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There are lenses we commonly recommend and are popular to work with for wedding shoots. For a full-frame Canon such as your 5D MK III the most common first lens to go for would be something in the mm or mm range. They offer a wide focal to get your scenic and group shots in, and also offer a nice portrait perspective for when you are closer to the ceremony and events.

My second lens choice would be something in the mm range for instances where you cannot get close up to the moment, and then a 50mm f1. See the links below for details on each. Weddings are so fast and dont have time to worry about focus so we use our cannon for stills and the complete overview of the room this is only due to focus and limited capture time unless you spend allot on external recorders and such. Dont spend your money on a lens for the Cannon get the right gear for the job and you will be much happier. We shot weddings and a dslr is nice if you have time to compose shots , a typical wedding is run run run then more running.

Knowing that a DSLR can produce decent results at events, they makes for a lot of work to get there. A DSLR will never be able to produce high data rate video with any depth of color space without cooling the chip. No DSLR does that. That big chip in your DSLR? It may be 20 megapixels but HD video is only 2. It must shut down pixels to produce video and in the process creates artifacts.

No need for a video camera at all. My back ups are 2 x gh2's hacked. Monopods tripod steadicam slider and my 4k drone. My whole set up cost under 2k and i get some epic results! Hence my full ofder book for this year.

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Its not tge dollar camera its the guy behind it. Its a wedding shoot candid mainly my equipment is light and small and unibtrusive. This is not a hollywood movie set.

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Hi Glenn would you mind telling me the 3 lenses you use to cover all focal distances? I just shot my first wedding and am looking to upgrade lenses. Thanks so much for any help! You might what to show the difference between low budget and high end cameras for doing weddings. Skip to main content. Things to Consider Remember that each ceremony is unique, every ballroom and reception hall is different, no two events unfold in quite the same way and, above all, every wedding party—from groomsmen to flower girl to the father of the bride—will bring their own personalities, special needs, and last-minute requests.

The Gear List Along with the proper personnel, you will want the correct equipment to do the job right.

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Westcott uLite 3 Light Lighting Kit. Sony MDR Headphone. Senal SMH Headphone. Reply Reply. Joe Blow. So you can operate 9 cameras. Must be really talented. Alejandro villanueva. Rick R. Red Diamond.

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Jeff Martz. What about a DSL Camera? Christina S. Yolanda A. I own Canon 5D Mark lll. Yolie " captureitphoto gmail. Yossi O.

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    • Tony Anello. Great Stuff Keep it coming If you are asked to do a speech, you can prepare it in advance. If not, you will still be able to practice the announcements you are expected to perform. Arriving early at the venue or visiting beforehand lets you see where things are and can assist guests when they arrive. Being asked to be an MC is an honour. While it can be nerve-wracking to know two people have asked you to make their wedding special, you will be fine.

      What a wonderful site. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Often one of the most exciting moments of the wedding day is the dance between the bride and her beloved dad! At CareToDance, we are overjoyed at the recent change in legislation that allows gay and lesbian couples to partake in the ultimate expression of love; marriage! We, like many Australians, believe this decision was a long time coming and are excited to share in the thousands of new weddings being celebrated around the country.

      We offer a safe and welcoming space where anyone can come learn and share in our passion for everything dance! One of the most important parts of the wedding day is how you start the party! If you want to choreograph something a little different or just enjoy a fun routine, CareToDance will help you create your vision.