. Nothing more can touch my heart. JAGO prendendo il fazzoletto Qual meraviglia! Ruina e morte! Miracle, fair miracle IAGO Too much you admire it! Distant trumpets are heard. Others answer them from the castle. A cannon shot. OTELLO nascosto dietro la colonna e guardando di tratto in tratto il fazzoletto nelle mani di Cassio Tradimento, tradimento, tradimento, la tua prova, la tua prova spaventosa mostri al Sol!

Miracol, miracolo vago, Ritorna nel vano del verone. JAGO Bada! Odonsi trombe ben lontane. Altre rispondono dal castello. Colpo di cannone. That is the signal to announce the arrival of the Venetian trireme. Trumpets sound from different directions. If you do not want to meet Othello here, go now. IAGO Go. Cassio leaves hurriedly through the back end. IAGO Did you perceive well how he laughed? IAGO And the handkerchief? To the shore! To the landing-place! IAGO Poison, no Trombe da altre parti. Se qui non vuoi con Otello scontrarti, fuggi.

JAGO Va. Cassio esce velocemente dal fondo. JAGO E il fazzoletto? Allo sbarco! JAGO Il tosco no Here come the ambassadors. Do you receive them. But to avoid suspicion Desdemona should come before these lords. Iago leaves by the door on the left; Othello goes towards the far end of the hall to receive the ambassadors.

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Trumpets sound again, Iago re-enters with Lodovico, the herald, Desdemona with Emilia, dignitaries of the Venetian Republic, ladies and gentlemen, soldiers, trumpeters and then Cassio. Long live the Lion of St. I place in your hands the ducal document. Ecco gli Ambasciatori.

Li accogliete. Ma ad evitar sospetti Desdemona si mostri ai quei messeri. Trombe suonono di nuovo. Viva il Leone di San Marco! Evviva il Leone di San Marco! Io reco nelle vostre mani il messaggio dogale. Poi lo spiega e legge. I do not see Cassio amongst you. IAGO Othello is angered with him. IAGO Perhaps he will be restored to favour. Ma in mezzo a voi non trovo Cassio. Oh horror! Unhappy bride! Is this the warrior of such noble daring? Cassio appears.

Appare Cassio. The Duke IAGO surprised, in a fierce aside Death and the devil take it! The villain does not seem well pleased. IAGO No. Il Doge JAGO No. He seizes Desdemona in fury. She falls. And weep! Othello, in his act of violence, has thrown the document to the ground; Iago picks it up and reads it, taking care not to be seen.

Lodovico and Emilia sympathetically support Desdemona. I lie I weep And once upon a time my smile would quicken hope and kisses, and now I have anguish in my face and agony in my heart! That sun so calm and bright that brings joy to sky and sea, can never dry the bitter drops of my pain, the bitter teardrops of my pain!

EMILIA aside Innocent of heart, no word of hate she speaks, no gesture makes, but locks her pain within her heart with sorrowful restraint. A flash of lightning shows it on my path; the highest prize that fate affords is offered to my passive hand. Afferra Desdemona furiosamente.

Ella cade. Emilia e Lodovico sollevano pietosamente Desdemona.


Have pity! Iago draws close to Othello who has collapsed onto a chair. IAGO A word with you. IAGO Make haste! JAGO Una parola. Let your vengeance be swift! Time flies. IAGO Angry words are idle gossip. Aim at the objective, that alone! I shall deal with Cassio. He shall pay for his intrigues, and hell shall swallow up his guilty soul!

IAGO I myself. IAGO I have sworn. IAGO You shall hear more tonight. Innocent of heart, etc. Reeling Fortune presses hard Rapido slancia la tua vendetta! Il tempo vola. Io penso a Cassio. JAGO Io. JAGO Giurai. JAGO Tu avrai le sue novelle questa notte. That which lifts me up, etc. To see such tears as these Pity itself might sigh, and a stirring of compassion melt an icy heart. MEN This black man has a graveyard air, a sightless shadow sits within of death and terror made!

Mortal care, etc. MEN His nails tear at his fearsome breast! His eyes are fixed upon the ground. Now his dusky fist he shakes at heaven, raising his shaggy face towards the darts of the sun. Ansia mortale, ecc. Gli sguardi figge immoti al suol. MEN His nails tear, etc. Iago turns his attention to Roderigo. IAGO Your dreams will be upon the seas tomorrow, and you on the bitter shore! IAGO Ah stupidity! If you will, you may hope yet; come, show yourself a man! Gird your loins, and listen. IAGO The ship departs at first light. Now Cassio is governor. However, if some accident should befall him, Othello must linger here.

Your hand on your sword! I will be near. Jago si svolge a Roderigo. JAGO Ahi stolto! JAGO Col primo albor salpa il vascello. Eppur se avvien che a questi accada sventura allor qui resta Otello. Mano alla spada! A-hunting we will go! Arm yourself for the fray! I have sold you my honour and faith. The voices of Iago and Roderigo become lost among the others. He who weeps not for her, etc. He struck her! That saint-like face, so pale and gentle, is mutely bowed, and weeps and dies. In heaven do the angels shed such tears as these when before them, lost, the sinner lies.

MEN His eyes are fixed upon the ground. His dusky fist, etc. A caccia! Chi per lei non piange, ecc. Quel viso santo, pallido, blando si china e tace e piange e muor. Sfida il ciel, ecc. MEN This black man has a graveyard air! IAGO Go, chase the rainbow! Reeling Fortune presses, etc. Pity heaves a sigh, etc. Your enfeebled sense is by a web of lying dreams enmeshed, etc. JAGO Corri, corri al miraggio! JAGO Corri al miraggio! Follow the scheme my shrewd, swift wit presents, deluded lover, I follow but myself, etc.

Undaunted, I await the final outcome, hidden destiny, etc. ALL Heaven! IAGO to everyone He is assailed by some enchantment that deprives him of his wits. MEN in the distance Hurrah! Fanfares are heard in the distance. Mi sprona amor, ma un avido, tremendo astro di morte infesta il mio cammin, ecc. JAGO a tutti Lo assale una malia che di ogni senso il priva. Da lontano odesi squilla di trombe.

Overwhelmed by horror, all leave the hall; Desdemona leaves supported by Lodovico and Emilia. Iago and Othello remain alone. O vile thought! The handkerchief! MEN within Long live Othello! IAGO listening to the cries His victory is hailed MEN Hurrah! IAGO eyeing Othello stretched on the ground unconscious Who can stop me crushing this head beneath my heel? MEN nearer Hurrah! Long live Othello! Hail to the Lion of Venice! Tutti escono inorriditi; Desdemona esce fra Lodovico ed Emilia. Restano soli Otello e Jago. Evviva Otello! Gloria al Leone di Venezia!

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