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Why, Daddy, Why

According to Urban Dictionary, guys considered "zaddy" basically have the "It" factor. They're stylish. They're perceived as cool.

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They have their s— together. And obviously they're hot. Typically, they're rich. The first letter of his name is "Z," like, you know, "Zaddy," so there's that, too.

BEST chicken on earth. period.

As to why people pick up the slang word in instances when they're not talking about the singer? I'm not so sure, and I'm not so sure it matters. It's simply a way of labeling a man as attractive and automatically giving him the dominant role in the relationship. The term "dad" is also used popularly, and it essentially equates to the same as "zaddy" or "daddy.

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But does the use of this term have anything to do with actual fathers? Not really.

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  • Most of my friends, at least, are uncomfortable with the term. Make a beeline for our insta stories to see Ricky's thoughts on the Daddy tee, losing a tooth, the fall of Rome and more!


    During episode six, "State of the Uterus," we learn more about Daddy's background and what lands her behind bars in the first place. Daddy's smooth yet felonious former ways of life are revealed during one of the many season six flashbacks , and well, there's no better way to put this. Back in the day, Daddy ran an independent escort service. Surrounded by a group of attractive young girls, she'd arrange for said ladies to spend time with wealthy, older businessmen, and she'd lure them into this promiscuous, drug-filled gig by promising them a life of no monetary worries.

    She does not imply that the women have to have sex with the men, but she does say, "If you want to make more, you do more. Instead of calling , she surprises viewers by detailing how the man and his security guard need to get rid of the body and come up with an alibi. It's not explicitly stated that this specific death landed her in max , but we're assuming it had something to do with her scheming life as something of a procuress.

    Third Bit: Daddy, Why Don't You Ever Laugh?

    Despite all of her very illegal behaviors, Daddy appears to truly care about the people closest to her. She steals Daya's heart by the likes of companionship and Oxycontin , and while we're not so down with the latter, Daddy still ends up being one of our favorite new characters this season sorry, Badison.

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