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She had a boyfriend she loved, a softball scholarship, and the best roommate a girl could have. When it turned out her man was a lying, cheating ballsack, she may have gone off the rails a bit. Still, a little revenge would go a long way in helping the healing process. Ridge is used to being the BMOC.

Sergeant of Arms of his frat and the ability to land any chick within snapping distance has made life pretty easy for him. His home life is another story. He and his brothers are in the middle of a battle between his socialite mother and asshole father. This makeover has nothing to do with love and everything to do with Karrie and Ridge using each other to get what they want. What starts as a ruse soon becomes an attraction they cannot deny.

Bio: From Addiction to Purpose | 21st Century Confessions

Bethany can usually be found with a cup of coffee or glass of wine at hand, and will never turn down a cupcake! When I met Sarah, the woman I would later marry, and found that she was struggling with the same thing, being flighty about denominational structures and all that, we both decided that we needed to commit to something. It was part of the Evangelical movement of Churches in the eighties and nineties.

A lot of the things they did at the Church felt irrelevant to me at the time, but at this Church, we learned the Bible really well.


We both got into the habit of reading it everyday. About a year later, Sarah and I got married. Since we both came from backgrounds outside of the church our dating life was a struggle, but by the time we tied the knot we were beginning to honor Jesus with our relationship and marriage. In the next year, we began to reach out to drug addicts, cynics, and new agers. We even started a group in our home under the leadership of a great missionary couple we had the privilege to know.

Through this group, a number of people came to know Jesus, including my Dad. I began an music internship in at the church we were attending. In addition to doing worship I got the chance to work with youth, start social justice outreach initiatives to the homeless and poor in our area, and work with wonderful cynics in college ministry as well.

By , I got involved at an urban youth center doing outreach to kids growing up on the streets. We worked with kids coming from abusive backgrounds, drugs, gangs and cycles of poverty, and saw great results as these students came closer to knowing Jesus and changing their lives bit by bit.

All the while I had numerous chances to continue doing music at a few different churches and continued to be involved with mentoring urban youth. I continued to work at a coffee shop and work with urban youth during this time as well. This is where our lovely, wily little treasure Charlotte Sofia White was born. I was an associate pastor of worship, and got to launch a young adult and youth small group. Very well written. We have to talk about this though. I do remember going to church every sunday when you and I were kids, and that was not something you and your family did.

After a childhood filled with religious guidance I eventually started to view it as a cancer to social progression. Being as I grew up without a choice, and you found it at an age when it was appropriate to find. Religion is a heavy concept. Far heavier than put your blinker on or right on red. Yet so many children grow up like myself. It is forced on them, and then the rational part of their brain asks questions, and that eventually leads to being dissulussioned.

To be clear.. I am only writing this because I thought what you wrote was candid and interesting and frankly convincing. In spite of it all I wish you all the best man.

Here’s What Your Barista Really Thinks About

I appreciate your response man. To be frank about it which I usually am , Gary was hitting a one-hitter on the way to business meetings all the way up to the age of 4 years ago- when he made the same commitment I did at So I guess I did have religious baggage… more that my folks argued about religion and yet rejected it at the same time. And it just blew me away. I did notice that your struggle with religion comes out in your music- which is really great by the way. And can I make a request that you put that stuff on ITunes so I can buy it? Hi Benjamin, My name is Karalynn and I am also a believer in Jesus Christ, I found that I have passion for human trafficking and helping people understand that they mean something and are cared about.

We are not just a number.

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So I am asking people to share their life stories or testimonies along with their first name their broad location i. I would be honored if you would share your story, if you choose to, just email me at we.

Hi Ben, To God be the Glory! Great things He has done! Only God can change a heart. Keep going!

Coffee Confessions: An Anthology

Diane- you are a great encouragement and example of one who walks with Jesus through every step of life! Thanks for being an inspiration. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.