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Double-check your translation with several sources before you get it inked on your skin. Because the Latin language is extinct, you won't be able to find a native speaker. Instead, ensure your translation is correct by either using several online translators or confirming its accuracy with a Latin teacher or scholar.

Again, don't get a tattoo that is misspelled or translates into something other than what you'd thought. Before you get inked, make sure you have the words right! Check it again and again. Know that online translation devices are just robotic and often make mistakes turn verbs into nouns, mix words around, confuse genders, and make other inhuman errors. You might consider posting a question on an online forum and inviting Latin scholars to help you with the phrase. If you post a comment below, you might get lucky, since Latin students and scholars sometimes chime in to help with translations there.

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You should also spend some time sleuthing out the proper pronunciation because, well, it's your tattoo. Of course, with any written tattoo, the style of the lettering matters as much as the words themselves. Here are some suggestions for fonts you might like to use. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I found a translation of latin phrase "Omnia, quae volo, adipiscar. There's also a quote that you might like the quote, not the concept ofc If you tell me more about the meaning of this tatoo for you maybe I can find something else. If it's about unrequited love, your name is perfect :D. I would like to know how to spell Love Hurts in latin. I would like to have one word tattoed on a thigh so its very important.

May you help me? Therefore it could also mean courageous, valiant powerful and everything else strong-related. Semper Fortis. Which is the correct translation? Always Courageous or Always Strong? Or does it mean the same? Hi what would be Latin words for my life,my heart,it belongs to you till death do us part thankyou. Can someone please help? Thank you. Marli and Austin This is my prayer to you: Love me for who I am not for who you want me to be.

I want this in Latin. Hi can you give me the correct translation of "I want to end my life"? Can someone plesse help me with a translation for "question everything" or "question all things". It does not belong to archaic times though, you can not easily find it until the I sec with the spreading of Christianity to translate angelos messenger from ancient greek. Susan: you can't translate it litteraly.

Ālīs volat propriīs

The concept of family in ancient Rome is too different from your idea of family. Maybe "familia aeterna est". Little sister I don't think it exists. Maybe minor, iunior I want to do a variation of 'She flies with her own wings' to say 'She flies with the wings they gave her' as an ode to my family.

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Can someone help me with the translation to latin? I search the internet and found Semper Pugnare. In the Netherlands dutch is sounds like somebody who always fight like a boxer or someone who always get in trouble for fighting. Thank you! I really want to get a tattoo and i love Latin language so i want to get a tattoo in this language only. I want to write "Alis volat propriis" which is shown in the picture above but I'm really confused coz it says "She flies with her own wings" but for a guy will it be remain same or will it change..?? I am a latin scholar here to the rescue!

It's late and I'm bored so I decided to use my expensive education to save people from making terrible tattoo mistakes. An established and beautiful latin maxim. This is such a nice hub, and no wonder this hub has got so many replies. Even I am also planning to get a tattoo, this hub will surely help me in that. A tattoo in latin is great since its mysterious and none understands it really I didn't know anything about latin meaning and tattoos til I read this hub.

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This was a very entertaining read and informative. Keep up the good work. Much Love and Respect. What a great idea for a tattoo! Using Latin words and phrases will make you feel scholarly, to boot. Actually, my favorite Latin phrase is "sursum corda" which means "lift up your hearts". If I do get a tattoo, I would definitely use that. Morale booster. Spherion is offering flexibility of temporary part-time job to qualified applicants. Contact; kristylewellen yahoo. This powerful White magic love spell is tailored to bring your lover back in your arms permanently and with no delay.

I use the best spell casting techniques to make your lover come home. This spell is customized to your situation and deals specifically with the barriers that have risen between you and your ex-partner. One by one, all obstacles will be removed until your lover realizes that leaving you was a mistake and desire nothing but coming back into your arms. I am Brazilian and I was wondering how it would look in Latin: "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. A text either in english or in latin. Problem is i've been uncertain of what the translation to latin would be. I've seen several possibilities.

Does anyone know how to translate "from the other-side of the hatch" into Latin? Not even days later, Wells called me and asked me out for a drink. He apologized to me and sincerely begged me for forgiveness and to give him another chance. I loved this man so much, I could not say no.

He now treats me like a princess better than before if I may add. Ogun made a believer out of me.

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I wrote to him and apologized for my rudeness and lack of trust and patience. He also explained to me that magic is not like a push-button kind of thing. It sometimes takes longer than anticipated but it always works and he was right. You may also need help in your love life and i recommend him as he is a great spell caster.

Contact him via: Templeofloveandmoney gmail. Can anyone translate "strength through adversity" please? I need to know what ''Family Comes First'' is in Latin please. Free mind, healthy soul. Please, could you answer to my email? See of remaining comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, tatring. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Latin Language in Today's Popular Culture It's no secret that Angelina Jolie is fond of tattoos; everyone is familiar with the tattoo she got in honor of her now ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, then later had covered up. I hold the wolf by the ears like holding a tiger by the tail; I am in danger but will not give up, I face danger head-on.

Designing a Latin Tattoo: The Translation Luckily, unlike tattoos of Hebrew and Arabic words and phrases, Latin phrases are fairly easy to translate for the sake of tattooing. Photos of Latin Tattoos Click thumbnail to view full-size. Latin Tattoo Translation Mistakes Again, don't get a tattoo that is misspelled or translates into something other than what you'd thought.

Latin Tattoo Fonts Of course, with any written tattoo, the style of the lettering matters as much as the words themselves. Fabas indulcet fames: "Hunger sweetens the beans" or "hunger makes everything taste good. Can someone translate "faith greater than fear" to Latin? Hi, Can someone help with the translation "I will find my own way". Denis it's future tense. A choice no mother should have to make. What will Mer'a do? Where will God lead her on yet another powerhouse journey of faith in her upcoming sequel to this.

Watch for it Journal Entry-Pain is now a part of my daily life. The ghosts still haunt every fiber of my soul.

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Managing to hold on to all I? I wonder; where is my angel? Why won? I drowned in my thoughts. God keeps my head alive.