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Buy more here A subscription gives you unlimited access to all resources. Continue This song can be sung as a partner song with "London Bridge! Loading preview Capcom has revealed what looks like a Resident Evil experience unlike any other, and the Japanese game developer's choice in music helped set an unnerving atmosphere for the title's debut trailer.

You can hear the lyrically-tweaked version of the folk song Go Tell Aunt Rhody in the Resident Evil 7 debut trailer above. While the song plays, men explore a dilapidated plantation, haunting images flash onscreen and a wolf's head decays in seconds.

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Shortly after the Resident Evil 7 trailer was released by Capcom Monday night during Sony's E3 press conference, it didn't take fans long to find a video of the song on YouTube -- one recorded by Burl Ives and noticeably less creepy. His version of the folk song can be heard below. The ice cream truck in my neighborhood plays a hymn! Go Tell Aunt Rhody is a hymn tune?

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Wonders never cease. Antof9 13 yrs ago. I think. They don't play a full song -- just a part of it that keeps repeating over and over and over and over and over. But it sounds to me like parts of a hymn I know! And not even one that is that popular! I'll try to type what I'm hearing:.

However, I tend to think of those as a different sound than this one I could sing you a couple examples, but can't put into words what I'm thinking. Readabuck 13 yrs ago. I recognize your hymn snippet. But I don't have much of an "ear" so I can hardly hear the tune -- don't recall it being much of a tune. And I don't think I ever heard it on an ice-cream truck. Which we do have around here, but not so much since school started and fall has arrived. I recorded it on LJ with a very red face.

Ant, you have a nice singing voice! Re: Ant, you have a nice singing voice! Re: I recorded it on LJ with a very red face. I guess I'm just having a hard time hearing it played by an ice-cream truck. How nice to hear your voice, both the speaking and singing voice. I should have said, "now imagine that tune played on a toy piano or a toy zylophone". That's how it sounds :. Aww, Ant, that's beautiful!!! I'm sure this isn't any help but personally, any song I hear that is played with tinkling bells, brings ice cream to mind.

Yes, we have ice cream trucks here but to be honest, I don't think I've paid attention to whether they play a tune or if it's just a tuneless cranking of the bells that attracts kids to them. Re: Aww, Ant, that's beautiful!!! I think I'd describe it more as a toy piano or xylophone, but good point! What if they provided an ice cream truck for church each week? You'd get more people there. Re: The ice cream truck in my neighborhood plays a hymn! I feel unqualified to comment on any of those things, but you sung it very nicely!

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  7. Actually that's not true, I can comment on ice-cream. Love the coffee flavour stuff with real coffee beans in. Let's talk about ice cream. There are some well-loved hymns that have been sung in church since I was a child; consequently, I know all the words. I agree! And I love 4-part harmony : Ant, wishing for peace on earth too p.

    I posted a link to the song below Readabuck's post if you wanna hear it.

    Go Tell Aunt Rhody: Lyrics

    I forgot to comment on ice cream! For example, when I was evacuated to Houston with my family who lives in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, we bought cookies and cream ice cream AND ice cream cones and ate that for dessert many of the nights we were there. And we were there for 11 days! I guess you could say during periods of extreme stress, I become a big-time ice cream eater. Is that a bad thing? MyopicMeringue 13 yrs ago. I like that hymn. It's called 'I know not why God's wondrous grace'.

    Hehe, I know all the words - when I was a kid I used to read the hymn books and memorise my favourite hymns when I was bored during the sermon! At least it sounds like that, but it's hard to tell with ice cream tunes because they are so jangly. But it sounds like the tune of 'The Spinning Wheel' the first line of which is 'Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning' - I don't know how well-known it is, but I'm too shy to sing it on my livejournal!

    Hymns, hmmmm. I don't recognize this one.

    Go Tell Aunt Rhodie - The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection - Missouri State University

    But I do love the old, well-known hymns. I just had my first choir rehearsal on Thursday and the choir director describes himself as a "traditionalist". Which means that, in addition to the circa folk mass-ish hymns which still seem to stick around like a bad cold, we'll be able to do some Latin stuff like Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus etc.

    Fine by me. Some of the modern stuff is good, but I miss the classical stuff. Worked on a Mozart piece this week. The ice cream man here uses a bell, not a tune. And it's the same family, several generations removed, which has always been the ice cream man in my city.

    Resident Evil 7 ''Go Tell Aunt Rhody'' - The Family Remix + Lyrics [HD]

    Must be at least 80 years of the same bell. If you were to gather several generations of Pawtucket-born people in a room and ring a bell with that same tone, I guarantee they'd all shout "ice cream!

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    Shadie 13 yrs ago. Ant, that was lovely! I don't know the hymn although the tune sounds somewhat familiar. We don't have ice cream trucks around here.