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Our plan consists in discussing books written in Spanish by contemporary writers, either in their original language version or in their English translation. During our meetings, there will be bilingual discussions on different aspects of the book. To whet your appetite, here is a brief summary of Signs Preceding the End of the World:.

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It tells the story of Makina, a Mexican young woman crossing the border in search of her brother who left for the United States years ago. In a bit more than pages, Herrera depicts his character with astonishing versatility. He shapes language in such a way that we readers are with Makina as she swims across the river, as she flees the cops through the mountains, or as she visits some thugs when certain favors are needed.

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Language is one of the main characters in the novel, a fresh language that is beaten, widened, rolled out. This station format addresses the musical taste of the first and second generation individuals of Mexican origin in the United States. This market segment has high growth. This is the perfect demographic group to create long lasting product awareness and brand loyalty. Each year we host radio-thons for St. Through dramatic and flavorful coverage of games, commentary on weekly events and passion like no other.

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KCZZ is now home to some of the biggest sports events and most followed programming. By combing a carefully planned broadcast or print campaign with a digital plan that complements the message and identity, we are able to maximize the number of impressions, activate leads and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. Creating a live event for clients to interact with potential customers has proven to be very effective in building good will, activating customers and converting them to clients. Since our founders began their commitment to bridging cultures and communities in , Dos Mundos and Reyes Media group are exciting about helping businesses and organizations grow through meaningful strategies and campaigns to attract the Hispanic consumer.

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We aim to be a media company that successfully engages the Hispanic Community by accomplishing the following:. Dos Mundos - www. ESPN Deportes - www. La Grande - www. La X - www. We can provide electronic or printed invoicing.

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Affidavits of performance are available by request. This website makes use of cookies. Please see our privacy policy for details. Kansas City, KS KDTD KYYS ESPN Download PDF. Market Profile. Distribution Map.

Printing: Web Offset Trim Size: Adults: 18 — 54 Years Old. First and Second Generation. High Family Values. Extreme loyalty to station. Working with you to engage your brand with Latinos and tapping into new growth opportunity.

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