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Taking to the stage, the much-loved comic kicked off his moving acceptance speech looking back on his "lifetime of being gay". Stephen then revealed that he didn't come out until he was at University, continuing: "Just as I was leaving University, the exact year, I read an article about AIDs. Some of the lovely, beautiful, extraordinary young men I was at University with I found myself visiting in hospital.

Parents struggling to come to terms as their son told them that they were gay and going to die in the same sentence. The extraordinary will of our community, the anger and outrage of our community, things began to change and the tide has turned. Stopping himself mid-sentence and without missing a beat, Stephen remained deadpan as he warned: "Answer it or I will kill you.

The comment drew cheers and whooping from the audience, with the QI host professionally continuing with his speech without falter. You have my word. He follows through with it, too. Drunk: My wife, I kill her! I kill my wife!!! Victor: Pardon me, drunk, but you can't come in here Drunk: She makes a fool of me! She makes a fool, I kill her, I kill him! Drunk: She cheats with him, I kill him! Carol: Who? Drunk: Everybody!

She cheats with everybody, I kill everybody!!! Harriet: Don't touch my baby. Don't you ever touch my baby again. Harriet: You better not. You know what will happen to you. I swear to God, I'll kill you! Alvin : We're alive! We're alive!

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Brittany : Good! Simon : Guys, guys, guys! Alvin : Thanks, Si. Though I could've done without the passive aggression. Colonel Hendrickson: I'll kill you before I let you make another one. In Animorphs , Rachel screams this at David at one point. Only one? Malfoy : You're dead, Potter. Harry : That's funny, you'd think I'd have stopped walking around. Thrawn : "Your xenocentric chauvinism is no concern of mine. I care about performance and results, and your record is exemplary. I do not care about your petty bigotry.

Live-Action TV. Yew bastahd!!! Gus Fring : I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter. Harmony: "I can kill you where you stand. Buffy: I'm gonna kill you. Will that blow the whole karma thing? Rollins : Don't tell me "Don't worry, be happy! Stabler: I'll kill him. O'Halloran: I'll dump the body. Sawyer : "If you harm one curly little hair on his Hurley head Locke : Then what's gonna happen, Jack?

Jack : I'm gonna kill you. I'll tell you what's up with me. Number 2 : "I'll kill you! Number 6 : "I'll die. Clark Luthor : Give me the box.

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Spartacus: "Next time we meet, I will kill you. You are going to try. Tom Paris: Too late! I'm betting your hair pasta already did the trick! Quark: I will kill him! Odo: smirks With what? John Connor: I'll kill you! Let go of me!


Lola: I. Am going. To KILL her! But first I have to puke! Maeve: At first, I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you're just men. And I know men. You think I'm scared of death? I've done it a million times. I'm fucking great at it. How many times have you died?

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Because if you don't help me I'll kill you. Eminem: "You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes?! Dre: "Wutchoo say? Didn't think I'd remember? Dre: "I'm a kill you, mothafucka! Temper, temper! Pro Wrestling. They were going into War Games, a gimmick match practically built around multiple wrestlers ganging up on another. Let's just say WSU hasn't done another one since.

They were tag team partners after all. What made it memorable and kinda funny is that the crowd cheered when he said this. Variant, in what was an ambulance match between Ryback and John Cena , Ryback said Cena would not make it to the hospital but instead would be going to the morgue. A View from the Bridge : Eddie: I'll kill you for that, you son of a bitch! Theme Parks. Video Games. The sheer rage in Mordecai's voice is terrifying. Mordecai: Goddammit, Jack!

I'm gonna kill you!

You hear me!? Gary: Well at least my mother doesn't make a living on her back! King : YOU! You're the Doctor! Doctor : Yes, I am the Doctor So what is it you plan on doing with that sword? King : I'll kill you!! Mary : You I will kill you! Beowulf : I will Killyou. Lamington : King Laharl Laharl barely articulate : Despise Despise you?! Laharl : Kill White Heart: The hell's that?

Listen to that crap, talkin' out yer ass! Blanc: Wha-? Why the hell're people acting like fools on my site?!

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Who the hell did this? I'll kill 'em! Ganon : Join me, Link. And I will make you a face the grrrreatest in Korridai! Or else you will DIE! Travis : Give me all your hate, your anger, your everything. Yoko: I'm gonna kill you! Lammy: Eh, I think I'm dead already. Mitsunari: "I'll kill you!

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And with my sword I shall cut you to pieces And eat your heart! Law Hero : " In the name of God , I must slay you! Jim Raynor :"It may not be tomorrow, darlin'. It may not even happen with an army at my back. But rest assured: I'm the man who's going to kill you some day. I'll be seein' you.

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Moses : Giet's gonna feast on your heart tonight! Demoman : Gonna kill you and I'm keep killin' you and I never, cause you're be dead and then I'm gonna kill you. What did you do to him? Go ahead. Prepare however you want. But when you step forward Dear husband While I can't promise you'll kill a Pope and Young buck with this tactic, I'll virtually guarantee you'll never regret trying. On hallowed ground: the art of ambushing whitetails on terra firma. Lift the seedling out of the compost from underneath with a pencil, guiding it by holding just the leaf - never touch the stem as you'll kill the plant.

Polyanthus plan. Or it might be, 'Get him on the turn today, son, and you'll kill him. Even if you're deadly on a target, when it comes to hunting live deer, aim at the lower third of the body and you'll kill more and track less. Be an archery assassin: it's not when you practice but how that can make all the difference during hunting season.

Tommy Lasorda once said, "If you hold a dove too tightly; you'll kill it, but if you hold it too loosely; you'll lose it. Top ten lessons I learned: some final observations from Ms.