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We all know that. Look at my brother. You see them bending the knee? But then the beast lets him pass.

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Grey Worm is killing people in the street. She looks shocked, blood trickling from her nose and mouth, as she dies in his arms. Jon weeps. Jon watches, transfixed. Please sit.

What’s going on in Daenerys’ head?

Sam puts forth the idea of a democratic Westeros, which is met with guffaws. Tyrion says. Um, OK?

Tyrion can just make law like this now? Wow, breast really is best. But Jon is still wrestling with his actions. Jon puts all the dead animals back on his shoulders walks by the pier, with Grey Worm giving him the stinkeye the whole time. Aw, poor Grey Worm. Bran tells Jon he was exactly where he was supposed to be, and man, they had to end on that note? For the record, the council also consists of Bronn, Davos and Brienne.

Aw, Pod is a knight now! Bronn is master of Highgarden and master of coin. Davos is master of ships. Sam is grandmaester. Far north, Tormund lets Jon into the newly remade Castle Black. And what about Tyrion Lannister — might he not also still want to claim Casterly Rock as his birthright, and with it, the title of Warden of the West?

And finally, Yara Greyjoy should have the Iron Islands under her command by now. The question is, would that make a difference? Even if the other regions are able to assemble fresh forces and that would be difficult for those who just fought alongside Jon Snow , it might not be enough.

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One dragon can wipe out an army. If Varys were smart — which he generally was — he would have also notified the Citadel, the Iron Bank, the House of Black and White, the Red Temple — any institution in Westeros and Essos with any sort of influence or power. There are effective ways to resist tyranny and dragons. But if Dany is to be eliminated quickly, an assassin might be required.

Someone she trusts, and who can get past the fearsome Drogon. Arya Stark went to assassin school in Braavos, where she picked up some very useful skills. Which is to say, where are all her faces? Did she bring any with her from Winterfell? How was she expecting to get past Cersei, her original target? And if she decides to select a new target, does she have spare faces to help out?

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Twice in this series, Tyrion Lannister has been accused of crimes — murders and attempted murders — that he did not in fact commit. In attempting to defend himself against such charges, he usually resorted to trial by combat. But if Dany accuses him of treason — for freeing his brother Jaime, her prisoner — Tyrion actually would be guilty.

How will he talk himself out of this one? Dany promised to destroy the metaphorical wheel of power in order to create a better world.

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But she never said how she intended to do that. Somebody should have asked. If she were to be defeated, will Jon pursue his claim or abdicate the throne?

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Will the throne be destroyed? Hopefully Drogon will live long enough to melt it. What about the idea of monarchy? What form of government could best replace the current one? Will anyone dig back in Westerosi history and suggest the re-establishment of a Great Council? Or how about glancing at the political setup in Essos, across the Narrow Sea? Or maybe something altogether new …. Which leaves us to wonder: How much do they really know about what has happened? Do they even know who Daenerys Targaryen is? Did they consider Queen Cersei a tyrant?

These are people who once rioted in the streets in Season 2 and ripped the High Septon limb from limb when they thought the monarchy was failing them. We can probably guess the answer to that one. What turned out to be ash looked in these visions like snow. Unlike Dany, though, Bran has had a chance to pause and rewind. Did he watch more of the horror unfold?

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