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One ritual. Passion can change everything. Who needs a band of brothers when you can form a pack of shifters? Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love. Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire?

Claim your book boyfriend now! Amazon Smart URL. International Bestselling and Award Winning Author. International Bestselling Author. Get Rocked! Nook iBooks Kobo. Your Comments Encourage. Thank you? Please Feel Free to Share. Sort order. Jul 18, A. Cook rated it liked it. Had it. Read it. One of the villains just reminds me of this character. This wasn't supposed to be a funny I think but when one of the werewolf bad guys is all of 5'5", has a twin over 6 ft.

Oct 22, Delta rated it it was ok. Some readers may be old enough to remember when campy horror movies aired every Friday night at pm when we all had only 3 TV stations and only rich people had cable? Some of those movies were so bad they were funny, and yet the stories were still engaging. We enjoyed them even though they crossed genres unintentionally to humor rather than horror. That is how this book strikes me, but I don't know if that was the author's intent.

If you would enjoy some campy perhaps unintentional humo Some readers may be old enough to remember when campy horror movies aired every Friday night at pm when we all had only 3 TV stations and only rich people had cable? Feb 24, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , series , shifters-were , virgin , menage , fiesty-heroine , own-kindle , ugly-duckling. An orphan and shuttled from foster home to foster home, Michelle had formed a cocoon of sorts around herself.

Coming off as prim and proper to others, it is only until she is home by herself does she really feel like herself. Her first few weeks in Azteca though is not without incident, especially when a wolf has her cornered between her car and becoming wolf meat.

It takes a second

Jonah, head alpha of the Friess pack, can't believe his brother found their mate. Although they vary on ideas of how to claim Michelle, the going slow route takes precedent. They don't want to scare her off before she can get to know them. Although a strange turn of events play out when Michelle is attacked by a jealous female and she lashes out at Jonah, Mikhail, and Brock not realizing by doing so she has just claimed them instead.

Fairly good story, a little rushed at times but fun none the less. Mikhail stood out to me more than the other two alphas, I think he is the softy in the group. Mar 25, Ruth Hambley rated it it was amazing. Excellent I enjoyed this one very much. If you enjoy reading sci-fi shapeshifter menage and romance then this is the author for you. Dec 10, LiquidLucidity rated it liked it Shelves: erotica , paranormal , erotic-romance , fantasy , paranormal-romance , romance , menage , shapeshifters , werewolves , alpha-male. Just your regular, old, manage romance.

With werewolves. Jul 26, Marissa rated it did not like it. May 31, Lorna rated it really liked it. Good read This book is a great read and part of a series so that's always a good thing Jan 10, Sarah rated it it was amazing. This was a great short book you have prim Michelle raised in a nunnery and foster care who's a closet sex goddess and alpha males Jonah, Brock,and mikhail who she put in their place!

This book was funny and with a little drama and suspense but it ended happily hope u all enjoy.

Meeting the Beast: Ginger Snaps and Feminist Werewolves

Mar 21, Heather Wiese rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Michelle is a librarian who just moved into town after inheriting a house from a uncle she never knew she had. Raised in foster care, with no family to speak of, she jumped at the chance to set down roots and a place that didn't have rent was too good to be true. One night after work she is cornered by her car by a big wolf-looking animal yup, a shape shifter named Mikhail and "rescued" by Jonah another shape shifter and brother to the first one.

Turns out Michelle is the mate to the 3 lead-A Michelle is a librarian who just moved into town after inheriting a house from a uncle she never knew she had. Turns out Michelle is the mate to the 3 lead-Alphas of the local pack Jonah, Mikhail and Brock , although they never explain why it's all 3 because this is clearly not always the case. One sniff and they know she's the one. Now they just have to convince her of it.

Jonah convinces her to go to lunch with him out at their house read: mansion, where all the pack lives, and you never do find out why they are so wealthy. While she is there she is shoved down the stairs by a jealous ex Kristen of the brothers but Michelle instead gets mad at the brothers when they try to kick Kristen out because she knew the other woman was "hurt" and acting out. This was nonsensical to me. Later there are some pretty hot claimings, then all of a sudden Michelle turns from a shy, reserved person to an outspoken sex kitten. Also nonsensical because there wasn't a progression.

Then Michelle is kidnapped by a rival pack because they "don't have any women" and they need to create babies I guess. Turns out it's a pack of 2, the crazy Alpha and his brother who he is forcing to aid him. Before anything happens to her she is able to find scissors in the bathroom and stabs the crazy Alpha killing him. The Alpha's brother thanks her for freeing him from the crazy and she gets her mates to adopt him into their pack.

He tilted his head.

Contemporary Women's Gothic Fiction

His shoulders were also dusted with freckles. This pack is dangerous, but the more unstable wolves have orders to stay away from ye. He changed before my eyes, the masculine features distorting into the maw of a reddish wolf. I jerked back, but he was already gone, only the tremor of a leaf on a low-hanging branch evidence of where he had been. I clutched at Fleur, but she was asleep, her cheeks wan and pale, her body shaking with coughs. Tears streamed out of my eyes—from the smoky air, I told myself. Not because I was afraid. A warrior walked into the clearing. Pale and blond, he stood a head taller than the others, and towered over them when they bowed their heads.

And not one of our pack. Fear flashed through me. They would track Fergus, and all would be lost. I moved to the far side of the cage, opposite where I had sat with Fergus. Fleur coughed again in her sleep, the perfect distraction. My body was numb with fear, with cold, and now with anger. She may be dying, if I cannot get her the herbs she needs.

The tall blond approached. Crouching he ducked his head to meet my gaze. His eyes were bright gold. I waited for him to speak but he only cocked his head to the side. If she goes…I will make you pay. My cheeks were frozen from my old tears, or were they new? The second and third, in wolf form, stood at the forest edge, whining and pawing the earth where Fergus had been.

They paced along one side of the cage, and shivers worked up my spine. One of the Highland Pack.

Given to the Berserkers - Lee Savino

If we go now, we can track him. If plans hold, the Highland Pack will not be our enemies for much longer. Power rolled through the clearing, beyond my mortal understanding, and the hair on my arms stood on end. I shrank back, but the warrior stopped when his leader lifted a hand.

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he waited for his leader to give the order. Erik reached out and sliced the bindings on one branch, so the side of the cage swung open. Tell him I wish to meet under a branch of truce, to negotiate peace with his pack. It seems even Fleur has charmed my men in less than half a day. The bare blue sky called to me from beyond the wooden frame, yet still I hesitated.

The Alpha beckoned. I am Ragnvald, Alpha of the Lowland Pack. I swear I will not hurt you. Heart beating fast, I ducked through the opening. The Alpha of the Lowland Pack swept out his hand, ushering me into my new life. I saw the wolf through the branches of the berry bush. Large and reddish with a white splash on his tail, he sat with his tongue lolling out, watching me.

With a smile, I turned back to the waiting branch and picked another handful of berries for my lunch. A subtle wind lifted my skirts and brought a fresh, open scent—like the earth after spring rain. He stood bare-chested and unashamed, wearing nothing but a loincloth around his nethers. The pink in his cheeks was the only sign that he was affected by the slight chill. I cleared my throat, ducking my head to hide my blush. My wolf likes to run unencumbered. I did as he bid, raising my gaze to meet his clear blue ones. I watched in fascination as the magic within him took hold and turned his eye color to bright gold.

My sisters and I lived with the Berserkers, less as captives and more as prized guests. Tensions between the packs had died down, but there were still treaties and negotiations. Fergus acted often as a go-between, and so even though I was with the Lowland Pack, I saw him often—but always in the presence of the Alphas or a few guards. Never alone, in a secret meeting, like this. My skin tingled as his gaze swept up and down my form, hungry. Clearing my throat, I sought for a change in subject.

We had little chance to converse beyond a look, a small touch, a carefully worded greeting. The entire pack watched over my sister and me, for we were their hope for the future. But of all the giant, forbidding warriors, only Fergus could make me laugh with his antics, and the sly, silly comments that were innocent enough, but I knew were meant for me. No matter how much distance I put between us, he stalked me slowly. At last he cornered me against the berry bush.

My heart beat faster, fluttering like a bird taking flight. Warmth rushed through me. Smiling, I took hold of it by the stem. But I need to tell you…I wanted to warn you. You should not come so close to me. He tilted his head, as if touched at my worry. Please, Fergus. I started to protest and he held a finger up, almost brushing my lips. There was so much I wanted to ask him, so much I wanted to know.

I often imagined him while I lay awake at night on my pallet, pressing the white flowers he left for me to my lips.

Female Timber Wolf in Heat - Parc Omega Canada

The beast, our Berserker form, is brought on by extreme emotion. That can be painful, if only because of the desire to fight and rip apart the very earth. But we shall speak no more of becoming monsters. All Berserkers were once men who were cursed with the magic of the Change. They could control the shift from man to wolf, but after decades of fighting, they eventually lost control of their monstrous third form: the beast. To me, though, Fergus was no monster.

My life had changed but I held onto my small, sunny dream. Whenever I was with Fergus, I felt it could still come true. As we ambled along the woodland path in silence, his hand clamped on my wrist over my long sleeve. I let him lead me deeper into the forest. My heart thumped, eager to find a secret place where we could strip our souls bare and be with each other, without any threat of being found hanging over our head.

Blushing, I arched away from his caress. Fergus knew this as well. His hand dropped to take hold of my wrist again. Finally, we reached a place where little light broke between the thick branches of the towering pines. A stream ran through the heart of a grove of ferns, and here Fergus stopped. Hands spanning my small waist, he lifted me and set me on a broad, flat stone splitting the rush of water, and stepped onto it with me.

Before I lost my balance, he tugged me closer, holding me in his arms like we were a couple dancing at a midsummer fair. Lean and wiry, he was the smallest of his Berserker pack, but still two heads taller than me and much, much stronger. Stronger than any human in existence. It is forbidden. But not me. Never me. He had eyes of a storm far off over the ocean. When the beast was upon him, they turned gold with an otherworldly light. Now my cheeks were turning pink as heat poured through me in response to his touch.

Some day, soon, I will. We had an ocean of difference between us—he was a Berserker of the Highland pack, and I was a captive and ward of their enemies; he was a werewolf, I was not—but in that moment we shared the same breath, the same heart. Bowing his head, his forehead brushed mine, and his voice dropped to a deep rumble that spread tingles through me. Ye ken? When I stepped away, he caught my hand, pulled me back. I leaned into him, my eyes closed, and his lips brushed mine.

A dark-haired warrior, clad only in leather breeches and the tattoos that covered his bare chest, waited inside. Wolves can smell a lie. Sabine frowned, and I dug in my pouch for the herb that had been my excuse to leave that morning. I followed the stream until I found a whole patch. You must have come close to him. I kept my head down and washed my hands. She slapped at him, and he laughed. Ragnvald stayed serious.

Sabine was too stubborn to be submissive. You cannot keep us cooped up. Muriel will be leaving us, soon. Soon, Fleur and I would have to take mates. No one had spoken of this to me, but I understood it all the same. We were still captives, even though we were treated with respect and care. Muriel, will you come here? I went and sat with my hands in my lap. The very picture of meekness. One slip of my tongue, and my secret meeting would be revealed.

His punishment might be death. The packs were very strict when it came to preserving their few potential mates. What is this about? Maddox hovered close to her, and she gave him a sharp look. Ragnvald spoke directly to me. Two nights hence there will be a great competition. It will be a great contest of force, battle readiness and strength. Muriel, you watch the Games. Sabine and all the Alphas will all be there to oversee them, but you will be the guest of honor.

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If I kept quiet and remained obedient, I might be awarded more freedom. Perhaps I would see Fergus at these Games, and we could find another chance to slip away together to talk. There is a prize for the winner. I thought I understood. Ragnvald came to where I sat on the hearth and crouched in front of me. For a moment the world spun. The fire burned too hot; my body flushed as if with fever. Ragnvald was still speaking, but I heard only a buzzing noise. Bound for life to a man who wins her in a contest? You could not give her a choice? He will be worthy of a bride.

There is no escaping this. You knew this was coming. Stranger things have happened. Both packs have sent emissaries to guard her. So you will not help her run. Sabine snorted in disgust.