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Parkerson, a Baptist minister from North Carolina, coined the phrase in this narrative that he shares:. In this church it had previously been an addendum, not the main focus of worship. A deacon in the church asked me why I had made the change. I gave my reason, and then asked him why he did not like the change.

A Loss for Words

We obviously live in a changing world. Some fairly significant changes in the world order, the way we do business. Yet, whether we are ready to admit it or not, it seems to be part of our human nature to resist change. We fear the loss of control, the uncertainty of different, the additional work, the ripple effects, or maybe the reality that change can hurt.

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It can result in lost jobs, fewer programs or different ways to teach and learn. When we are accustomed to the way things are, we become comfortable. It adds insult to injury by dismissing all that I have already endured; the failed attempts for a cure, the progressive decline of my physical state and the anguish which has involved exhaustive reflection and contemplation leading me to this very personal and intimate decision about my own life and how I would like it to end. I may take the option of shortening the agony of my final hours.

Most recently, state medical associations have been switching their positions from opposed to neutral, with language reflecting the change. We believe it is up to the individual physician and their patient to decide voluntarily whether the End of Life Option Act is something in which they want to engage.

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The Vermont Medical Society recognizes that medical aid in dying, in the form of Vermont Act 39, is a legal option that could be made in the context of the physician-patient relationship. The appropriateness of the term is doubtful in several respects…. In , the APHA adopted a policy supporting aid in dying. These patients and the typical suicide are opposites.

Jessica Chambers case: Burned woman's dying words contested at suspect's trial

The next, most important step in resolving these controversies is to move beyond the issue of whether physician aid-in-dying is suicide and think instead about intentions, about choices, about what range of options we want, what roles we want to be able to play in our own eventual deaths. Maine Adopts Death with Dignity.

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The narrative is circular in nature and "snakes through the minds of assorted people as they react to Moira's demise". Kirkus Reviews concludes that "Some of this material is - even if read as partial parody - stale and stagey. It certainly doesn't add up satisfyingly, with or without reference to the metafictional framework.

But, page by page, Gee demonstrates promise as an ironic observer and darkly lyrical maker of vignettes - talents which would show up far better in a more straightforward, less cutely 'literary' novel'. The novel has appeared in several editions: [11]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.