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Sort order. No computers or wires or code. Just me and you. She writes it. I read it. No questions asked. Any genre. Any pairing. Unfortunately, Zero Hour didn't meet my expectations. While enjoyable, it missed the mark in certain areas. As I cracked this book open, I was immediately sucked in. A revenge plot, plus a best friend's little sister trope wrapped around me instantly. I loved how grumpy Roarke was He was getting a team together to take down those involved in killing his brother. Nothing would stop him. Nothing would get in his way.

Except Wren. And she sure made an entrance. Confidence pouring off her. Lavender hair, badass bike She wanted in. Not just to avenge Flynn Roarke was in awe of the woman Wren turned in to. He hadn't seen her in a decade, but that didn't mean he wasn't keeping tabs on her behind a computer screen. She was all grown up now, and while he could visually see that, he had a hard time letting go of his vision of her from when they were younger. The girl who dreamed of a husband, a white picket fence, 2. How was he going to get through this mission with her constantly on his mind?

Wren has seen and lived through all kinds of situations. Things that very few know about. So few that she could count them on one hand. She knows what she's capable of, and she's set herself up to being a vital part of this mission. Feelings for Roarke, the guy she's had feelings for since she was a teenager, will just have to be put to the side. An almost kiss, then someone runs away. Rounding of a couple of bases, a confession, then someone storms off. Finally sex! Then a truth bomb and you guess it And in each instance, after every encounter that ended with someone walking away angry I love a good push and pull conflict, but there was too much going around in circles here for my tastes.

It got very frustrating. However, I have to say that Megan Erickson created a hacking team that I am beyond intrigued with though I wish we could have seen how this team came together. If everyone is getting a book I'm so IN and ready for it! Especially Jock OMG give me a stoic and cold man with a hint of heart underneath any day of the week. I can't wait to meet the woman who breaks his hardened shell! The suspense element, while intriguing, kind of bored me. I expected more "edge of my seat" action and instead ended up with a mystery that never fully grabbed me and then an anti-climactic ending.

I'm here for it!! I love the movie Hackers and I'm so excited that this was the initial inspiration!!! View all 6 comments. Jan 20, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: dbo-arc , emotional , sexy , stand-alone , alpha-man , medium-steam , romance-mf , series , suspense , sweet-heroine. First things first Let me start out by saying, that this book is an MF book. As far as I know the first two books will be MF. After that there might be MM, but I am not completely sure.

For some reason code really turns me on :P Roarke hacker extraordinair wants to avenge t First things first For some reason code really turns me on :P Roarke hacker extraordinair wants to avenge the death of his brother Flynn, and he gets a team of hackers together, to help him out on his mission. He knows who's responsible for his brothers death What he wasn't prepared for, was his friend's sister also joining the team.

Wren has her own reasons for wanting to help out the team. These two have been crushing on each other for a long long time and its quite obvious that the attraction between them hasn't simmered down over the years. I also really enjoyed the fact that Wren wasn't a doormat, even though Roarke was pretty Alpha A nice " slow burn " romance with some mystery and suspense mixed in ; My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession View all 14 comments. Jan 13, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: releases.

Only now Wre 3. What I Liked: Megan Erickson has quickly become one of my favorite romance authors. I've been reading her books for years, and I can't say I've ever really been disappointed. She produces so many stories and at such great quality, and I am always looking for more. This new series of hers is a thrilling romantic suspense series, with a little more action and blood than her other books, but no less swoony and sexy in terms of the romance. Roarke Brennan wants revenge for his little brother's murder, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

So he rounds up a crew of fellow hackers, the best of the bunch: his best friend Erick, who he has known since childhood; Marisol, Jock, Dade Kelly He wants her safe, but he hasn't known her in ten years, and doesn't know what she is capable of. Wren has her own reasons for wanting to take down the man that had Flynn Brennan murdered, reasons that have nothing to do with Flynn or Roarke or the crew. She has been in love with Roarke for most of her life, but his protectiveness won't stop her from helping the crew. Roarke and Wren are bound to collide, as sparks fly and the stakes intensify.

No one writes a grumpy but lovable hero like Megan Erickson. I adored Roarke from page one and wanted to hug him throughout the book. He is stuck in pain and repressed grief, with a permanent scowl and bags under his eyes. He is a good guy with good intentions, but he is intent on getting revenge. He's a genius hacker and sometimes more robot than human, and sometimes he needs to be reminded of his feelings and emotions. I adore grumpy, protective heroes, and Roarke was not hard to love.

He is respectful of boundaries and he doesn't try to control Wren, even though he doesn't want her on the mission. Wren is a tough lady with a lot to lose and a lot to prove. She knows she is capable of helping the crew, which is why she doesn't back down even when Roarke tells her no. She has been through so much in the past, and she has her own reasons for wanting revenge. I love how open and direct Wren is - especially when it came to Roarke. She saw through his walls and armor and pushed him to communicate and help her understand what was going through his head.

I thought it was great to see a heroine who wouldn't take the hero's BS, but also didn't run away or push him away indefinitely. As a couple, Roarke and Wren really fit together. Roarke is a leader and a great hacker, stoic and aloof and cool. Wren is a risk-taker and she's direct and blunt. There are so many moments of bickering and tension between the pair, and I love some good back-and-forth banter! They had fierce chemistry too, both subtle and obvious. Things heated up between them quickly, though not from page one. I liked the "best friend's little sister" trope in this book!

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Roarke had liked Wren since they were kids, and Wren had liked Roarke since then as well, but then Wren went off to college and ten years passed and only now are they seeing each other. There is a smidgen of the whole "forbidden" aspect of their relationship initially, because that's how they each thought of it, when they dreamed of being with the other in high school. BUT I liked that Erick wasn't the reason why they didn't get together in this present time. And when Roarke decided to talk to Erick about things, Erick didn't flip out.

This trope actually worked for me! This is a romantic suspense novel and I really enjoyed the action! Trying to take down the man - or men - that killed Roarke's younger brother comes with its obstacles, that's for sure. It's clear from the ending of the book that that plot isn't quite over, though certain things are resolved. This book is the first of a companion series, so catch Jock's book next! Overall I am pleased with this book and will be reading Jock's book!

I can't wait for his, because I loooove the strong silent types and Jock is definitely both of those things. I would have loved to meet Fiona Wren's best friend in this book, but that's okay. I also wouldn't have minded more steamy interactions from Roarke and Wren. The "hacking" aspect of the book is really light like, suuuuuper light in terms of terminology , but very important for the plot, but not overwhelming.

There is no romance drama thank you, Megan! I know I want book two now! Rating: 4 stars. Erickson hasn't disappointed me yet and I'm sure she won't! I hope book two will be just as good or even better. I trust her and I always know what I can expect from her books in terms of romance - very little unnecessary drama! My favorite. Jan 22, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it Shelves: hacker , rom-suspense.

I really enjoyed this book. Oh Roarke, I love you so much. His brother wanted out of the hacker lifestyle and took a job with computer security software company called, Saltner Defense. Shortly after his brother discovered a malware-type virus in a big operating software, he was found dead. Roarke wants revenge on Arden Saltner, the head of the company who he knows hired someone to kill his brother. To do this, he needs dirt on Saltner and he assembles a team of hackers that are willing to risk their lives to help out their friend.

He has loved Wren forever, but wanted her to go live a good, wholesome life. Guess what? Wren has her own set of hacking skills, and also wants revenge on a Saltner — but not Arden, his son, Darren. Darren is a very bad man who runs black market sex rings out of his clubs. Wren saw first hand what Darren can do to girls and is determined to take him down.

So why not take down his father too? This is why it kills me to see you involved in this, because all I wanna do is see you safe. Roarke, Wren, her brother Erick and a few others on their team get their knuckles cracking on some hacker skills, while Wren puts herself up as bait for Darren. All the while, Roarke walks around in an extremely bad mood, secretly lusting after Wren.

Like I said, I had so much fun reading this book. Roarke and Wren are really engaging main characters with great sexual tension and romance. Roarke snatched her latte and took a big gulp. He grimaced as he set it down. And I fucking hate Christmas.

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Erick, their co-hackers Jock and Dade. To start this book, Roarke and Erick have to literally jump on Dade and fight him to the ground to convince him to work with them. But — they were all on board for the mission to take down the Saltners. They might be a bit secretive, but they came together and could trust one another when shit hit the fan.

I loved that. Wren is a woman who has persevered through life. At the same time, she relies on the team to help her and never goes out on her own and does anything stupid just to prove something. But this is something she is proud of and needs Roarke to take a step back and respect her for it. The suspense and romance are well-balanced in this one too. Great sexual tension, as Roarke finally admits his true feelings for Wren. We also learn that he has basically been tracking her every movement most of her life, even hacking into certain systems so she would get a raise or win a contest.

I could have lived without knowing that information about Roarke. But he is super intense, and that fits in with his personality. Still — a little icky. Megan Erickson has created a really fun, gritty, sexy world, with just enough humor to balance it all out. Roarke is even grumpy in the epilogue. Grade: A View 2 comments. Dec 24, Stacee rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , theyre-tattoos-not-ink-or-tats , read-in I really liked Wren and Roarke. Marisol especially. Plot wise it was interesting. And while I liked the epilogue, I wanted more.

My main complaint is that it did sort of feel like I was dropped in the middle of a story. Yet, it seemed slightly unfinished and with several loose ends. Overall, it was a unique to me story and had characters kept me reading. However, there is a lot of talk of sex trafficking and assault. Also I wanted to know about his history with Wren. I loved the premise in this one because it was so different from whatever I have read so far!

I enjoyed most of the story. I have some issues in the beginning, I was confused with what is happening but soon the story keep up and everything was ok for me! Roarke is dark,broody and sexy. Wren is fun,sassy and sexy. Their romance is sexy and slow burn and I liked a 3, stars This was a great story, I was intrigued and I wanted to know more about Roarke!

Their romance is sexy and slow burn and I liked a lot! I loved the secondary characters so much, they were perfect! I'm excited for the next book and I'm sure it will be better!

Feb 06, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: angst , mf , badass-female-lead. Who doesn't love a hacker!! Not me, that's for sure. Megan Erickson is one of my favorite. Her MF books are always a joy to read because her female leads are always badass, strong, smart! I just love it! So, here we have, Roarke, hacker and sort of an anti-sociable. He formed a team to avenge the death of his brother, Finn. His best friend sister's, Wren, wants in on it because she wants revenge for Finn too but she have one of her own as well.

Except, Roarke haven't seen Wren in 10 years and for him Who doesn't love a hacker!! Except, Roarke haven't seen Wren in 10 years and for him, she's still this fragile flower who needs protection So, yeah Roarke was super annoying. I mean, I get where he is coming from and that he's just not good with the talking but at time I just wanted to slap him!! I really loved the secondary characters and I hope they will all have their story. I want Dade and Erick!! View 1 comment. Jan 13, Jessica Alcazar rated it it was amazing Shelves: erickson-megan , reviewed-bookbub , kindle-doc , netgalley , reviewed-amazon , favorite.

This is an extraordinary book. I have lots more to say but it has to wait OMG, how did release day get here so fast for Zero Hour?!?! First, the story was edge of your seat anticipatory. Both the suspense tension and the romantic tension were spot on. I also found it twis This is an extraordinary book. I also found it twisty enough where I can definitively say that not everything you read is what is … hmmmmm …. Seriously ….. This story is SO much more than a simple romantic suspense with a revenge plot. Third, Megan Erickson wrote such compelling characters that I was not only invested in Wren and Roarke our leads but every single other person in the team.

Seriously you guys, this is a team of misfits. Ridiculously talented misfits, but misfits just the same. And I loved every single moment of them.

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They are all so very unique yet fit together like a well-oiled machine. I am so thrilled with not only this story but the stories it set up to come that my gut is telling me it will end up in my top reads for ! Copy provided by NetGalley for review Jan 11, Hollis rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , reads , aar , contemporary , ebook , lgbtqia , thriller , zzzz-snooze , arc , not-all-the-feels-but-some. I don't know about you, but some of my favourite authors are the ones who have a particular genre or style and tend to stick with it.

Sure, there's always the risk of one day waking up bored with it all, but often it's easy and delightful to come back to what you love and get exactly what you want out of a story. Then there are those authors who break out of their niche and try something new every so often. Sometimes it works; and sometimes you can only applaud the effort and the bravery in devia I don't know about you, but some of my favourite authors are the ones who have a particular genre or style and tend to stick with it. Sometimes it works; and sometimes you can only applaud the effort and the bravery in deviating from the tried and true, as opposed to applauding the material itself.

Erickson's recent ventures into the supernatural haven't really wowed me, but there is potential in some of the characters she's created in this series, even though the context in which they exist and the events that contain them, are not as strong. View all 5 comments. This was awesome! I loved the build to the romance and the suspense was captivating.

I was exciting while and on the edge of my seat! Wren and Roark were fantastic characters. I liked that push and pull they had on one another. A bit of animosity mixed with simmering chemistry. I liked learning their history and I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop in the midst of their mission and all the drama that was going on.

Both Wren and Roark had their own motivations for what they were do This was awesome! Both Wren and Roark had their own motivations for what they were doing and I was fascinated by their personal stories. It was intense and emotional. I loved everything that I learned and that build those details created as all the pieces connected. I thought the suspense element was excellent, it added a nice amount of intensity.

I loved the hacker element as well, learning the ins and outs of it, and the lingo. It was something new to me and it made it more fun to read since it was fresh. I loved the exceptional cast of characters that was introduced. They intrigued the heck out of me and I need more of them! Writing wise I thought there was a great flow to the story, I liked the depth and details, I was hooked and turning the page because I couldn't wait to learn what would happen next.

The world the author created is elaborate and I really enjoyed it. Excellent way to kick off a series! There's a bit of heat, a lot of passion, and the perfect mix of mystery and drama mixed in leading up to a very action packed ending that had me holding my breath. There was closure but a definite opening for the next book. Sign me up!

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This was a winner! Complimentary copy received for honest review. Jan 29, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. I'm trash when it comes to familial and friendship bonds, and this book was overflowing with that. This book follows a badass group of hackers, specifically Roarke and Wren. Roarke is on a mission to avenge his brothers death and he puts together this band of misfits to get it done.

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He's thrown by surprise when his best friend's sister joins the team for her own reasons. I adored both Wren and Roarke. Roarke was protective and a bit broody, and most importantly, he was never afraid to admit when I'm trash when it comes to familial and friendship bonds, and this book was overflowing with that.

Roarke was protective and a bit broody, and most importantly, he was never afraid to admit when he was in the wrong. Wren was a goddess in her own way. She never took Roarke's crap, and was never afraid to stand up for herself. Zero Hour was filled with wonderful side characters, who will be getting their own books eventually. This was a phenomenal start to what I'm sure will be an action-packed series, and I can't wait to see all of these hackers get their story! Unsure as I was about how hackers would appear in this series, I was nonetheless surprised by the tattooed protagonists who sometimes acted more like members of an MC at times instead of thickly-spectacled people who were glued to their computers and surfaced bleary-eyed only for meals and sleep.

Yet Erickson gets the anti-social, loner-types pat-down though, by introducing a varied, unpredictable put-together team of characters whose questionable histories are still veiled to us. Where had they had weapons training, for instance, at least enough that they would carry guns around? What sort of jobs had they done in the past 10 years that made them what they were today? Why did Wren only return now, at a time when Roarke sought revenge when the tragedy that she and her friend suffered happened years ago?

Dec 29, Bookgasms Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: shelly , ratula. Anyone who knows me knows that Hacker books are my jam. There is something about them that I love. The suspense, the action and the drama. This book had that in spades and oh yeah let's not forget the blistering chemistry between Wren and Roarke.

I loved these two together and could not get enough! When Roarke Brennan assembles a crew of brilliant hackers to avenge the murder of his younger brother, it reunites him with Wren Lee, his lifelong crush and bestfriend's younger sister. But with a deca Anyone who knows me knows that Hacker books are my jam. But with a decade apart, he realizes how much she has changed. But when lines get crossed and passion and chemistry rear their heads will Roarke and Wren be able to complete their mission or will they be distracted by their growing feelings?

I really enjoyed this story. I loved that we were thrown right into the drama. I was intrigued by the broody Roarke and his history with Wren. All in all, I thought this story was amazing and honestly hope we get everyone's story as I am so intrigued by the whole crew. I would like to thank Netgalley and Forever Romance for an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. Zero Hour felt like Ocean's Eleven except a tiny bit darker and And I loved every minute of it - from the cantankerous personalities, to the good-natured ribbing, to the genuine care that these guys all had for each other.

It all resonated and I'm pumped that this is only the first book, and there will be so much more from this series to come! What's going on in this story is bigger than a love story seriously - so much action and suspense! Talk about palpable chemistry and emotional explosions. I loved them together. And that is a completely joy to read. But honestly to me? The greatest parts of this book centered around the secondary relationships. Erick's role in this book nearly broke me but GAH - the emotions hurt so good. I loved how reluctantly loyal this little gang became to each other, and how they're set up to move forward from here.

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I loved the action, and the grit, and the hacker insights. I am seriously so excited for more of this. Feb 04, Whitley Birks marked it as dnf. Wren fake-dating the mark's son. I wanted to like Wren and Roarke, but I also wanted some mf-ing hacking and sneaking! Jan 30, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , action-and-or-romantic-suspense , 4-star-reads , sexy-as-all-get-out. Roarke's brother Flynn died because he discovered a programming error in some soon to be released software, an error put in on purpose to enable it to be sold on the black market.

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Roarke is ready to avenge his death, but he needs help. What he doesn't want is to involve Wren, his best friend Erick's sister. But Wren has caught the eye of a man whose family is responsible for the killing. Plus, Wren has her own plan to avenge her friend's kidnapping and abuse at the hands of a shady porn ring, with whom the family is also involved. Kickass women! A Korean American love interest! And my favorite…hackers making techie jokes during sexually charged moments.

I love everything about this book and will do my best to review this when all I want to do is fangirl over it. Zero Hour starts off introducing a lot of characters right from chapter one. On the way to setting up his team, Roarke meets his childhood crush for the first time in 10 years, Wren Lee. There is so much unresolved sexual tension between Roarke and Wren, that all their meetings are more than a little charged. By the end of chapter two I was already rooting for these two to get their happy ending.

This is a revenge plot seeping in sexual tension. There is also a whole cast of characters to get to know and love. And not in that hot, evil guy sort of way. This book describes him as a guy who dresses like Patrick Bateman from A merican Psycho. Trigger warnings include mentions of sexual assault and sex trafficking, and definitely for scenes between Wren and Darren that some might find uncomfortable. I could not put this book down, you guys.

The book is intense and has a way of drawing you into the story that makes it impossible to stop reading. The ending though? The Wired and Dangerous series might turn into my favorite series by Megan Erickson! I love how Megan writes in so many different sub-genres within romance because there is something for everyone.

Zero Hour is suspenseful with bold characters and action-packed sequences that had me on the edge of my seat. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she liked writing her own endings better. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.