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I told Chris that he now had his Mrs Robinson, Debbie then said that she was old enough to be his mother again and that I was to stop teasing him. I stood up took hold of Debbie and kissed her passionately, Chris just stood the gawping, for the first ime you could feel the tension raising and my heart was thumping away.

I took another brave step and said to Chris that is how you kiss a woman. Debbie looked me in the eye disapprovingly when I suggested that since Chris obviously fancied his chances with her earlier why don't you give him a snog. Debbie instantly said no but me and Chris started jokingly acting like we were disappointed.

I said well at least a goodnight peck just to show him what he is missing. Debbie again refused but we started coax her saying that it was just peck and Chris said he would treasure the kiss forever. Debbie turned to Chris and said OK one kiss then its time for you to leave. My heart was now in my mouth when she said this. Here was my about to agree to kiss another guy and not only that but one who was a god 20 years her junior. Chris stepped forward and Debbie quickly kissed him on his check, Chris looked surprised and said I thought you said a kiss, meaning on the lips.

Debbie looked at me for help but I just raised my eyebrows in agreement with Chris. Chris then pulled her close in a hug and said that was amazing then kissed her again. Debbie on the third kiss had now relaxed and Chris looked her in the eye then gently leaned forward again but this time he slowly kissed her back on the lips but this time he didn't break the embrace, I saw Debbie sort of protest before the kiss turned into a proper mini snog.

Debbie stood back and then climb onto the bed next to me for protection. I put my arm around her and said ''wow, that looked great'.

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Chris was now sat on the edge of the bed so I turned Debbie's head and I kissed her longingly, ny cock was so hard at what I had just seen and Debbie was now all flustered. I then pushed things further and said ok Chris you can have one more snog before you go. With Debbie now laid on the bed next to me I thought this was going to be a bit more intimate. Chris climb u next to us and as he lay the other side of Debbie I turned her head around so Chris could have his last kiss.

Their lips met and I gently turned Debbie so she was now laid on her back with Chris leaning over her kissing her with a bit more passion. As he stopped I leaned over and kissed her, she felt so good and relaxed. Chris then leaned back and kissed her again, now they were both kissing and Debbie had not stopped or demanded Chris left. As they kissed I put my hand on her stomach and started to rub her, I slowly inched my way up to breast and felt no resistance.

Then stopped and Debbie turned to me and said I cant believe we have just done that, I felt the moment might go so I just said well its turning me on and before she could reply i kissed her and moved my hand onto her breast. I glanced up at Chris who was watching where my hand had crept to intently and as he caught my eye I gave him that look to push it a little but further.

Chris then leaned forward so I broke off my kiss to her he quickly replaced me and this time he placed his hand on her breast. Debbie did not protest as they kissed. Chris then kissed her neck and Debbie began moaning. I couldn't believe my luck, here was my wife laid out on a bed with another guy kissing her neck while he played with her breast.

I thought if this ends here now I will be more than satisfied. I leaned back more as if to give Chris more of Debbie.

Chris was now stoking both of her Breasts and she was panting as he did it. The sight was awesome. I then placed my hand on her thigh and began stroking her, as I got higher Debbie took my wrist to stop me going further up towards her pussy. She was wearing trousers so I wasn't going to get to far but Chris then placed his hand on the opposite thigh and started to stroke her too, Debbie released me and took hold of Chris's wrist to hold him back but all this did was allow me to slide further up. She broke kiss from Chris and looked at me as if to say behave.

I looked back at her with those eyes that said please!!! I the leaned further into her and whispered to her to relax and enjoy. I then watched Chris move his hand closer to her pussy but Debbie was no longer holding him as firmly as before then bingo he slide it over her pussy and then slide his hand between her thigh and started to rub her through he trousers.

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Now she moaned!!! I slightly pushed her legs apart to give Chris more room and then I started to kiss her again hoping Chris was doing the magic between her thighs. Debbie was now relaxed and started to nervously enjoy herself, as Chris was gently rubbing her i took hold of trouser button and popped it open and waited for her reaction, there was nothing and i,m not sure she even noticed, so i slowly took hold of her zip and started to pull it down, Chris looked at me and i nodded him permission.

I was now ready cum in my pants and could feel myself having pre-spunk leaking from my cock. Debbie began groaning to God and I just laid back and watched her face she looked like she was going to explode. Chris was trying to lower her waistband so he could touch her pussy more comfortably so i began to pull them for him.

Debbie began saying to leave them but i ignored her and then i just climbed to the bottom of the bed pulled her trousers right off. Chris now plunged two fingers into her and Debbie was now thrashing around. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down to expose her nipples and Chris took one in his mouth as fingered her, Debbie's Knockers where now down her thighs so I slowly removed them from her and watched as her thighs were wide apart and her pussy exposed for us to see. I moved Chris's hand away and placed my fingers where his had been and fuck!!!

I whispered in her ear if she was enjoying but she just moaned her approval. Chris then started to get undressed and when he lay next to Debbie again I did the same. Now we were all undressed except for Debbie who still had her blouse and bra partly on.

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We helped her out of these so we were all naked together. Chris cocked his leg across Debbie's thigh and I saw his hard cock against her thigh. I knew at this point that he was going to go for her pussy with his cock and moments later he was laid between her thighs kissing her deeply. The first time, she finds out about his arrival and takes refuge into another wing of the house, where she surrounds herself with her ladies-in-waiting. Frustrated, Genji ends up taking her younger brother to bed, as her replacement. This episode is considered the sole explicit example of homosexual relations in the tale.

The second time, Genji manages to get close to her and he even gets to spy on her playing go with her step-daughter, Nokiba no ogi. After having spied on her, Genji, with the complicity of Utsusemi's younger brother, Kogimi, steals into her chamber again. Aware of his presence, Utsusemi manages to escape from Genji's embrace by discarding her outer robe like a cicada discards its shell hence the chapter title. In her desire to escape him, the lady also abandons behind her sleeping step-daughter, who becomes Genji's unwitting prey.

Unwilling to admit defeat, or rather to sleep alone for the night, Genji makes do with what is left behind and ends sleeping with Nokiba no ogi, who does not even imagine she has been the victim of mistaken identity. At the end of the fourth chapter, "Yugao", Utsusemi leaves the capital with her husband who has been appointed governor of a province. Nokiba no ogi also gets married and leaves the narrative. They exchange poems, and Utsusemi is shown to regret not being able to accept Genji's advances because of Utsusemi's marriage and differences in rank.

The reason behind her decision is her desire to escape the unwelcome amorous attentions of her step-son, the Governor of Kii.