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Grandpa fights an ostrich-class III. Lesson plans. Aparajita Gupta. Objective 1. Students should be able to read and comprehend the lesson 2. Students can be asked to report any incident involving an animal in detail 3. The class will be asked to enact the lesson 2. Evaluation will be done on the basis of- 1. Worksheets 2.

Grandpa fights an ostrich Storyboard by lollipoppopyu

Using the difficult words in the lesson in sentences of their own 3. Reporting of any incident in detail. Creation of a book cover for the lesson 2. Copyright Teachershine. Soon, the dog starts chasing a hare. Grandpa shouts out to call back the dog. Grandpa — alone and without any weapon — feels frightened and begins running towards the fence.

Grandpa Fends Off Kangaroo AND Ostrich With One Hand

He finds a thicket of thorn bushes and then begins running around it. He is tired of running and is about to fall of exhaustion.

He stops and when the ostrich charges at him in full speed, he jumps to one side, but instead of landing safe on the ground he finds himself clinging to its flap of the wing. The ostrich retreats frighteningly. It loses its attacking stance and goes round and round the bush to throw him away from its body.

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Grandpa dares not leaving it, but due to exhaustion he loses the grip and falls on the ground. Soon, the ostrich comes upon him with one leg ready to press him.

  1. La République du genre humain (La Petite Collection t. 629) (French Edition).
  2. Grandpa fights an ostrich and other animal stories.
  3. Kidnapped.

But soon his dog comes running and scares the ostrich. Finally, he is saved by the dog. Enjoyed reading this story! Unknown September 7, at AM. Unknown January 13, at AM.

Grandpa fights an ostrich

April 07, Binya is a poor little girl living with her mother and an elder brother, Bijju, in a very small hilly village of Garhwal. One day while herding her two cows back home, she stumbles upon some city people enjoying the picnic in the valley. She is enthralled to see them rich and well-groomed.

She craves to be one like them and among many other things of their, a blue frilly umbrella catches her attention.

Grandpa Fight An Ostrich Class 9 chapter 11 important questions and answers explain in Hindi

She begins craving for it. On the other hand, the city people get attracted by her innocent beauty and the pendant in her neck. Binya trades her pendant off with the blue umbrella. The blue umbrella is so much beautiful that soon it becomes a topic of conversation for villagers and children adore her umbrella so much that every time they feel like to touch or hold it.

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Binya is on seventh heaven and rarely closes it because she believes it looks charming when it is opened. Ram Bharosa runs a smal…. Read more. September 02, Rather the king is excited about everything in his kingdom.

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