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The product is waiting and not adding value sitting on a job rack somewhere. The problem is, the more inventory the worse it is, as this can be in the form of Work in progress, raw material or finished goods.

The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint | Zero Waste & Sustainability

Similar to transportation, but movement refers to movement of operator and equipment. Again, think of the fact that operators moving around, searching and finding things cannot be adding value. Same too with equipment — if you are spending time lumping equipment around, you cannot be using it to add value and make money, plus the chances of damage increases. When work in progress and goods are not being worked on, they sit there waiting — waiting for the next process.

Waiting means that product is costing the company money and not adding value.

Interview with Eco-Blogger Polly Barks

The worst of the 7 wastes — as it incorporates all the other wastes as well. Over production appears when processes are not efficient.

If Changeovers are too slow, one would over produce; if quality if poor, again, one would over produce, just in case. Over processing is about completing work for the customer, which is more than the customer really wants. Think of mowing your lawn — would you cut each blade of grass with a pair of scissors and then measure it with a rule?

The Dinner Blueprint

Of course not -Mowing the lawn with the mower is sufficient. Another example — A company i used to work for used to print mobile phone key pads.

10 Ways to Spend Less Money on Groceries

The customer wanted blemish free looking at it with the naked eye key pads, but our inspectors would view each part with an eye glass of 14 times magnification! Any slight imperfection in an eyeglass meant that the part was rejected, when in fact in clear light and with the naked eye, they were perfect! Your customer would think you are mad and go elsewhere!

How to Fight a Shopping Addiction

Every bit of scrap costs money and time — Money for the resource to pay staff, lighting, etc to do it again, but also means that you have to push another planned job back in the queue in order to get the rework out! By keeping the 7 wastes in mind, and more importantly, Tim Wood, try standing on the shop floor of your office or manufacturing plant for ten minutes, and note down how many times you see each of the 7 wastes in that ten minute window.

Record the evidence on a note pad and then review the results. It is quite amazing to see just how much waste there is in every process. Keep on the hunt for Tim Wood and let me know your findings………………….. If you feel super confident about one area, you can choose the more difficult path Time to Spare tips. Selena may or may not be modeled after my mom!

She started by bringing her own mug to get coffee every day and talking about zero waste with her office mates. She wants to continue to make small changes like reducing waste when she goes out. By joining Blueprint, she learns how to create a low-waste zero waste kit perfect for her needs Quick Fix. Then, when she has more free time, she learns how to change her diet in order to drastically reduce her carbon emissions!

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Time to Spare. Everyone has different needs — and The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint is here to cater to those needs. Without a community of like-minded people to talk to, the journey can quickly become overwhelming. The community is meant to share wins, ask questions, and learn from others. Those workshops? For less than the price of a tank of gas every month, you'll have access to weekly lessons, the Blueprint community, and access to the Zero Waste Holidays video series so you can kick off your zero waste journey before even begins! Polly is the founder of PollyBarks.

She began her zero waste journey in just above the poverty line in a food desert, which shaped her desire to advocate for accessibility in the movement. Polly also founded Zero Waste Lafayette and runs zero waste workshops, lectures, and a variety of community programs throughout Indiana. She currently lives in Lafayette, Indiana with her very patient husband and cat Lunch Box. The statistics are frightening and the day-to-day is overwhelming.

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Here's what a typical written lesson might look like:. Frequently Asked Questions When does the course start? The Zero Waste Blueprint opens on January 1st. The course content runs for a full 12 months. If you don't begin on January 1st, don't worry! You can sign up at any time - the course has been designed for you to jump right in whether you start in January or July!